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Drink without account: The most expensive drinks to open with a new year - Walla! Of money


In case you have a few thousand shekels to spend on one bottle, we have collected some suggestions: champagne, cognac, whiskey and even vodka. Have you ever seen a bottle that costs NIS 350,000?

Drink without account: The most expensive drinks to open with a new year

Here are drinks that most of us can only dream of, but just in case you have a few thousand shekels, minimum, to spend on one bottle, we have collected some suggestions: champagne, cognac, whiskey and even vodka.

Common to all: Most of us have no money even for a small pint of them

I have Seville


Thursday, 30 December 2021, 21:25 Updated: Friday, 31 December 2021, 09:17

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If I were ... Chateau Lafitte Rothschild

The concept store for wines, Deli Vino, a combination of a wine bar and a deli, offers a variety of premium aging wines.

The most unique of these is the Chateau Lafitte Rothschild, which consists of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot.

Because he received pious attention on the part of King Louis XV and received the coveted title: "The King's Wine".

In 1868 Baron James de Rothschild purchased the Lafitte estate and added his last name to the Chateau.

The iconic French brand leads in the first category (Premier Grand Cru).

The price per bottle: NIS 5,690.

Available at Deli Vino Netanya.

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Chateau Lafitte Rothschild, price NIS 5,690 (Photo: PR)

The disguised egg: "Imperial Collection" vodka

The vodka is made in St. Petersburg from water from a fishing lake, wheat and rye that originates in central and southern Russia.

The vodka undergoes 12 filters, and after 5 charcoal distillations it undergoes another filtration process with the help of algae cells, which gives it a special taste, clarity and softness.

The packaging is designed in the shape of an egg from Faberge, handcrafted, made of gold-plated metal and presented as elegant with 24-karat gold-plated ornaments.

The package includes a decanter (750 ml capacity) and 4 elegant cups made of Venetian glass. The importer to Israel is AGTD. ".

Fabreza Egg Vodka, Recommended Consumer Price: NIS 6,900 (Photo: Overseas PR)

Grandfather to grandson: Cognac - Mauxion selection cognac

The Maoxion family is a family with vineyards in the Cognac region that grows from 1743 varieties of fine grapes used to make the drink.

Today, the tenth generation of the family continues the entire process of cultivating the vineyards in accordance with a long-standing tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

The family sells its produce to all the major cognac houses.

The Maoxion family's collection includes Cognac from Auxion Selection Lot 14/19 - a unique barrel that was inherited from a grandfather to a grandson and aged for a period of more than 100 years.

Price: about 10,000 shekels.

Obtainable at stores and liquor sites.

Cognac from Auction Selection Lot 1419, price: NIS 10,000 (Photo: PR)

For the discerning and the rich only: McAllen 52 years

McAllen is one of the well-known and beloved names among single malt lovers from the Spayside region of Scotland, but this whiskey is unusual, to say the least, even in the landscape of special edition whiskey collectors, perhaps because even among them not many can afford a whiskey bottle for a room. .. The

whiskey from McAllen's aged for more than five decades in one and only barrel that before that held nothing but fine Spanish sherry wine.

Only 250 hand-numbered bottles of this rare whiskey have been shipped to luxury stores around the world.

McAllen 52 years, 2018 edition, price: NIS 350,000.

Obtainable at the Hermitage network.

McLean 52 (Photo: Overseas PR)

Unexpected Champagne: Krug Brut Rosa

Champagne, the most respected name among sparkling wines, is the queen of New Year's Eve.

Although there is no real champagne that is also cheap, you can still find bottles of the real champagne liquid in Israel for less than NIS 200 per bottle.

And of course it is also possible ... like this champagne, which combines elegance and boldness made from Pinot Noir grapes (40%), Viognier grapes (32%) and Chardonnay grapes (28%).

The prestigious champagne is a blend of 22 wines from 7 different vintages (2006-2012) that were aged for about 7 years in the cellars of the prestigious champagne house.

Krug Brut Rosa is a rich and deep champagne with aromas of roses and fruits with an emphasis on strawberry and grapefruit.

Champagne has delicate flavors of honey, citrus and dried fruit with a long finish and delicate bubbles to complete the experience.

Price: NIS 1,399.

In fact, at such prices, there is nothing to reduce a shekel so as not to change a prefix: for you: NIS 1,400.

Krug Brut Rosa, price: NIS 1,399 (Photo: PR)

All Gold: Cognac deau LVO Premium Cognac

Cognac is also a drink that even its relatively cheap versions are considered expensive - if only because the French were able to limit the explicit name to the cognac region in their country, which naturally reduces the stock (although it is important to know that just as there are wonderful sparkling wines outside the champagne, so Brandy drinks are also great outside the Cognac region.

However, this cognac, made from the quality barrels of the vineyards of the Grand Champagne region, the cognac bottle is made of a 24-karat pure gold layer with an extraordinary look that conveys luxury and design power. "La Vie en Or" describes life in gold that is reflected in the look of the bottle.

The cognac has an amber color, aromas of ripe fruit - pear, peach, honey, fig.

A deep and full aroma is characterized by vanilla, fresh tobacco and spicy cinnamon.

Rich and mellow taste, and wonderfully balanced and has a hue of walnuts and licorice in a subtle presence.

Price: NIS 25,000.

Available at Bana Drinks and other stores.

Cognac deau lvo 24 karat pure gold bottle, price: NIS 25,000 (Photo: PR)

Moon Cherry: Glenalki Whiskey 25 years

If the whiskey last reviewed, is a little out of reach of even the aficionados and whiskey true, here drink a prestigious approaching little price a few bottles obsolete and rare at a little more than serve, though of course not cheap ...

single malt distillery Glnalaci from Hsfiisiid, won several medals Gold and silver in the world's leading alcohol competition, it has aromas typical of the region, perfect for whiskey lovers.

The whiskey is aged for 25 years in the barrels of Sherry Pedro Jimenez and Oloroso, which give the whiskey sweetness and depth.

Taste of pineapple and dark chocolate.

Aromas of spices and sweets and marmalade with a layered cake of Christmas and sweet spices Country of manufacture: Scotland I 700 ml I 48% alcohol. Price: NIS 1,900. Available at liquor stores.

Glenallachie 25 whiskey Price: NIS 1,900 (Photo: PR)

The best in the world: Champagne Paul Roger

That we risked and said: "The best in the world"?

There will be those who will disagree with this cutting fixation, but even those who have a gourmet palate that prefers one champagne, will certainly not erase if it is said that "Paul Roger" is considered one of the best in the world.

Paul Roger Sir Winston Churchill, is a special champagne for connoisseurs produced in the Champagne region of France.

A sparkling and quality wine that everyone will be happy to sip from in honor of the new civil year, or in honor of a particularly festive occasion.

Price: NIS 1,360.

Imported by Anotka, available at Wayne & Moore (Hinawi) and select stores throughout the country.

Champagne Paul Roger, price: NIS 1,360 (Photo: PR abroad)

Power and elegance: Krug Collection 1988

Continue with the champagne and return to the "Krug" house.

This champagne is a blend of the best wines of 1988 that have been aged for 29 years in the cellars of the prestigious Champagne House.

1988 was an extraordinary year with a completely different climate which spawned a unique champagne.

The Krug Collection 1988 is made from Chardonnay grapes (32%), Pinot Noir (50%) and Pinot Noir (18%) that come from 21 different villages in the area and together create a powerful and elegant champagne.

Champagne has an exotic and complex aroma that combines white fruits, spices, honey and floral hints.

Krug Collection 1988 has a refreshing and elegant taste that combines orange blossom, delicate spices and dark chocolate and a long finish.

Price: NIS 2,900.

Krug Collection 1988, price NIS 2,900 (Photo: PR)

Ace-Peak: Blanc de Blanc - ace of spades

We will end our review of our expensive drinks with another champagne, this time champagne made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, produced in a very small amount of fruit that originates in the traditional growing area, Cote de Blanc, and almost half of the mixture is from the Monte de Reims area.

This unique assembly provides minerality, flexibility, roundness and lightness. Aroma: Pastries baked in light butter followed by aromas of pear, hazelnuts and a hint of ginger. On the palate: flavors of guava, currant and peach are accompanied by sweet spice flavors and a neutral mineral finish.

Collectors can further enhance it in ultimate cellar conditions for another 20 years, to see the development of additional flavors. The price for a 750 ml bottle is NIS 4,649. Here, too, the importer hints that it was unnecessary to reduce one shekel from the face value of the bottle: there are not many consumers who will pay NIS 4,650 - and insist on the surplus ... Available at the Hermitage chain.

Blanc de Blanc - ace of spades, price: NIS 4,649 (Photo: PR abroad)

A review of the most expensive bottles for New Year's celebrations is also published in Maariv's "Business" supplement

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