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Love, career, opportunities ... your horoscope for the year 2022


Solidarity, spirituality, respectful of the planet… The “next world” that we were so waiting for is finally emerging!

With the passage of Jupiter in the humanist sign of Pisces, we welcome the good vibes and we regain confidence in the future.

The most receptive are the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn).

From mid-May, Jupiter continues its course in the combative Aries and re-energizes the signs of fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius).

Served with 12 cosmic cocktails imagined by the Ritz Bar in Paris, here are the keys to a year full of emotions.

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The zodiac, our new shrink

Aries (March 20 to April 19): a step forward

Photo Eric Giriat

The spoiledest in the zodiac.

This year ? It's you ! Jupiter, "the great beneficent" of the zodiac, will return to your sign on May 11. This only happens every twelve years. He will stay there until October 28, then return on December 20. Note these dates carefully. They will mark the best moments of your year, those when you will have the opportunity to spread your wings, develop your talents, and launch new projects. And above all, to do what you want with complete freedom. With Saturn, you will privilege teamwork, authentic friends. You will like to take responsibility in the groups where you evolve. With Pluto, you will receive the fruits of all the changes that it has imposed on you since 2008. Your career can take a new direction and your centers of interest can thus be renewed. With Uranus,expect financial changes. Unexpected expenses as unexpected income. Your values ​​could also change, your security needs could evolve. Whatever ... Your year will end in style!

Love therapy

Love at first sight in February, Eros very present from the end of October to mid-November.

Business and dependencies

Career boosted in January and February.

Smile from your banker in June, you see big in November and December.

Boost shots

A great meeting in mid-February, solid friendships in March, great energy in June.

And an insolent luck in September, before crossing Cupid at the end of October to finish in style.

Impetuous cocktail: barley brandy, port, red plum, sandalwood, allspice.

Taurus (April 19 to May 20): free yourself!

Photo Eric Giriat

Four important planets

to fulfill your desires, your desires, your projects this year? Don't let these great opportunities pass by. Clean up with Pluto anything that still prevents you from spreading your wings, from expanding your horizon. Thanks to him, your beliefs, your philosophy of life are no longer the same. It enlightens your steps on the path to new knowledge. It will help you transform your life. Free yourself, with Uranus (in your sign every 84 years), from the constraints, the obligations that lock you up. Get out of your routine. Affirm your need for independence. Let the ideals of Neptune carry you, his dreams inspire you. Share special moments with your friends. With Jupiter, by your side until May, group life, teamwork and friendships will be highlighted. You might be tempted to serve an ideal. From mid-May,you could be more interested in spirituality, understand that the difficulties crossed help you to grow and to evolve.

Love therapy

Happiness looks good on you, especially in June.

Cupid is at your feet in September and Eros sets you on fire from November to mid-December.

Business and dependency

Career boosted in March, we appreciate you especially in October and you negotiate your best interests from the end of October to mid-November.

Boost shots

Luck in March, energizing eclipses in April and December, great fishing in July and August.

Epicurean cocktail: Armagnac white, vermouth, white cocoa, gentian, truffle.

Gemini (May 20 to June 20): philosophy, my friend

Photo Eric Giriat

Some fear

the hard school of Saturn, but for you this year it will prove to be very beneficial. Take advantage of the constructive forces of this sage to expand your field of consciousness, travel, enrich yourself with new experiences and build your life according to your ideals. Make sure you take your time, don't overwrite yourself and get to the essentials to achieve your goals. Pluto can help you with that. The other planet that will benefit you will be Jupiter, but it is only from May 11 that you will receive the good effects. You can then (until December 20), like Aries, undertake new projects, expand the circle of your friendships, invest more in your work team or in the groups where you evolve. Uranus will have a less visible effect. It will, however, help you see more clearly in yourself,to prepare the new image, the new identity that you will be able to express when it arrives in your sign. Neptune will awaken your sensitivity, your interest in spirituality, but beware of its mirages, especially in mid-April.

Love therapy

You will be the most beautiful, from the end of June to mid-July.

Charm and magnetism in October.

Business and dependencies

Great opportunities from March to early April.

Think before you start, from October until the end of the year.

Boost shots

Luck in March, nothing scares you from mid-July to mid-August.

Charming cocktail: fig brandy, lavender, pomegranate, ambrette, incense, sparkling water.

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Cancer (June 20 to July 22): dreams of escape

Photo Eric Giriat

2022 will be a year

of evolution, of growth for your sign. Jupiter will be the booster until May 11, then from the end of October to the end of December. It will be the moment to travel, to explore new lands, to live as many enriching experiences as possible. Your optimism, your enthusiasm will be great. Everything will seem possible to you. Neptune, with his dreams, his hopes, will have a lot to do with it. Be careful! His meeting with Jupiter in mid-April could be a special source of inspiration, but also of illusion. He loves to embellish everything so much! Uranus will invite you to change, to see things differently. New possibilities will open up to you. New friendships will be formed, but Saturn could dampen this momentum.You will be torn between a desire to remain comfortably installed in your habits and the new perspectives that Uranus will offer you. Patience! At the start of 2023, he will help you give concrete support to everything Jupiter has done and erase the mirages of Neptune.

Love therapy

Unbridled Eros in March, in mid-May, then from the end of October to mid-November.

Hello tenderness from mid-July to mid-August!

Business and dependencies

Cooperate in February and mid-December, initiate new projects at the end of April and mid-November.

Assert yourself in July.

Boost shots

XL optimism and enthusiasm until mid-May, then from the end of October to December.

Cocktail galant: gin, green apple, cardamom, bergamot, Damask rose.

Leo (July 22 to August 22): solar energy

Photo Eric Giriat

Team up for two

when we are used to moving forward alone is not easy. Lacks, frustrations can result. Saturn, this year again, will help you to remedy it, to make the sacrifices, the compromises necessary to find the harmony to which you aspire. Mars, by crossing its path in mid-April, may help it or make you angry if nothing has progressed. You can then judge how far you have come and focus on the arrival of Jupiter (mid-May) in the tonic and daring sign of Aries. Doubts and sadness will then melt like snow in the sun. Full of punch and enthusiasm, you will love to learn, discover, explore… Let yourself go. Building on your momentum, you will adapt better to the changes Uranus will bring to your career and your destiny.Seeing your goals with greater clarity will allow you to relieve yourself of everything that was in your way and open yourself up to new opportunities that will boost your progress. Be careful in love with Neptune. You might idealize your partner too much.

Love therapy

Constructive discussions from mid-July to early August.

Impossible to resist you from mid-August to the beginning of September.

Business and dependencies

Reassess your goals from mid-January to early February.

Complete the projects left behind at the end of October and December.

Boost shots

Travel in May, lucky from mid-November to mid-December.

Flamboyant cocktail: white rum, citron, neroli, saffron, Madagascan vanilla, sparkling water.

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Virgo (August 22 to September 22): you open up to the world

Photo Eric Giriat

Jupiter (Until mid-May and end of October to December)

will illuminate your relationships in a very beneficial way. It will also allow you (from May 11 to October 28) to transform yourself internally, to go more in depth, to find the hidden meaning of things ... The occult could then interest you more. With Saturn, you will be able to better manage your daily life. Make sure everything is neat and tidy. Reorganize your time, your work to be lighter in the next few years. Using your prudence and discernment will help you not to fall into the illusions of Neptune (especially in mid-April), to better understand your interlocutors if you are looking to associate, collaborate or create partnerships. Uranus will invite you to broaden your field of consciousness, to take more interest in the major currents of thought, in philosophy, in spirituality.You will change your vision of the world, enrich yourself with new experiences… It will be very stimulating.

Love therapy

Great metamorphosis.

Passion from late January to early March.

Surprise mid-February and early March.

Business and dependencies

Nose in the handlebars from March 6 to April 15.

Review your career goals from late October to December.

Boost shots

Great inspiration in mid-May, wind in its sails from the end of June to mid-July and knowing how to receive in September.

Wise cocktail: shôchû, green tea, pandan leaf, sanshô berries, citrus sudachi.

Libra (September 22 to October 22): the creative breath

Photo Eric Giriat

With Pluto,

nothing has been easy in recent years. The difficulties he made you go through, however, made you stronger, more confident. Enjoy the good effects. 2022 will be the year of your rebirth (for the end of the 3rd decan, it will be in 2023). Make the best use of the new tools he has given you to move forward in life successfully. Saturn, a planet that is dear to you, will help you do this. You will be able to unleash your creativity, be joyful and become who you really are. Now is the time or never to build solid relationships with your children, to develop your parenting skills, to make more serious commitments in love… Uranus, for his part, will awaken you to new dimensions of sharing. Enjoy Neptune and Jupiter (until mid-May,then at the end of December) to find a job that matches your ideals, to improve your working conditions, your relations with your teammates. From mid-May to the end of October, Jupiter will facilitate your relationships. A marriage, a professional partnership could be decided.

Love therapy

Magic moments from March 6 to April 5.

Charm and magnetism in October.

Scorching nights from July 5 to August 20.

Business and dependencies

Carrier wind until mid-May, and from the end of October to December.

Dare to change at the end of April, in August and mid-November.

Boost shots

Boldness, between mid-February and early March, and financial opportunities, mid-May and late October.

Balancing cocktail: vodka, pear brandy, elderflower, green grape, fir essential oil.

Scorpio (October 22 to November 21): peace, love and freedom

Photo Eric Giriat

This year, continue

with Pluto to question you a lot, to seek, to study. You will gain new strength and better control over yourself. Become aware with Saturn of the importance of having a solid foundation to calmly face the external life. To anchor yourself, there may be some inner work to be done on yourself? Another look at the reflexes inherited from your family to feel more at peace and secure? Something to do to get closer to a distant relative? A move, the purchase of real estate, work in your house to consider to live more harmoniously? Now is the time to find a concrete solution to these questions. Sharing happy moments with loved ones, giving free rein to your creativity can help you. Jupiter will encourage you to do so until mid-May,then from the end of October to the end of December. Also give yourself the opportunity with Uranus to change what is wrong with your relationship or in a partnership.

Love therapy

Volcanic passions in early March and need to take stock from October 30 to early December.

Business and dependencies

Creative success until mid-May, then from late October to December.

Strong motivation from August 20.

Boost shots

Here you are carried by the friendships from mid-February to the beginning of March, by your intuitions, mid-May, and by the love of your loved ones, in December.

Erotic cocktail: muscat, fig leaf, musk flower, Ritz brut champagne.

Sagittarius (from November 21 to December 21): harmony in all tones

Photo Eric Giriat

Your values ​​have changed

avec Pluton. Savourez les fruits de cette mutation. Prenez conscience que votre vraie sécurité est à l’intérieur de vous-même, dans votre capacité à faire face avec courage aux imprévus de l’existence. Cela vous aidera à mieux vivre les nouvelles orientations qu’Uranus pourrait vous imposer sur le plan professionnel. Mettez le focus, cette année,avec Saturne, sur les relations avec vos proches. Communiquer différemment avec eux pour être mieux entendue pourrait les améliorer, les transformer. Le meilleur moment de votre année ? Le passage de Jupiter dans un signe ami de mi-mai à fin décembre. Élan, enthousiasme, confiance en vous… Grâce à lui, vos batteries vont se recharger. La vie sera belle. Votre humeur, joyeuse. Vous pourrez vous amuser, faire la fête. Aimer et être aimée. Auparavant, il vous aura permis (de janvier à mi-mai), aidé des intuitions de Neptune, d’être plus sereine, de donner à votre maison un air plus pimpant, de la redécorer, la réaménager, d’être plus en harmonie avec votre famille.

Love thérapie

Vent de passion de fin mai à mi-août, mais attention quand même aux emballements fin mai. Vous rayonnez en décembre.

Business et dépendances

Dynamisme en juin, croissance du 5 juillet à 20 août, harmonie en septembre.

Coups de boost

Super tonus en janvier, une bonne surprise mi-février, un air de fête en mai… Place à Éros de mi-juillet à mi-août.

Cocktail voyageur : cachaça, yuzu, noix de coco, baies roses, ylang-ylang, sel noir, eau gazeuse.

Capricorne (du 21 décembre au 20 janvier) : prenez des risques

Photo Eric Giriat

La longue mutation intérieure que vous impose Pluton depuis 2008 porte enfin ses fruits. Vous avez pu mieux vous comprendre intérieurement, trouver en vous des forces insoupçonnées, renaître à une autre dimension de vous-même. Vous voilà (attendez un peu quelques mois, fin 3e décan) ressuscitée, prête à grimper de nouveaux sommets. Laissez l’imaginaire, l’intuition de Neptune vous inspirer. Vivez vos rêves dans le quotidien. Partagez vos idéaux. Ouvrez-vous avec Jupiter à de nouvelles idées. Étudiez, voyagez, communiquez… Vos relations avec vos proches y gagneront en vérité. Votre plus beau cadeau cette année ? Les changements positifs lancés par Uranus, les trépidations stimulantes qu’il donnera à votre créativité. Fini la routine ! Dites au revoir aux contraintes. Prenez des risques, innovez. Ce sera déstabilisant, mais si excitant. En amour, tout sera surprise et renouveau. Solo ? Faites-vous la plus belle. Vous pourriez croiser votre prince charmant.

Love thérapie

À vous la belle vie de janvier à mars, séduction au top en juin, escapade à deux en septembre.

Business et dépendances

Tout bouge de fin juin à mi-juillet. Rentrée tonique fin août. Faites des ajustements de fin octobre à décembre.

Coups de boost

Tonus d’enfer tout le premier trimestre. Finances en hausse en avril. Home sweet home en mai.

Cocktail vertueux : arrack, banane du Brésil, pollen, jasmin, fleur de coco, eau gazeuse.

Verseau (du 20 janvier au 19 février) : vive l’imprévu !

Photo Eric Giriat

La routine vous ennuie. L’imprévu, le renouveau vous stimule. Be happy ! Cette année, Uranus vous gâtera. Changements familiaux, d’habitat, d’environnement… Ce sera très stimulant, très excitant. Vous pourrez aussi vous affranchir de comportements hérités de vos parents. C’est le moment idéal pour gagner plus d’indépendance et de liberté, prendre un tout nouvel élan, surtout en mai, juin, juillet et août. Saturne essaiera bien de vous freiner, mais grâce à sa patience, à son endurance, vous pourrez mieux gérer et concrétiser le renouveau auquel vous serez confrontée. Cela vous aidera à ne pas tomber dans le piège de Neptune, qui pourrait mettre de la confusion dans la gestion de vos finances. Et cela vous permettra aussi de prendre conscience que votre sécurité vient de vos ressources intérieures et non des biens matériels que vous possédez. Chance ! Pluton pourra vous aider à mieux repérer ces ressources. Avec lui, tout ce que vous gardiez caché en vous, tout ce que vous ne vouliez pas voir sera mis en lumière. Vous pourrez enfin vous en libérer. Cadeau !

Love thérapie

Une passion le 6 mars, des échanges pétillants de fin juin à mi-juillet.

Business et dépendances

Activités, finances à la hausse… jusqu’à mi-mai, et de fin octobre à décembre. Merci Jupiter ! Progression de carrière en mai et octobre.

Coups de boost

Projet inattendu mi-février, appui de Mars l’enthousiaste mi-avril et début août, reconnaissance mi-mai et fin octobre.

Cocktail excentrique : tequila, orange sanguine, coriandre, poivron, Chartreuse jaune.

Poissons (du 19 février au 20 mars) : ouvrez vos ailes

Photo Eric Giriat

2022 sera votre année. Un nouveau cycle (153 ans) de Jupiter. Neptune, dans votre signe, en donnera le ton. Vous vous sentirez renaître. Votre confiance en vous grandira. Vous verrez tout en beau et en grand. Vos lunettes roses sur le nez, fuyant contraintes et obligations, vous aimerez voyager, explorer de nouvelles contrées. Liberté et indépendance seront vos mots-clés. Cela durera jusqu’à la mi-mai, puis de fin octobre à fin décembre. Entre-temps, vous chercherez à pérenniser ce que vous aurez entrepris, à faire fructifier ce que vous possédez. Saturne, qui termine un cycle de 28 ans, vous invitera à finaliser ce que vous n’avez pas terminé, à vous alléger de tout l’inutile de ces dernières années, à prendre le temps, dans le silence, d’être plus à l’écoute de votre être intérieur, à vous laisser guider par vos rêves vers la nouvelle route que, bientôt, vous emprunterez. Avec Uranus, fini la routine ! Un vent d’air frais soufflera sur votre manière de penser, de communiquer. Cette ouverture à de nouvelles idées vous fera évoluer.

Love therapy

Very tender moments from mid-July to mid-August, more fiery in October.

Business and dependencies

Action from April 5 to May 2!

Be creative, aim high from mid-August to early September.

Boost shots

Exciting projects, cash flow in mid-January, mid-February and end of April, trips in May and October.

Dreamy cocktail: absinthe, sage, lemon, white almond orgeat, verbena.

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