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Happy Hanukkah at Walt: Israelis ordered 2.5 times as many donuts - Walla! Of money


At the end of the Feast of Lights, Wolt Israel publishes a summary of the donuts and holiday dishes through the platform

Happy Hanukkah at Walt: The Israelis ordered 2.5 times as many donuts

About 200,000 donuts were sold at Walt as part of the Hanukkah celebrations this year, even though the holiday took place last year in the midst of the third closure.

What else did we order in deliveries during the holiday, and of course: what is the most popular donut in Israel?

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021, 11:52 Updated: Wednesday, 08 December 2021, 10:33

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The excess calories probably did not drive the Israelis away from the main culinary symbol of the Hanukkah days: During the holidays of 2021, 2.5 times the number of orders for donuts was sent through the Wolt app (compared to the same period in 2020)

. Who tops the sales-on missions, which donut is the most popular, and whether there have also been orders for hot pancakes and even spinning tops that will complete the atmosphere around the candle lighting ceremonies.

According to Wolt, the sales clerk is the classic donut with strawberry jam, followed by the most sought-after donut list with the donuts with milk jam and Nutella, ordered from a variety of 155 different businesses that sell donuts across the country.

Among the prominent bakeries that have continuously issued deliveries during the holidays: Bakka Bakery, Bolognese 96, Roldin, Tati Bakery, Donuts Market, Boutique Central, Teller Bakery, Jacobs Bakery and the Jerusalem Angel Bakery.

A surprising star this year was the donuts, which feature bakeries like Show Room Rum House, Donuts Market and Mr. Donuts.

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Best Seller: The Classic Donut - Strawberry Jam (Photo: PR)

Are the pancakes coming hot?

The complementary products for the holiday also starred in orders through Wolt: about 20,000 Hanukkah candles were ordered from the variety of stores listed on the platform, and over 300 menorahs, which offered chains such as "Sun Objects" and "Super Yoda" as well as about 200 designed spinning tops sent straight to light the candles in Bat Yam.

And what about the pancakes?

About ten thousand pancakes were ordered during the Hanukkah celebrations from the variety of restaurants and delicacies, including Solika, Beta Cafe, the kitchenette, Rustico, Reviva and Celia and cedar bread.

The Israelis' favorite pancakes were leek pancakes, sweet potato pancakes and cauliflower pancakes.

The traditional potato pancakes, we probably know and prefer to make yourself.

Pancakes: 10,000 pancakes were ordered this year from Wolt (Photo: PR)

Directly to the candle lighting table

Most Israelis ordered donuts in the evening, between 16:00 and 18:00, just in time to light the candles.

Many more were pre-arranged, and booked between 11am and 12pm.

The most donuts were sold on the eve of the first candle (Sunday 28/11), the least were ordered on Sunday (5.12) the eighth and last candle, apparently people decided to crack the diet towards the end of the holiday.

One of the most popular orders is of course the special donut package offered by bakeries like Roldan, Tati, Baka Bakery, Bolognese 96 and Sweet.

Among them, starred donuts starred in artistic toppings and fillings such as oreo, pistachio, isfahan-raspberry, cheesecake, brownies and more, although they did not endanger, as mentioned, the undisputed rule of the classic donut, with the strawberry jam.

Among the products requested for the holiday in the Wolt app, packages of special donuts (Photo: PR)

Afraid of traffic jams?

"When ordering through Wolt, Israelis enjoyed donuts, pancakes and Hanukkah products to home, in the quantity and flavors they chose, from the variety of leading bakeries and stores in Israel," says

Israel Avrahami, Retail Sales Manager at Wolt Israel.

"The convenient interface in the app, the selection and the fast delivery of half an hour that keeps the donuts and pancakes fresh are what make the difference for customers."

Why is the number of orders increasing this year, compared to last year when we were closed?

One can only guess: the combination of the fact that our free time for home preparation and frying has diminished, plus the fact that it is an urban service, with an emphasis on the crowded Gush Dan, so many homes that do not have a bakery nearby Pay a little more to get the delivery directly home, to the candle lighting ceremony.

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