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And how much is your apartment worth? This Week's Real Estate Deals - Walla! Money


How many apartments are sold throughout Israel? From Nahariya in the north to Beer Sheva in the south - these are the real estate deals signed this week

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And how much is your apartment worth?

This week's real estate deals

Are apartment prices just going up?

As every Friday, we went out to check how many apartments are sold throughout Israel: from Nahariya in the north to Beer Sheva in the south - these are the real estate deals signed this week


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Sunday, 28 November 2021, 17:02 Updated: Friday, 03 December 2021, 10:12

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In the Achziv neighborhood by the sea, which is being built by the companies Tzemach Hamerman and Electra Residential, a 5-room apartment on HaMa'agan Street in Achziv was sold.

The neighborhood overlooks one of the most beautiful and special beaches in Israel today - the lagoons of Achziv Beach.

The neighborhood, which includes about 750 units in 30 4-8-story buildings, offers a mix of 4-room, 5-room apartments, penthouses and garden apartments at especially affordable prices. The apartments in the project enjoy large balconies that all face the sea. The neighborhood includes Dutch streets, buildings Public, playgrounds, kindergartens, shopping center, etc.

Price: NIS 2.105 million

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Simulation for the Achziv project (Photo: Studio 84)


One project in the nation marketed by Dara real estate marketing company in the city of Hadera was sold 4 room apartment with an area of 103 square meters with a terrace of 20 sqm including parking and storage.

One project was built by people Afridar company in her room and includes three towers 19, 18 and 22 floors and a commercial center located as part of the complex. The mix of apartments is wide and includes apartments: 3, 4 and 5 rooms, garden apartments, mini penthouses and special penthouses. And underground parking.

Price: NIS 1.75 million.

Hadera: A 4-room apartment in the Ehad Ha'am Afridar Towers project marketed by the Dera company (Photo: Simulation Adi Buano Danny Shemesh)


Transactions has courtesy second Anglo Saxon Netanya

5 room apartment Ehud Manor Street (city days), 150 sqm + 24 sqm terrace, floor 1 out of 18, with parking and 3 elevators, sold

for $ 4.5 million

apartment 3 rooms on Sderot Nitza (C Opera Opera), 116 sqm + 10 sqm balcony, 12th floor out of 26, with covered parking, elevator and pool sold

for NIS 2.27 million

Netanya's shoreline (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Hoodia Benizri, from the PikiWiki website)


Second hand transactions courtesy of Anglo-Saxon Herzliya

4.5 room garden apartment on Dori Street (Green Herzliya), 132 sqm + 120 sqm yard, ground floor out of 5, two parking spaces and an elevator sold

for NIS 4.75 million

5.5 room apartment on Tzamarot Street (Young Herzliya), 140 sqm + 10 sqm balcony, 2nd floor out of 17, two parking spaces, elevator and warehouse Sold

for NIS 3.5 million

6-room penthouse on Emma Tauber Street, 140 sqm + 140 sqm balcony , With two parking spaces, an elevator and a warehouse sold

for NIS 4.3 million

Herzliya, top view (Photo: ShutterStock)

Ramat Gan

Chen level groupie project investor purchased two apartments, just before investor tax rise:

the first is a 4-room apartment on the eighth floor, 103 square meters + terrace of 12 sqm and parking, on the first line with the national park open green landscape, was sold

at a price: $ 4.2 million NIS.

The investor purchased another 3-room apartment, a rear apartment on the fifth floor, 72 sq.m. + 12 sq.m. balcony and parking,

at a price: NIS 2.7 million.

The project being built by Grofit in Ramat Hen is located on the border of the national park and includes two 9-story buildings with 75 apartments.

The mix of apartments includes 3-4 room apartments, 2 and 4 room garden apartments, and 4- and 5-room penthouses.

The company demolished the buildings earlier this month, and so far has sold more than a third of the apartments.

Ramat Hen Group Imaging (Photo: Adi Buano)

Tel Aviv

In the "Yafa" project, which is being set up by the Sabra company on Tocholski Street in Jaffa, a 4-room duplex apartment, 114 sqm + 28 sqm sun terrace, 7th + 8th floor out of 8 with 2 elevators, was sold.

The apartment has a parking space in the tabu and a storey warehouse.

The project is located 300 meters from the beach and the light rail station includes 108 new apartments in 6 buildings.

The project is in advanced stages of construction and only 10 duplexes remain for sale on floors 7 + 8.

Price: NIS 3.035 million

Tel Aviv: Duplex in Sabra's Yafa Project (Photo: Totem Illustrations)

Bat Yam

A 5-room mini penthouse apartment with an area of ​​135 sq.m. on the 19th floor of 22 in one of the two towers of the BRIZO project built by the Shponder Fadlon real estate group in the Park Hayam neighborhood with a 29 sq.m. balcony, two parking spaces and a warehouse.

Price: NIS 4.4 million

Breeze project of the Shponder Fadlon Group, Bat Yam (Photo: t and viewpoin)


Second-hand deals courtesy of Anglo Saxon Rehovot:

A 5-room mini penthouse on Derech Yavne Street, 118 sq.m. + two balconies in an area of ​​32 and 19 sq.m., 8th of 8th floor, with 2 parking spaces, an elevator and a warehouse sold

for NIS 3.2 million.

5-room apartment on S. Street.

Ben Zion, 129 sqm + 18.5 sqm sun terrace, 2nd of 7th floor, with 2 adjacent parking spaces, elevator and warehouse sold

for NIS 2.805 million

The city of Rehovot, employment area (Photo: PR)


In the Up Town project in the South Ashdod District, built by the Donitz Brothers Company, a 3-room apartment on the first floor with an area of ​​69 sq.m. and a 44 sq.m. balcony including parking and storage was sold.

The Up Town project is located 450 meters from the sea in an area of ​​about 30 The entire project will include (subject to the approval of the master plan) a total of 5 towers with more than 450 housing units and a commercial area of ​​approximately 1,000 square meters.

Today, the third tower is marketed, which includes 81 units, and the mix of apartments in it is diverse and includes 5-room apartments, mini-penthouses and penthouses, as well as small 3-room apartments.

Price: NIS 1.96 million.

Ashdod: UP TOWN project by the Donitz brothers (Photo: Donitz brothers)


In the Carmei Aderet project, which the Ram Aderet group is building in the City of Wine neighborhood in Ashkelon, a 5-room garden apartment was sold, with an area of ​​about 133 square meters, with a yard with an area of ​​about 173 square meters.

The apartment includes parking and a warehouse and was sold to a couple of housing developers from Ashkelon.

The Carmei Aderet project will include 144 units in 4 9-story buildings each and in a diverse mix: 3.5,4,5 room apartments, garden apartments and penthouses. The project is in advanced stages of construction and there are only 4 apartments left for sale. 2023.

Price: NIS 2.33 million.

Ashkelon: Carmi Aderet project of the Ram Aderet group (Photo: 3Ddesign)


In the "French on the Stream" project built by the Rami Tzarfati group in the Neve Sharon neighborhood of Netivot, a 4-room garden apartment with an area of ​​110 square meters was sold with a garden of 75 square meters, including parking and a warehouse.

The project covers an area of ​​about 20 dunams and includes 363 apartments in 10 9-story buildings each with about 36 apartments in each building.

The mix of apartments is diverse and includes 3-, 4- and 5-room apartments, 3-4-room garden apartments, and 5-6-room penthouse apartments with extra-large balconies.

Price: NIS 1.35 million.

Netivot: A French project on the creek of the Rami France group (Photo: Simulation Roy Moore)

Second hand transactions, from all over the country:

Report on second-hand transactions carried out this week in the RE / MAX

Bat Yam RE / MAX Center



4-room apartment, Nissenbaum Street, 100 sq.m. 18 sq.m. balcony, 12th floor out of 47, parking, elevator, sold for NIS 2.33 million

2-room apartment, Herzl Street, 68 sq.m., 2nd of 3 floors, sold for NIS 1.43 million

Ashdod RE / MAX Togrther:

3-room apartment, Wolfson Street, 77 sq.m., 4th of 9 floors, parking and elevator, sold For NIS 1.41 million,

a 5-room apartment, Kinneret Street, 128 sq.m., 18 sq.m. balcony, 1st floor out of 9, elevator, sold for NIS 1.73 million

Beer Sheva RE / MAX Plus:

3-room apartment, Talmud Street, Neighborhood D, 76 sq.m., 3rd floor out of 3, sold for NIS 515,000

4-room apartment, Michael Hanegbi Street, Ramot neighborhood, 122 sq.m., 12 sq.m. balcony, 2nd floor out of 5, parking and elevator, sold in NIS 1.34 million

5-room garden apartment, Oscar Schindler Street, Ramot neighborhood, 135 sq.m., garden 80 sq.m., ground floor out of 5, parking and elevator, sold for NIS 1.48 million

Harish RE / MAX New City:

5-room apartment, Lotem Street , 117 sq.m., 12 sq.m. balcony, 3rd floor out of 7, parking and elevator, sold for NIS 1.241 million

5-room garden apartment, Shoham Street, 114 sq.m., garden 200 sq.m., ground floor out of 6, Parking and elevator, sold 1.89 million

Modi'in Maccabim RE / MAX UNIQUE:

3.5 room, the Jordan River Street neighborhood, beacon, 79 sqm, 17 sqm balcony, 3rd floor of 3, parking, sold 1.8 million

apartment 5 rooms, Harel Brigade Street, HaMaginim neighborhood, 136 sq.m., 20 sq.m. balcony, 16th floor out of 20, parking and elevator, sold for NIS 2.84 million

4-room apartment, Migdal HaLevanon Street, Masuah neighborhood, 100 sq.m. , 12 sqm balcony, 2nd of 9th floor, parking and elevator,Sold for NIS 2.3 million

Acre RE / MAX Halutzim:

3-room apartment, Hashel Street, 54 sq.m., 3rd floor out of 4, sold for NIS 475,000

3-room apartment, Burla Street, 75 sq.m., 3rd floor out of 4, sold for NIS 720,000

Nahariya RE / MAX Halutzim

5 room apartment, Herzl Street, 135 sq.m., 3rd of 5 floor, parking and elevator, sold for NIS 1.441 million

5 room apartment, Herzl Street, 120 sq.m., 1st of 6 floor, parking and elevator , Was sold for NIS 1.285 million

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