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Career: What Olaf Scholz should consider in his new job


What is important in the new job? A management consultant explains what the newly elected Chancellor should now consider - and when the time is ripe for the first vacation.

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Career coach Jürgen Hesse about the new Federal Chancellor: "Others have a longer induction phase and can count on more indulgence."

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Today Olaf Scholz was elected Chancellor.

How should he behave on the first day in the new position?

Jürgen Hesse:

Olaf Scholz now has to set an example relatively quickly.

Act demonstratively, decide quickly and also spread the mood that there will now be a new beginning.

It is different for a young professional in the normal working world.

Some things differ significantly when a new Federal Chancellor or a new managing director takes office.


What is it?


Olaf Scholz is now taking over the ship and has his own management team.

However, the greater part of the workforce, the employees in the ministries, is the same.

As a manager, he now has to bring everyone together as quickly as possible and get started.

Others have a longer training period and can count on more indulgence.


As a new boss, are you all allowed to use duo?


Not in the role of Federal Chancellor, but that doesn't suit Olaf Scholz either.

In other jobs you should also think twice about it: If you want to attract new colleagues, you have to treat them very respectfully.

A new boss is dependent on learning the rules of the house from the older ones in the company.

You don't have all the detailed knowledge that is necessary right away.

So the newcomer cannot help immediately, but costs training time and is guaranteed to make mistakes.

Therefore you have to treat your colleagues in such a way that they share knowledge quickly and gladly and do not feed you with false information.


Olaf Scholz doesn't start all over again.

And he's got his party behind him.


That may be true.

At least outwardly, he does not have to appear so cautious, but can demonstrate demonstratively: We are the new ones, we are now doing everything differently and, above all, better.

But of course he also has to ask for tolerance, patience and support from the employees in the ministries.

Leaning back and relaxing is not the order of the day: Although the election campaign has already been won, it continues to be just as exhausting and challenging.


Some hope for change.

Others would like everything to stay that way.

Basically, that cannot be agreed.


It's a bit like with your own parents: once you are a parent yourself, you have to live with not being able to do everything right.

It is important to reflect: What did my parents do well, what do I want to do differently?

How have times and values ​​changed?

Then it is important to seek understanding, whether from the people, the ministers or your own employees.

My former boss always said: “You don't have to try to defeat people.

You have to win them over. «A manager has to win people over, inspire them and define common goals.

This applies to the Federal Chancellor as well as to the head of department.


Olaf Scholz is now at the top of the career ladder.

As a boss, how do you gain authority right from the start?


I would prefer to speak of respect.

Asking questions and listening is extremely important for every manager.

Of course, this only works if you give people the chance to say something.

You don't have to implement everything that is suggested to you.

But at least you have to create an atmosphere in which the other person feels that you are being taken seriously.

What is urgent and what do the ministers and their staff expect?

What do citizens expect?

In the end, you have to live with the fact that you can't make everyone equally happy.


Getting to the top is one thing.

Staying on top will be more difficult though.


Both are enormous challenges. Divide and rule, that's what the ancient Romans said. If you have power, there are enough candidates who not only wait for you to trip - but also push yourself. In this respect, it is important to have confidants who can be relied on and who are also rewarded. Angela Merkel was very talented at keeping people off the beaten track who wanted to throw a spanner in the works. Many people who are successful in power do not let others feel it at all. And at the same time you should also appreciate employees who disagree. If an employee makes a suggestion for improvement to the boss and he just laughs at it or doesn't even take the time, he will lose the employee as an ally. A manager can fail very quickly because of this.


The job of the Federal Chancellor is stressful.

When can Olaf Scholz take his first vacation?


Not before the first six months.

The German population gave him an assignment.

Now let's see that he's sweating and working hard.

Source: spiegel

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