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Hanukkah Fees: Meet the New Crypto Coins - Walla! Of money


There are over 8,000 cryptocurrencies in the world. In honor of Hanukkah, we have compiled a list of some of the special coins that have recently been released to the world

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Hanukkah Fee: Meet the new cryptocurrencies

There are over 8,000 cryptocurrencies in the world.

In honor of Hanukkah, we have compiled a list of some of the special coins that went on the world air, along with Hanukkah fees in the form of some tips that can help those who want to invest


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Of money

Sunday, 05 December 2021, 08:47 Updated: 09:24

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Cryptocurrencies are an elusive business.

First of all, it is difficult for some of us to grasp the mechanism behind the concept, but even more so - due to the huge gaps between the returns made by some, such as Bitcoin or Atherium, and the fear of most of us entering a field prone to fraud.

Every so often, a new digital currency emerges that sweeps the masses, but also raises quite a few question marks - get to know the 8 most creative and absurd coins that have emerged.

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The squid game: now also the drowning (Photo: Walla !, screenshot)

The squid game coin

The popular Netflix "Squid Game" series led to the digital currency bearing the name of the series (Squid game) gaining a lot of attention in the media and among investors, who thought that the series' success would also lead to success in the crypto world.

The digital currency, whose name is derived from the successful series on Netflix, began trading in the last month at one cent price and has jumped by thousands of percent since then.

Within minutes it crashed 99.99% to a value of less than one cent, which illustrated that it was a scam.

According to reports, the squid game cryptocurrency is supposed to be used by customers for an online game that will be launched in a month, where they will be able to earn more coins.

Vegans also deserve it.

Non-animal crypto currency (Photo: ShutterStock)

The first vegan currency

Vegan Nation was established in 2017, out of a decision to build an ecosystem that would support vegans through a platform that would replace other products and services that included animal use.

In light of the steady increase in the number of vegans in the world, and the growth of the vegan community in recent years, Wigan-Nation has decided to provide a unique platform that promotes a completely vegan lifestyle.

And from the thought that the first vegan economic mechanism of its kind in the world should also have its own means of payment, a digital currency was also launched by the company.

Who would have believed that two children could develop a coin?

(Photo: ShutterStock)

Coin as a children's game

A pair of brothers from Texas have earned $ 160,000 since April from mining cryptocurrencies.

The brothers (Ishan (14) and Ania (9) Takur) earned only $ 3 on their first day of activity, but in the last seven months have expanded so much that in October alone they earned $ 64,000.

The lucrative business even got a name and is called Flifer Technologies.

They learned how to cut down on watching videos on YouTube and searching the Internet as Ishan built most of the computers they use.

Mining is a complex and expensive procedure that requires a lot of energy.

Accordingly, the brothers have close to 200 processors, whose father the former investment banker, Manish Raj, helped finance by taking out a loan.

The best friend of the digital wallet.

Thanks to Elon Musk (Photo: ShutterStock)

The dog worth billions

Currency crypt began as a joke in 2013, almost forgotten, and thanks to a series of tweets Tesla CEO Elon Musk, worth more than $ 6 billion.

Monetary Hdogkoin (Dogecoin), named so in the name of an Internet meme which was launched almost a decade ago. Center shocking photo Of a dog with a little apprehensive look and spelling problems (the word dog is written Doge and the currency name is Dogecoin). Crypt of its own.

In return for solving math puzzles, boilers Dogkoin, running faster computers, were Mdogkoin single to hundreds of thousands of currency units.

Like most memes, it is forgotten in no time.

Then came Musk.

On January 28, he tweeted an imaginary cover of Dogue magazine.

At the end of January, Dogcoin's price rose to 8 cents from half a cent, which was the price at which it traded earlier this month.

Dogcoin's network, supported by volunteers, has struggled to cope with the amount of buyers.

The volunteers spent real money - in euros - to buy more server space.

A dog, but not an underdog.

The "competitor" dog coin (Photo: ShutterStock)

The competitor of the DogeCoin

He was born in August 2020 in order to compete with DogeCoin - created as a network joke, and uses the image of a purebred dog of that name as a trademark.

The founder of Shiva Ino, who calls himself Ryoshi, marketed the coin as "the killer of the dogecoin," arguing that the technological motivation of Shiva is no more social than that of its competitor, making Shiva no longer accessible, he claims.

And as with the Dogecoin currency, this time too Elon Musk tweeted about the currency and jumped its value by 70%, with a huge trading turnover of about $ 20 billion a day.

Skyscrapers in Beijing.

China is the first country in the world to issue a national digital currency (Photo: ShutterStock)

Digital Yuan

In the midst of the corona crisis, the People's Bank of China launched less than a year ago a pilot program across four cities - a move that made China the first country in the world to issue a national digital currency.

The fact that the ruling party in China launched the project while addressing the deep social, economic, political and media challenges posed by the Corona plague reflects how important this development is to the Communist Party.

Thanks to platforms like WeChat and Alipay, billions of Chinese are already used to pulling out their wallets to pay for goods.

Countries that cooperate with it will benefit from economic partnerships and incentives such as lower tariffs on commodities, discounts on infrastructure projects and other commercial benefits.

Even the omicron panic gave birth to a coin (Photo: AP)

The variant that became the currency

Last Friday, as world stock markets fell after the dismal news about the spread of the corona variant variant, a new digital currency took off: the omicon.

The price of the digital currency, which until now has been anonymous and whose official Twitter account is followed by only 1,000 people, jumped almost tenfold between Friday and week.

A dream of a winning virtual currency can still become a reality worth billions (Photo: ShutterStock)

Namecoin - The first currency created after Bitcoin

Namecoin's main goal is to decentralize registration with certain names to Internet sites, which should have made online censorship much more difficult.

For years the currency was dormant and no one invested in it.

But as we have seen before, the digital currency market is heavily influenced by the tweets of celebrities, and experts warn of a psychological effect, which raises by hundreds of percent the value of a currency that is actually behind nothing.

Know how to analyze and leverage online discourse (Photo: ShutterStock)

The startup company Affogata monitored during the year all the direct and indirect conversations around the issue of fintech in general and cryptocurrencies in particular. Through the platform, the company has been able to automatically monitor and analyze leading trends, sentiment, keywords and topics, by tracking millions of calls from various channels in real time.

The conversations that took up the most volume were around GameStop events, hacks and cyber security and the rise of non-experts in the field of capital market investments.

The company says that there has been a significant increase in demand for its services due to the accelerated impact of online communities on the financial markets.

Israel Omar, CEO of Affogata

: "Today, the ability of companies, especially in the fields of fintech and gaming, to effectively monitor, understand and respond proactively to online communities and manage risks in real time are critical to their success. Affogata's technology Robinhood's crisis with the investor community - for success.


Became the most solid currency among cryptocurrencies (Photo: ShutterStock)

So after all that, what is worth investing in?

Eli mattress, CEO and founder Exchange Crypt Bit2C

recommend investing in bitcoin.

Giant corporations worldwide such as Tesla and Morgan Stanley acquire Bitcoins as part of their balance sheet, and realize they can not continue to ignore the bitcoin as an illegitimate for hedging and investment. Banks that will join the growing trend of buying Bitcoins And entry into the crypto realm will lag behind and fail to compete with the new digital economy.

The supply of coins is large and varied, but it is important to remember that the vast majority of them do not really have any real expectation or value and will therefore disappear over time.

Very many currencies do not offer superior technology, others are managed centrally and without external control, and there are also very many currencies that do not comply with regulations, laws and regulations in countries around the world.

My recommendation is to learn: how each currency works, what is the value proposition of the currency, who are the people behind it, what are its advantages and disadvantages over other digital currencies - before deciding to invest in one of them.

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