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The story of Impreva: three people, two centers in Israel and one happy hour - Walla! Of money


We went to Happy Hour at the company's offices in Tel Aviv and discovered employees who focus on what really matters. Or in other words: 25 types of ice cream, look elsewhere

The story of Impreva: three people, two centers in Israel and one happy hour

The Impreva is a modest unicorn, not at the technological and business level God forbid, but one that does not run all over town and shouts, "I am a unicorn."

We went to Happy Hour at the company's offices in Tel Aviv and discovered employees who focus on what really matters.

Or in other words: 25 types of ice cream, look elsewhere

Liat Ron


Wednesday, 12 January 2022, 13:56 Updated: Thursday, 13 January 2022, 17:50

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What to do:

Impreva protects the company's data and applications from changing attacks from external or internal sources, through security solutions for websites, databases and cloud services.


Yamit Lebeton, 29, in a relationship, lives in Tel Aviv. Position: Project manager in the security and trust department, ten months in the company.

Rizik Habiballah

, 33, single, lives in the village of Ein Mahel near Nazareth. Position: Automation developer, one and a half years in the company.

Matan Aharon Khoury

, 29, single, lives in Rishon LeZion. Position: DevOps manager, five years in the company.


250 Impreva employees in Tel Aviv (the company also has offices in the streets) sit on two floors in an office building adjacent to the government building, walking distance from Azrieli and Sharona. Everything is very modest, you could even say spartan. Three Israelis, issued on NASDAQ, sold to the Thomas Bravo Foundation and made private, not playing in the pyrotechnics field and 25 types of ice cream.

The space is divided into closed offices, painted in gray, as language and there is a seating area with a library in red, some shelves with colorful sculptures that break the brightness.

There is no yoga room here nor a gym and showers.

Everything is functional and minimal.

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Impreva: Right: Rizik Habiballah, Matan Aharon Khoury and Yamit Lebeton (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Coffee break:

The kitchenette also maintains the subdued line and does not mention the glorious coffee corners of colleagues.

The room is painted in a light color, has several chairs and tables and on the counter is a state-of-the-art coffee machine, water dispenser, 12 types of tea, granulated coffee, sugar and demerara sugar.

Plastic boxes have thin Italian cookies with nuts, pretzels, wild gooseberries, waffles, granola, cornflakes and savory snacks.

There are persimmons, bananas, green and red apples as well as red pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, onions and an iron citrus fruit squeezing machine as before.

The clear fridge has cola, fuse tea, sprite, diet drinks and soda.

There are two more refrigerators next to it.

In one of them milk, yogurts, chickpeas, matbucha, pesto, tapenade and ketchup, as well as thin white cheeses flavored with garlic, dill and onion, the other refrigerator is intended for food brought from home.

The freezer has the highlight - frozen fruit for smoothies made in the ninja device that barely rests.

The "ninja" can hardly rest (Photo: Reuven Castro)


Matan played computer games from an early age and studied 10 computer units for adulthood. He was recruited to the ICT Corps, placed in the corps' training base, 7th Division, specialized in networking and from there moved to the "Hunter" project, and engaged in the assimilation of technological products. A year and a half.

"I was looking for something less institutional," he says, "and some friends from BAD 7 who came to Impreva recommended me to come for an interview and I was accepted. The fact that there were guys I knew automatically attracted me here. "Today I lead the DevOps team with two employees below me. I studied for a bachelor's degree in information systems science and I am in the process of pursuing a master's degree in evening studies."

When Rizik was a child, he attended a computer class on behalf of the Technion in Nazareth, an unusual affair in the small village where he was born. He continued to break the concrete ceilings of the sector and the periphery, when he was in high school he studied technology and joined the "Outstanding Arab Youth" program, the social project founded by Eitan Wertheimer. "Only in tenth grade did I have my own computer. When I graduated, I did a preparatory year at the Technion, moved to Haifa, started studying scholarships there, and was helped with the dormitories.

" Three people from my village went to study computers. We have no awareness of the field and studies in places like the Technion, we need to direct people, even though today the situation is a little better. At the end of my studies I took a preparatory course for the work environment and at the end was the Acton. I had a good idea, I invented a glove that helps the mute to speak, we won the first prize and flew to Barcelona.

I tried to pick up a startup myself and things started to get complicated. Then I started another venture, a phone that automatically becomes quiet in public places. There were customers, we seemed to be on the right track, but I made a strategic mistake, I did not have a version of iOS, so I decided to enter the job market.

"I started with a subsidiary of Matrix, in the field of automation and really liked what we did. I moved from project to project, one of them was in the Impreva. After a few months they approached me and offered to move to them. For six months I worked with people I did not meet because of the corona. "Working remotely because a transformer lives in the north. When we finally met face to face in the offices, I did not recognize that it was them."

Also marine from the periphery. She grew up on Kibbutz Ein Harod in the north and studied biology and Arabic. "We did not have any exposure to computers at all. In the army, I was a platoon leader in a medic course, which gave me the ability to organize and manage. After graduation I worked as a waitress and waitress in the north, flew to work in carts in the US for half a year, arrived in the country and flew again, this time to New Zealand for four months. When I returned, I moved to the Emek Hefer area and studied engineering, industry and management at Ruppin, and in my fourth year I worked in the operational excellence department at the Al-Bad tampon factory.

"I was exposed there to leadership, process change, and project excellence and I got into project management. When I finished my degree I was looking for a job and my first interview was at Impreva. I liked that our department is a new department and we all had to start from scratch."

For the soul: Everyone keeps fit.

Rizik goes for a run in the forest near the village, Matan does sports and plays the guitar, and Yamit is training for a half marathon that will take place in March and has already reached 13 consecutive kilometers.

Besides, she is participating in an investment course.

They invest less in performances and more in quality content, but they did not give up on Lior Soshard and Idan Habib (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Working Abroad

: Because the company's owner, the Thomas Bravo Foundation, is based in the United States, Yamit says that anyone who wants to work at Impreva should know English at a level that will allow him to hold an hour-long conversation. Besides, they also work with Kiev, Vancouver and Belfast.

Yamit: "The senior management is very proud of the R&D center in Israel. When we were included among the 50 high-tech companies that work best in Israel, in a survey conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, Pam, the global CEO said live to the entire company that they are very proud of us. "


: In Impreva, too, the workers came to pick up equipment from the home office and when things calmed down a bit, they were given a supply budget and a channel of regular updates was opened. Everyone received a Corona kit at home that included a branded mask, hand sanitizer spray, and a worthwhile bag.

To keep the spirits up there was a zoom show by Lior Soshard, a performance by Idan Habib and a ticketing workshop for children.

Rizik: "We had 'Coffee Zoom' once a week, a meeting where it is forbidden to talk about work at all. Whoever does not hold back gets points and the one who scores the most has to make a cake."

Matan says that Impreva invests less in performances and more in quality work and content.

"There are three volunteer days a year at the company's expense. There was a lecture on people with disabilities and their participation in high tech and a special lecture on Mental Health Day."

Waiting for renovation on the 26th floor (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Added value

: As mentioned, Improva invests less in psilitis, although there is now a serious renovation on the 26th floor, which will bring the company into a full hybrid model, with an open space complex and indulgences. In the meantime, employees can enter the building's gym at a discount and receive subsidies for courses on any Internet platform and on almost any subject.

Every year the Acton takes place, and the winning team gets $ 10,000, there are also tournaments that simulate attack, and whoever wins gets equal gadgets. The last winner chose a suitcase set for some reason.

"What really matters," Rizik explains, "are the people we work with and the company's desire to contribute to our professional development. Our progress is rapid and the freedom of action is great, which is something worth a lot." Matan: "After the pamphlet in the media about the conditions in the 'Hitex', it is clear that we are looking at what is happening to others, but we are not looking at a job according to the number of types of ice cream."

Yamit says that this company has 20 years of experience in cyber security, which has no substitute for indulgences.

"Every year we do an evaluation meeting with the personal manager and the senior managers. Everyone writes how he values ​​himself and sets goals for the next year and then we sit down together and see how we can help him fulfill them and himself."

What to wear

: In general, everyone dresses the way they want, but in Yamit's department they dress respectably, especially without flip-flops and Birkenstock in the summer.

One wears what he wants, but Yamit's department is more careful (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Where to work from

: In principle, everyone works twice a week from the office, but the Omicron has changed the hybrid model. Yamit admits that it is much more convenient for her to work from the office, because in the laundry she shouts at her, and the dishes beg for cleanliness, so she comes here four times a week.

Rizik comes from afar, so when he comes to the office it's a pleasure. Providing a number of guidelines that Corona mechanism headed by the CEO, Moshe Lipskier, conveying messages accurate guidelines also differ Arrival office.


"in relation to the market we are in a good place," says Matan, "but there is no satiety." Into risk and a very good salary screens, But there is always room for improvement. Marine, on the other hand, is very satisfied.

What's next?

: Rizik received quite a few offers and rejected them all, "because I do not want to move. I have fun here at all levels. There are some who have been here for 18 years."

Matan feels he grew up in the Impreba.

"I have value towards the place," he says, "when I summarize all the parameters, I'm good here and there is always room to strive," and Yamit says her professional horizon is here, at least for now.

"I have fun here on all levels" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

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