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How important is the image for personal success? - Walla! Of money


Maya Notkovich is a unique image and character consultant who teaches her clients how to stand out and become the ones who notice them when they enter a room, and remember them when they leave.

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How important is the image for personal success?

Maya Notkovich is a priestess of image and a unique character, who teaches her clients how to stand out and become the ones who notice them when they enter a room, and remember them when they leave it.

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In collaboration with Maya Notkovich

Wednesday, 01 December 2021, 14:07 Updated: Thursday, 02 December 2021, 10:23

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In the video: Meet the image priestess Maya Notkovich (PR)

Our image is an integral part of success in life and therefore, it is important to upgrade, improve and maintain it all the time.

This is exactly the role of Maya Notkovich, an image consultant and a fascinating and unusual figure in the local landscape.

Similar to her personal style, which stands out in the field thanks to its special style and shiny white hair, she teaches her many customers to also stand out and turn themselves into a human brand, a walking advertising space and everything - in an authentic way.

For Notkovich, 42 and a mother of four, the image is the meeting point of every person and must be more than an outer mask.

It must be built from within and express each person's personality, its complexities and contrasts - only then can it help us succeed.

When the image reflects our true self, in its most pointed and accurate version, it works and Notkovich helps her clients achieve this by combining important aesthetics with the deep and inner process in which image, dignity and self-confidence are built.

Unique figure (Photo: PR)

She immigrated to Israel from Chisinau at the age of 12, the daughter of Holocaust survivor parents who already in the Soviet Union knew how to stand out, even on a modest budget and without many means. From them, she will clear the importance of aesthetics and understand how important the impact is, on the environment and also on the person himself.

Over the years, Notkovich grew in the business worlds until she reached a senior position in various biomedical corporations, but realized that she was looking for a different direction and began to acquire knowledge and develop in the field of personal growth and aesthetics. She learned how to train clients to build a winning image and how to move them through processes and a journey of personal, economic, marital, social and business development - each with what he needs on the road to success.

Notkovich's target audience is optimistic people, who want to get more out of themselves, successful businessmen who aspire high and do not always know how to break out on their own.

She is looking for clients who are not afraid to dare and understand the importance of constant development and investment in themselves for the benefit of growth, business and life in general.

These - Notkovich is becoming a brand and today she accompanies many businessmen and does magic when it comes to their image.

How do you build an image?

(Photo: PR)

As part of the process, she makes sure to work "from the inside out", ask questions and break down the personality into factors, and then reassemble it into a fascinating look. The image it creates for its customers is a personal puzzle, tailored to each and every one. This process builds the person and removes from him fears like "What will they say about me?".

"Similar attracts similar" is one of the sentences that Notkovich repeats - the lowest common denominator is where everyone agrees with each other, but not where we are drawn or directed. We are looking for the special and the different so she makes sure to turn her clients into leaders and opinion leaders, figures we strive to be around. Once it is not just a mask or fashion, but stems from the true character of the person, the image that is built for him will lead him to these districts.

To do this, Notkovich does not resort to means: she puts on a wardrobe for her clients, dictates to books and make-up what to do with them, works on posture and body language, buys precise items with them and gives them a process of about 15 hours of training in three sessions, held once a week. And, there will be time to digest everything.

Leads customers in the process (Photo: PR)

The end product is, as mentioned, a person with a strong presence in space, whether physical or digital, one who attracts attention and leaves a strong memory thanks to an established and special identity.

Its goal to continue is to make aesthetics a standard in the Israeli space, to develop into new audiences, to direct a television program on the subject and, of course, to lead its customers to be unique values ​​in the world.

So in conclusion, what is Notkovich's most important tip?

"Ask yourself what is unique about you. Ask a stranger, if he met you, what he would think of you and whether you found a gap between the two, want to close it, because it does not serve you to be transparent. When you are transparent, you are a wasted advertising space of your value and all of us We want to ultimately influence the world in some way. "

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