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Shopping for Tu B'Shvat: Not just dried fruit - Walla! Money


On the 15th of the month of Shevat, is there a higher demand for dried fruit? What fruits do Israelis especially like? We brought a tasting of fruits, gifts and ventures born in honor of the holiday

Shopping for Tu B'Shvat: Not just dried fruit

A holiday for trees, but not only: Tu B'Shvat is a reason to focus on greener, more environmentally friendly products and also to check the truth of the well-known myth that dried fruits become more expensive before the holiday. Along the way we also discovered what Israelis love most

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Thursday, 13 January 2022, 21:11 Updated: Sunday, 16 January 2022, 09:54

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Tu B'Shvat has arrived, a holiday for the trees - but not only the planters go with "Ron in the heart and in the hand", as the song that is most identified with the holiday states. One of the oldest consumer myths in the Israeli tradition: Are dried fruits really getting more expensive towards Tu B'Shvat?

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Dried fruits: more expensive, but regardless of Tu Bishvat (Photo: ShutterStock)

"Not the same customer movement"

Why is there no increase in sales of dried fruit? What is the favorite dried fruit for children and what for adults? Love dried coconut cubes? Expect a shortage of product as well as a shortage of other dried exotic products, ask why? Shai


, one of the owners of the Bustan chain that specializes in selling all types of dried fruit with all the answers:

Tu B'Shvat is Rosh Hashanah for the year of the fruit of the tree in Eretz Israel and as a result some of the celebrations are of course related to fruit.

The owner of the Bustan chain, which specializes in selling all types of dried fruit, says that

: "For several years now there has been no increase in the purchase of dried fruit before Tu B'Shvat. This is no longer the same customer movement we were used to in years past. "He adds:" If until a few years ago we took care to fill the special dried fruit stock we sell online before Tu Bishvat, today there is a daily demand for dried fruit and the purchase is completely regular and regular. Bustanai

further explains that other factors that influence consumer behavior when they come to buy dried fruit also indicate the growing awareness of consuming a healthy longevity, that is, in parallel with the purchase of the familiar and "regular" dried fruits, dates, raisins. , Leather, and apricots, has developed an industry of importing exotic natural dried fruits such as: pineapple, figs, mango, strawberry. And every dried fruit we know with sugar and preservatives has a natural sugar-free equivalent.

Children's favorite dried fruits (in descending order): apricot, banana chips, candied pineapple, sugared strawberry and in adults (in descending order): dates, apricots, figs, plums, natural pineapple.

Bustanai concludes that: "This year due to the corona we will feel a shortage of various types of dried fruits such as: coconut cubes and other exotic products due to the high price and due to the slowness of shipments coming from abroad.

And as for the price, almost all the prices of imported dried fruits have risen between 20% -30% and are still very volatile.

"Even with the dried fruit we will feel the price increase."

Dried fruits in a family package

Bundle Tu Bishvat Family "Land of Wheat and Barley": The May Bundles Group has developed a digital platform that allows the purchase of bundles (packages of consumer products) of everyday products from various sectors with a direct connection between the manufacturer and the consumer. 800 grams of dried fruit, almonds, nuts and peanuts weighing 600 grams, coconut head, 200 grams of Moroccan cookies, a packet of peeled chestnuts and a bottle of black beer.

Free home delivery within an hour.

The bundles are packed by children and adults with disabilities.

Price: NIS 149.

Can be ordered by phone: * 6455 or on the company's website.

Mae Bundles Tu B'Shvat NIS 149 to the house (Photo: Mae Bundles Studio)

Natural and cold

Fruit Paltas (not just for the holidays) - handmade natural popsicles. Produced in abundance of fruits, vegetables, seeds and leaves, in an intimate factory in Tel Aviv, inspired by the Mexican production method, which the company's founder, Naomi Zisblatt, learned and researched on her trips to villages in Mexico, without flavors, aromas and colors. The palatas are produced every day in small quantities to maintain the freshness and quality of the popsicles. The company has over 40 flavors, some of which vary according to the changing seasons.

Price per unit: NIS 12, special prices for packages. You can also order home deliveries through the company's website and the Walt network in selected areas.

Paltas - Popsicles made from natural ingredients (Photo: Efrat Lichtenstein)

Loyal to nature

New collection for Tu B'Shvat 2022 in the "Mafa Ne'eman" chain: The collection combines the fruits of the land and the produce of the land, combining classic flavors with an emphasis on the use of quality raw materials and Israeli produce of fresh fruits alongside dried fruits, combinations of natural nuts, seeds and spices, patisserie cream , White chocolate and maple.

In the collection: cherry nut cake, peach nut cake, orange semolina, maple walnut and cinnamon, cake with peach vanilla, apple and clove pie, nut pie, seed cookies, date and nut macaroons, muesli cookies with dried fruit and more

. NIS 20-59, available at 47 branches of the Nefa Ne'eman chain.

Walnut cake, Ne'eman pastry (Photo: Ne'eman Studio optimized)

Make strong with an environmental bonus

Coffee with the meaning of Nespresso - Israel and the 'Van Neta' association, united by the forces of Nespresso and the 'Van Neta' association, which works to promote sustainable economic growth, are collaborating on an environmental project.

Proceeds from the packages will be donated.

In light of the fact that this is a shemita year, the package is adapted for home planting in accordance with

shmita laws according to the Torah and Ha'aretz Institute.

The package will be offered on social media by Nespresso's influencer team.

Anyone who purchases 15 capsule sleeves and enters the Doing Good code will receive the association's planting package.

Nespresso case in collaboration with the 'Van Netat' association (Photo: PR)

Almost 100% fruit

FREE fruit snack series The Health Snacks brand offers a series of fruit snacks in honor of the holiday, which includes 3 crunchy flavors: 100% apple crunch, 97% apple and cinnamon crunch fruit and 98% apple fruit with mango crunch touches. The snacks contain up to 81 calories per bag.

All products in the series are made from natural ingredients, without added sugar, without preservatives, without food coloring, do not contain oil, are gluten-free and without frying.

Recommended retail price: NIS 5.90. Contains: 22 grams. Available at food chains and retail chains across the country.

Fruit of the 100% series Fruit price NIS 5.90 (Photo: Assaf Levy)

Natural or sugary?

Trays, packages and bulk of dried fruits - the "Sunflower" nut chain offers over 40 types of natural or candied dried fruits and festive packages.

Price range: NIS 45-70 per package. Available at the chain's branches nationwide and on the online website.

The Sunflower - Dried Fruit Packages (Photo: PR)

The smell of the fruit

Fruit Scent Green Care - Mango Kiwi Body Peeling Many companies in the field of perfumes and cosmetics have in recent years identified the existing health potential in fruits and vegetables, and have begun producing products based on extracts from them.

The soap chain offers a variety of products produced on this basis, including: hand moisturizer and diffuser of lavender-apple, body peeling and liquid soap based on oils with a mango kiwi scent and solid soap, olive oil and rosemary.

Price range for green products: NIS 22-320.

Available at SABON chain stores and trade site.

Scent diffuser with an apple lavender scent NIS 105 250 ml (Photo: PR)

Environmental care

The Kiehl's skincare brand returns to the environment - Kiel's journey into a greener world, begins with the creation of formulas with renewable ingredients and biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging.

In addition, the Kill's brand is interested in raising public awareness of the importance of recycling, and in the run-up to Tu B'Shvat, is launching an activity in which Kill's branches return empty containers and receive a succulent planter as a gift.

The returned packaging will go through a full recycling process in collaboration with the T.M.I.R.

The promotion will take place from the 13th to the 17th of January.

In chain stores.

Kill's skincare brand (Photo: Overseas PR)

Planting at home

The germination kit in the Max Brenner holiday packages The new packages include an experiential germination kit that contains a pottery pot, a bag of soil and a bag of seeds for planting residents of Encouragement Village used as sheltered housing for people with learning difficulties, functioning and adaptation to brain damage.

The village helps create a safety net for the tenants as well as promotes their integration into employment.

Package price range: NIS 150-305.

Available at the chain's branches and online site.

always optimistic medium limited edition by Max Brenner NIS 222 (Photo: PR)

Recycling time

A gift from nature - watches made from recycled 'Mishka' trees.

For every watch purchased, the brand's entrepreneur, Matan Edri (25), plants a tree in the name of the customers.

CATHY model from the MINIMALISTIC collection is made of natural walnut wood, with golden stainless steel hands.

Elegance, luxury, naturalness, uniqueness and creativity.

Price: NIS 499 For more information, visit the brand's online website.

Mishka Cathy watches (Photo: Ronen Kerem)

Succulents and cyclamen

The ZER4U network brings nature into the home.

The chain offers a variety of gifts for Tu B'Shvat, including: a colorful-looking cyclamen

pot that is especially suitable for the cold winter months. Scholars with thick leaves and stems, a variety of orchids in different shades, personally imported from the Netherlands.

A small olive alongside an exempt olive oil at a special price of NIS 125. To order deliveries nationwide: 5444 * or on the chain's trade website.

A bouquet for you in the tribe, a pot of olive wood and olive oil, special price NIS 125 (Photo: zer4u)

Green cultivation

Vegan SUPERFOODS series for the body from the Super Pharm chain: The vegan brand from California, USA, is based entirely on superfoods and corresponds with the global CLEAN BEAUTY trend. The new product series for the body contains superfoods, fruits and nuts. Leg, butter to help treat stretch marks, firming body butter and moisturizing body butter, these join the 12 hair products available today.

Price: NIS 24.90. The new series products are available at Super-Pharm branches and the Super-Pharm online website.

Superfoods bath lotion price NIS 24.90, available at Super-Pharm (Photo: PR abroad)

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