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"I certify that it is good. Sincerely. Kisses": these mothers who will no longer have their children tested for school


Repeated crying spells, endless queues… Many parental voices are rising up against the health protocol in force against Covid-19, which imposes three tests in one week on their children, contact cases in class. Some mothers, tired or revolted, have decided...

“I certify that it is good.



This expeditious message, written on a grid sheet, went around the web.

Its author has attached the result of a self-test, cheerfully doctored with red ink and Blanco.

There are many parents who, like this Internet user, disavow the health protocol in force in schools.

Since the beginning of January, students with contact cases must indeed be tested three times in one week, after potential contamination in class.

Parents are obliged to provide sworn statements confirming the results of these tests.

A real obstacle course, between fits of tears, endless queues and professionals reluctant to take the time.

“He ended up rolling on the ground, it was hell”

“I became the one who makes children cry to test them at all costs, writes Lara, a pharmacy technician, on her Instagram account.

They cry, struggle, scream to death, are held down by their parents, too, at the end of their tether.

Pauline (1), mother of a 4-year-old boy, had the bitter experience of this.

“The first time we had our son tested, it was the unknown, so he half let himself be done, she recalls.

But he ended up screaming, rolling on the ground, it was hell.

On social networks, many Internet users, customers or pharmacists, testify to similar facts.

To the point that some mothers have decided to no longer submit to these government directives.

A “traumatic” protocol

Like Nathalie, 48, who will no longer have her 7-year-old daughter tested in the absence of symptoms.

"I think it's an excessively intrusive act for children," explains this artisan-trader from Nantes.

A decision also taken by Charlotte, a single mother in her thirties.

For her part, she invokes the “trauma” generated by such a protocol.

It is an excessively intrusive act for the childrennathalie

"At school, they do everything to scare children, it will mark them for life," she says.

"Terrified" by the tests, Pauline's son talks about it "day and night".

Nathalie also fears the psychological repercussions of such measures.

The forty-year-old is worried about the future of the children, who could become "anxious", or present "sleep disorders".

"It's incredibly violent"

She also points the finger at the guilt-inducing aspect of the measures initiated by the Ministry of National Education.

“Why do we go after the children?

she wonders.

This idea that they transmit the virus and are responsible for it is incredibly violent.”

Ornella, mother of a 7.5-year-old boy, struggles to understand the distrust of some teachers towards their students.

“Some people are asking for FFP2 masks to wear in class,” she explains.

It looks like our children are little walking viruses.”

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A "constraint" for parents

Not to mention the time-consuming aspect of this new testing policy.

“Three tests a week, are we serious?

says Laetitia, mother of two boys aged 7 and 4.

Isolating our children is more than enough, we don't have to run to the pharmacy to have them tested.

It is very restrictive for working parents.

Some fear the emails received at 10 p.m. asking for tests whose results must arrive the next day before 12 p.m.

Isolating our children is more than enoughlaetitia

"false certificates"

Faced with such difficulties, some mothers have decided to circumvent the rules.

“Certainly, I will not test my daughter every time she is in contact, says Charlotte.

I could therefore be led to write a false certificate.

Unless she has symptoms.

Nathalie, for her part, decided that her daughter would respect a quarantine period in the event of potential contamination.

“I will warn the teacher that I do not wish to carry out the test, even if it means that my daughter isolates herself for a week or ten days”, she declares.

I'd rather lose days off than fall into the dreadful spiral of testslaetitia

For her part, Laetitia does not rule out taking leave, in the event that her children are isolated at home.

"I prefer to lose days off, or even take unpaid leave, rather than fall into the dreadful spiral of tests," she asserts.

Pauline, meanwhile, found the answer to the cotton swab in the nose.

"My 4-year-old son can't lie," she admits.

So I perform the test, but by taking his saliva.

I do not write a false certificate, because I still get a result.

"Leave them alone"

All invite the government to let go of ballast.

"We already impose the wearing of the mask on our children in the playground, let's leave them alone", sighs Laetitia.

On the side of the teachers, the revolt rumbles.

The latter demonstrated, on Thursday, January 13, against the successive changes to the health protocol made by the Ministry of National Education.

A mobilization which brought together more than 77,500 people throughout France, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Jean-Michel Blanquer later apologized for the "errors made", and announced the distribution of five million FFP2 masks for teachers, as well as the recruitment of 3,300 contract workers to replace absent teachers.

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