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How to avoid a fire incident in the winter? Most fires happen when we are asleep or not at home at all, so is there a way to prevent them? The warm and safe winter guide

How to prevent winter fires?

Life-saving tips

We have fires associated with summer and heat, but especially in winter when we use various means of heating, and are even exposed to hazards that originate from a meeting between rainwater and electricity infrastructure, we need to be much more careful.

Here are some tips to help us prevent disaster

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Monday, 20 December 2021, 15:25 Updated: Tuesday, 21 December 2021, 08:48

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The winter here, the rain of the last few days is well absorbed even in drained buildings, and multiple short cuts, power outages and improper use of heating elements such as stoves, will cause, at least according to statistics, a significant increase in fires inside enclosed buildings.

In recent years, more heaters have been sold that are in good condition and are safer than before, while at the same time gas stoves have been used that have been a significant factor in flammability, or spiral stoves where the heating element is visible. But still, according to fire and rescue services, the human factor - that is, we, are responsible for these fires mainly because of irresponsible use of electric sheets, unprotected heaters and even cooking and baking appliances in the kitchen.

Another statistic shows that over 60% of fires happen when we are asleep or not at home at all, so how and can they be prevented?

The G1 Focus Division and the project team, who in recent decades have seen almost every possible scenario of winter fires, provide us with tips and information for a warm but no less winter-safe winter.

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Firefighter illustration (Photo: ShutterStock)

High demand for protective and alert means

One of the most shocking stories in recent years happened in November 2019, in a fire that broke out in an apartment on the ground floor of Sharabi Street in Netanya, two children aged 3 and 5 perished as a result of inhaling smoke. In addition to them, another 6 were reported injured, including a man and a woman in their 40s and another 4 children aged 2 to 6 who were lightly injured.

The fire broke out as a result of the fabric of a garment or blanket that were near a heater.

Shmulik Yitzhak, vice president of the call center division at G1, notes that

: "We are heartbroken by such stories, which unfortunately are repeated almost every winter. "In a situation like this, there is really no one to blame, but there is a lot to be done to reduce the risk and prevent the next fire."

"In recent years there has been an increase in awareness of the dangers and we are certainly seeing a greater demand for protective equipment and especially warning," adds Yitzhak. Ways - in most cases the detector will activate an alarm, but when the detector is connected to an alarm system there is a call center that receives the call and activates security, fire and rescue forces. "

Smoke detectors in a home are recommended and may save lives (Photo: PR)

What should we do to prevent a disaster?

Each source

of electric heating and gas should be placed away from flammable objects

such as a rug, blanket and curtains, clothes, towels etc.

Have placed the

source of the heat out of the reach of small children

, note that the power cord of the heater must be properly secured.

Recommended keep a fire extinguisher home in the ability to address inflammation of small and prevent the development of large fire more - can be purchased in stores and home accessories, DIY and online.

using an electric blanket is not recommended, but if you choose anyway -

is forbidden to fold the sheet while plugged

and preferably Turn off and unplug it before going to bed after the bed is heated.It is

recommended to have

LED emergency lighting

, in case of prolonged power outage and

avoid using candles.

It is recommended to install a timer for the electric boiler or alternatively purchase a smart switch that connects in the app to the phone.

Electrical overload is known to be a significant cause of short circuits and fires, especially in winter. The main recommendation is

not to run several 'gluttonous' appliances together

, and the use of an extension cord and splitters is not recommended over time.

It is highly recommended to install

a smoke detector

in the house (one or more, according to size and need) which gives the possibility to get away and escape from the place and check the possibility of a device connected to the alarm system even when we are not at home.

Periodic inspection by an electrician of electrical outlets



cabinet and circuit breaker, especially if you live in a house or building built a decade or more ago.

Flooding can also be a source of fire! Make sure the house is closed before you go out or go to bed,

do not leave water sources unattended


Water that reaches exposed power points or cables on the floor can be short and life-threatening.

Essential in any home - and preferably available and accessible (Photo: ShutterStock)

The "smart house" will fall along with the electricity

In recent years, more people have installed smart home elements in their homes, meaning products that are connected to the network together and can be controlled via an application - lamps, switches, shutters, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, heating boilers and the like. These have become more accessible and there are hundreds of different manufacturers and at varying prices.

The more networked and "electrified" the home is, we can control it, but these will not give us information or alerts about dangers in real time.

A smart home has significant advantages in control and supervision, so it is requested that smart options for managing safety events be added to it.

Yoram Levy, director of the project in Israel,

states that "the need to know what is happening in our home at any given time is only gaining momentum in recent years, beyond preventing break-ins and locks, the most basic need, which is to prevent and warn of dangers "And this is not really a luxury for the rich."

"A fire that breaks out in a home can easily cause a power outage and with it the internet and lines and all your 'smart home' is no longer relevant. .

With the fall of electricity and with it the Internet, the "smart home" becomes irrelevant (Photo: PR)

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

In conclusion, the best way to survive a fire is to prevent it!

Check and go through all the electrical appliances and cables in the house and check the integrity and wear of the heating elements.

If you have small children, try to be in their place for a moment and check in all the corners and low places what can be a real danger and always keep an eye on it.

And just

before you go to bed or leave the house, take another minute or two and check that you have not forgotten something is on

, it can save you and your family.

And most importantly, may we all have a pleasant and safe winter!

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