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The coldest day of the year? This is how you will heat the house for a few tens of shekels - Walla! Of money


For the cold days of the year: Even if you have not purchased an air conditioner, fireplace or fireplace, here are the cheapest means of heating you can buy

The coldest day of the year?

This is how you will heat the house by a few tens of shekels

Forecasters talk about the coldest day of the year and the temperatures are threatening to drop to 0 in some parts of the country.

On days like these, even those who do not regularly heat the house, need a quick and cheap solution.

These are the ovens you can buy at prices ranging from NIS 49 to NIS 149

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Monday, 17 January 2022, 09:36 Updated: 13:43

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And opens with a spoiler: Those who can afford to infer the house all year round, may skip this article. Only moderate, one that allows you to survive the cold day of the year, indoors, with a sweatshirt and sweater ... but here and there, as is happening to us this week (and even more so in the coming days), the Israeli winter also wants to dress up as European.

So we may not have to shovel snow from the house key to open the front door, but many of us who usually deal with the cold reasonably and without the need for a permanent heating solution, will look for the proximity of an available means of heating - and preferably also particularly cheap.

For them, we gathered the cheapest offers we could find, in the price range of NIS 49-149.

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Warming up on cold days.

With all due respect to the fire burning in the fireplace, there are those who settle for a spiral oven (Photo: Shatterstock)

HYUNDAI 800W quartz

heater with 2W 400W / 800 heaters, with safety switch for disconnection during rollover, energy efficient and with carrying handle, indicator light and cold sides.

Price: NIS 49.

Exclusive to the Super Pharm Online website.

Delivery options: This product will be delivered in a separate delivery by SEMICOM in regular delivery to the home or to a collection point within 10 business days, with delivery starting at NIS 18

Hyundai - Quartz oven - SuperPharm Online website.

Price: NIS 49 (Photo: from the Super Pharm Online website)

Quartz heater BENATON BT-55405

Quartz heater with a comfortable and stable wide base, protection against overheating, economical heating ECO SERIES, high power 800W, efficient heat dissipation with 2 heating modes: 400W / 800W, wide base - NON SLIP

Price : NIS 59 (instead of NIS 99).

Available at ACE branches and the network's online site

Quartz heater, price: NIS 59.

Available on the ACE network (Photo: from the ACE website)

2-body heater Model PU-07 by GOLD LINE

Two-element heater with quartz technology, power: 800W, built-in safety mechanism - disconnection of the device in the event of a fall.

Extra dense protective net to prevent contact with the heating elements.

Rear reflector that centers the heat, the device towards the space of the room.

Carrying handle for easy and comfortable movement.

Dimensions: Height: 37.5 cm, Width: 27 cm, Length: 20 cm. Order cable length: 165 cm, one-year warranty.

Price: NIS 63.90 instead of NIS 79.90).

Available on the online website and in the chain's branches: Mashbir 365.

Free exchanges and returns at the chain's branches as well.

Two-element heater.

Price: 63.90 (instead of NIS 79.90), Mashbir 365 (Photo: From the website: Mashbir 365)

BENATON BT-55900 ceramic heating stove with 3 spirals

Heating stove with 3 heating modes: 700W / 1400W / 2100W with 3 spirals, safety and protection switch Energy-saving - high efficiency Power saving, aluminum frame, wide heating zone lid, stable legs NON SLIP, COLD TOUCH holding handle - no heat conductivity, one year warranty.

Price: NIS 97.

NIS 29 for delivery (up to 7 business days).

Walla! Shops website

3-spiral ceramic heater.

Price: NIS 97.

Walla! Shops website (Photo: From the Walla! Shops website)

Mini radiator 7 ribs Relax Relax SR0720

Small heating radiator with 7 ribs and three heat levels, temperature control by adjustable thermostat

Overheating protection, indicator light, downtime in fall, scroll cable, 700 watts, white color

Made in China and comes with a warranty for 12 months by Electra.

Price: NIS 99. Delivery cost: NIS 49 and delivery time up to 10 business days.

Heating radiator with 7 sides, NIS 99, The World of Cinema (Photo: From the World of Cinema website)

GOLD LINE 3-spiral heater model ATL-177

, rod heating rod, 3 spirals from GOLD LINE with 3 spiral heaters that can be operated separately, built-in safety mechanism that stops the device in case of a fall, dense and safe safety net, 3 different operating incubators to choose from.

Power cable length: 140 cm and warranty for one year.

Power: Grade 1: 700W | Grade 2: 1400W | Grade 3: 2100W Dimensions: Height: 42 cm |

Width: 35 cm | Depth: 18 cm

Price: NIS 109.

Available at:

3-spiral heater, model ATL-177, price: NIS 109, (Photo: from the website)

Quartz electric heater 1800 watt normande syh 1207d

Quartz heater from Normande, with three heating elements, 4 wheels for full mobility and a thermostat for heat regulation.

Price: NIS 122.00, available on the KSP website.

Paid delivery in the amount of NIS 22.00

Quartz heater, price: NIS 122, KSP (Photo: from the KSP website)

Gold Line heater model ATL14 Gold Line

Designed heater, with a safety mechanism that disconnects the operation of the device, reinforced base for perfect stability, carrying handle for easy transfer

Price: NIS 127.

Transportation to the house: NIS 22, delivery time 7 business days (excluding remote communities).

Available at Electric Warehouses.

Designed heater, NIS 127, Hamilton, available at the Electric Warehouses chain (Photo: from the Electric Warehouses website)

Spiral heater from Hamilton, model HEM950 Hemilton,

heater with 4 quartz bodies, heat distributor with W1600 power, protection mechanism for stopping action in the fall, extremely long life, efficient for heating an area of ​​up to 15 square meters.

Price: NIS 144. Transport to the house at cost NIS 22, delivery time 7 business days (excluding remote settlements) Available at electricity storage chains.

Quartz heater, 4 bodies, Hamilton NIS 144 (Photo: From the electricity storage website)

Powerful rotary heater from BENATON Model BT-55415

Rotary CARBOON heater, powerful infrared heater, 450W / 900W, with protection against overheating, rotary mode for effective distribution, economical heating ECO SERIES

Price: NIS 149 (instead of NIS 199), Available at 10GIFT.

Swivel designed oven from BENATON, price: NIS 149, 10GIFT website (Photo: from the 10GIFT website)

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