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Welcome 2022: Israeli high-tech executives prepare for a new year - Walla! Of money


Will we also retain the title "Startup Nation" in 2022? Industry executives are sharing with us the forecast for the coming year

Welcome 2022: Israeli high-tech executives are preparing for a new year

Will we also retain the title "Startup Nation" in 2022?

Industry executives are sharing with us the forecast for the coming year: What is Towers, how was the content creators' economy born and will we all soon be holding digital assets?

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Thursday, 30 December 2021, 14:29 Updated: Saturday, 01 January 2022, 08:37

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In recent years, Israeli high-tech has become a leading locomotive in the economy and has presented particularly impressive achievements in the global arena as well, with quite a few local high-tech companies becoming unicorns - and the hand is still outstretched.

But even in the strong industry, there are concerns about the pace of development that is unmatched by anything else in any previous period.

Israeli high-tech executives share with us the forecast for the coming year.

Get ready to understand a little more about Metavers, (the next generation of the Internet), the world of content creation and the creators economy, which is establishing itself as a promising livelihood and trading and holding digital assets.

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Businessmen touch hologram (Photo: ShutterStock)

Intel: Investments in the Hardware and Chips Market

Eran Sudek, Vice President, Director of SoC Architecture at the Personal Computer Group, Intel Israel:

Recently, the chip development market in Israel and around the world has been revitalized: if in the previous decade we were in the process of consolidating the market around huge companies, The significant initial capital required for the development of a new chip, in recent years this process has been reversed, thanks to the removal of barriers and recognition of the unique value of hardware tailored to specific purposes.

There is a large increase in investments in the hardware and chips market, and in Israel alone, dozens of start-up companies operating in the field have been established. At the same time, more and more giant companies whose traditional business in other markets, such as software and cloud, have begun the process of internal chip development for their own needs. Increased activity in the market results in healthy competition that benefits consumers, who get better and more innovative solutions.

Accordingly, the demand for experienced hardware engineers is skyrocketing, and in many companies the recruitment rate directly affects the ability to develop and innovate.

At the same time, hardware and Internet companies have announced the opening of new chip development centers in Israel.

Intel, for example, has announced a new hardware development center that will recruit about 1,000 employees and employ about 6,000 hardware engineers.

In order to meet the demand for engineers in the field,

one of the solutions implemented by companies such as Intel and others is to create professional conversion paths to the world of hardware and provide appropriate training, in order to reach additional populations and enable them to integrate in the field.

In addition, a strong emphasis is placed on hybrid work that combines home and office in the long run.

For example, Intel has already announced a long-term Hybrid First policy.

Eran Sudak, Vice President, Director of SoC Architecture at the Personal Computing Group, Intel Israel (Photo: Private)

WIX: "Companies change the DNA of the Israeli high-tech sector"

Kerem Nevo, Director of the Growth Companies Forum, Wix:

"The years 2020 and 2021 were years of dramatic change in Israeli high-tech. (Over 100 and significant growth prospects), most of them public. This change indicates what is expected of us in the coming years. These companies are changing the DNA of the Israeli high-tech sector and its roles vis-à-vis Israeli society and the economy.

First, this change will change the employment market If in the past the main need of companies was for development people, today alongside the technological professions, Israeli companies are showing a growing demand for "growth professions" - marketing, sales, senior executives, staff, etc. The barriers to high-tech in these professions are much smaller and the opportunity for integration More and more parts of Israeli high-tech society are growing.

Second, we are expected to see more and more Israeli companies grow in non-organic tools as well, acquiring foreign companies.

Thus, if in the past Israeli companies were mainly acquired by foreign companies, today we are likely to see foreign technology being bought and imported into Israel in increasing transactions.

As early as 2021, such transactions amounted to almost $ 8 billion, and given the amount of money raised by Israeli companies, this amount will rise and generate significant profits for the Israeli economy in taxes and employment.

2022 and the years that follow may constitute a historic change for the Israeli high-tech sector - from startup Nation to "high-tech nation", an innovation-based Israeli business center that has a stable layer of large Israeli international companies with billions of dollars in revenue.

Therefore, all the relevant players - the companies and the government - must work together to maximize the potential. "

Kerem Nevo, Director of the Growth Companies Forum, Wix (Photo: Courtesy of WIX)

Meta: Soon, work meetings will be held virtually

Nir Oren, VP of Clients, Meta in Israel:

"Until five years ago, I was a start-upist.

Today I am responsible for Meta's work with start-ups and technology companies at various stages, and we help them build their growth strategy.

Looking ahead to the market, I identify three key areas that are poised to make a significant leap forward in the coming year.

First and foremost is the vision of the Mtavers, which is in fact the next generation of the Internet - web 3.0.

The next chapter of technology has already emerged from the worlds of gaming and is expanding into a wider range of fields and occupations.

I believe it will change the way we experience experiences with others - if the corona plague remains present in our lives, it is very likely that work sessions will also undergo a significant transformation towards those rich virtual experiences, which will provide a sense of physical presence even without real physical presence.

At the same time, the worlds of content creation and digital goods (virtual goods) are undergoing a significant revolution.

The creators economy is establishing itself as a new and promising livelihood, which will allow more and more people to define their occupation as creators.

The economy will change accordingly and begin to develop around them - with people and brands distributing and trading their products in innovative ways.

A combination of these two trends is a third trend - a new way of owning value and a digital asset.

Out of the world of crypto and smart contracts grew the world of NFT, while their combination will lead to a breakthrough in the creation of digital assets, trading in them and holding the rights over them.

"This market, which is currently rolling in $ 10 billion a month, could grow to half a trillion dollars - maybe even in less than a year."

Nir Oren, VP of Clients, Meta in Israel (Photo: Meta)

Western Digital: "We will continue to be a leading locomotive in the economy"

Ronit Ronen Karpol, Deputy CEO of Western Digital Israel and Human Resources Manager,

expects that in 2022 high-tech will continue to be the leading locomotive of the economy but will have a number of positive developments, which on the one hand will empower employees and create new opportunities in battle Other populations in Israeli society.

"The narrative that continues with us next year is that the labor market continues to be dynamic and change shape, so dealing with ignorance and ambiguity is our lot in the new year and this is our starting point that will lead us to examine the concept of" flexibility ". .

The understanding that the working relationship with the employees and the management is shaped differently than it was in the past and is based more on trust and cooperation, will lead to better employee connectedness and business success. Management will need to be more involved and will have to involve employees more in making decisions related to their work life and career journey.

Employees will continue to move jobs at a higher rate than we knew before the Corona era, and in my opinion will not necessarily seek the highest pay, but a connection to the language and story of the company, and examine the company in its areas of investment in employee wellness and dealing with the hybrid model.

It is also evident that the trend of employees seeking to generate impact through active contribution to the community will intensify.

"As a world leader in data infrastructure, Western Digital is involved and influencing the ecosystem and I anticipate that more veteran high-tech companies alongside young startups will continue to grow, collaborate and advance solutions to diverse technological challenges."

Ronit Ronen Karpol, Deputy CEO of Western Digital Israel and Director of Human Resources (Photo: Shlomi Yosef)

Check] Point: "The local cyber industry plays a key role at the global level"

Maya Horowitz, VP of Research at Check Point:

2021 broke records in many fields, and the transition to a new reality where everything is done remotely - also led to a peak in cyber attacks and the challenges that this field represents. "Increasing the focus around the cyber field. The fact that the" new normal "is here to stay, with an emphasis on relying heavily on the Internet for almost everything we do, is only likely to reinforce this trend. "They will intensify, and as the use of the Internet increases, so will those who try to use it for their own needs."

Of course, these threats also create an opportunity for cyber players whose entire mission is to protect them. Here, the Israeli economy and the local cyber industry play a key role at the global level. Israel has long rightly been dubbed the "Cyber ​​Nation" and is succeeding in producing creative and effective solutions to current and future cyber challenges. This is also the reason why unprecedented investment volumes reached Israeli cyber players in 2021, and this trend is expected to continue as there is a demand for these products and there will be big money that will be worth the investment. Add to that the fact that ransomware attacks cost tens of millions of dollars - and you are willing to invest more and more in defense.

Various economists disagree as to the volume of investment and whether there will be a devaluation in these investments, but there is no arguing that the cyber field will continue to be a magnet for investment.

It is fertile and stable ground for further innovation and development.

I hope, and believe, that we will continue to produce from here the most comprehensive and effective defenses against the next generation of cyber threats in 2022 as well.

Maya Horowitz, VP of Research at Check Point (Photo: Check Point)

Marvel: The technological revolution pays homage to chips

Eran Heruti, Vice President of VLSI R&D at Marvel:

"The world is on the verge of an extraordinary technological revolution, which may change the reality in which we live, in a way that is still unclear what it will look like. Its main building blocks are AI, 5G, computing, storage and communication capabilities Data in the cloud and at the edge

Given the very high performance requirements of these infrastructures, their realization is done mainly through chips dedicated to each of the various functions. The cooling.

We see a trend, which we believe will continue in the coming year, in which various companies, including Marvel, develop dedicated chips for the major players in the market to provide an optimal response to the unique architecture and needs of each customer. These are in fact the components of the technological infrastructure that will lay the foundations for the future. This infrastructure will enable a huge space of applications with a dramatic impact on our lives.

We already know about autonomous vehicles, which are actually a "data center on wheels" with AI processors, computing, network connection, and internal communication between all the various components. There is the virtual reality described in Towers, which will require the deployment of data centers at an end close to the users, in parallel with the huge data centers of the cloud service providers.

The installation of the 5G networks, which is gaining momentum around the world, enables dramatic improvements of 100 times the data transfer rate per user, and a delay time of up to 50 times. Many applications.

This is the trend that has been pushing the chip market in recent years and it will continue to grow.

Marvel is a major player in the chip market in each of the areas of this technological infrastructure. "

Eran Heruti, Vice President of VLSI R&D at Marvel (Photo: PR Marvel)

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