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Unicorn without a name, but with employees who feel part of something big - Walla! Of money


Three unicorn employees of NO NAME Security, explain how the unusual name was born, what they think about the image of cyber units in the IDF and why they have phone booths in offices

Unicorn without a name, but with employees who feel part of something big

Three unicorn employees of NO NAME Security, explain how the unconventional name was born for a company that provides organizations with solutions to vulnerabilities that are exposed to cyber attacks.

Along the way we also heard what they think about the image of cyber units in the IDF and why they have telephone booths in offices

Liat Ron


Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 18:05 Updated: Friday, January 21, 2022, 08:16

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What to do

: Nu Nim is engaged in API security, which is called application programming interfaces of large corporations, which allow applications and programs to connect to other software components. These connections are considered weak points in terms of cyber security, as they include security vulnerabilities that allow hackers to hack into software and enterprise networks. The name of the company was accidentally invented by one of the founders, at a time when they did not yet know what to call it. In one of the emails he called the venture "No Nim Security" and that's how it remained.


Hadar Wintergreen

, 22, single, lives in Petah Tikva. Position: Full Stack Developer, half a year in the company.

Guy Ben Simhon

, 24, in a relationship plus a dog, lives in Tel Aviv. Position: security researcher, two months in the company.

Adi Arbiv

, 22, single, lives in Netanya. Position: cyber security & data analyst specialist, a month in the company.

Location: Nonim is a young unicorn less than two years old, which currently employs about 200 workers, 100 of whom are on a luxurious floor of the new "WE WORK" complex not far from the Azrieli junction in Tel Aviv.

Lovely black and white unicorn figures are scattered everywhere, on the windows, in pennant chains, a reminder of the celebrations held there recently when the value of the company soared to a billion dollars.

Some of the work areas are spice, some are in closed offices and there are also a kind of "phone booths", small rooms with a glass door, table and chair, where you can work quietly or have conversations without the whole world hearing.

Since the place belongs to the common work spaces, there is no music or yoga room here, but there is an inviting kitchenette.

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The names behind No Nim, from right: Adi Arbiv, Guy Ben Simhon and Hadar Wintergreen (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Coffee break

: The kitchen design is clean and cozy. The walls are white, a large round wooden table is in the center and around it are wooden chairs, and light round lampshades hang from the ceiling. On a side shelf are transparent dishes with cranberries, almonds, cashews and king, pistachios and oatmeal and next to them a basket with lemons and avocados. In the transparent refrigerator a lot of pro-yogurts enriched with protein, soy delicacies, boxes of personal cottage and milky. There are also lean and flavored cream cheeses, Bulgarian to spread, butter, almond milk, soy, oatmeal and plain, and Coca-Cola.

On the counter are two microwaves, a pressure toaster, and a coffee machine. On the shelf are many (very) tahini, four types of cornflakes, dates, granola, peanut butter, olive oil, granulated coffee, miracle coffee, honey, cinnamon, black coffee of two types and the necessary nutella. All utensils are disposable and perishable.


: Before she started studying computer science in high school, Hadar did not really connect to the technological field, but when she entered it she was sucked deep inside, read material alone at home, did a much wider project than required for a matriculation of ten units in computers and passed the screenings to the very prestigious 81 unit.

Immediately after the liberation, she was absorbed in a startup that dealt with a firewall in the cloud. In July 2020, in the midst of the Corona, there was a wave of layoffs and she found herself a year at home, without a job. "I came to No Nim through the placement company," she says, "and already in the first interview the people liked it and I knew the field very well. I started working after the second closure and I am on the WEB team, which develops the user interface."

Guy was a child of numbers and math, and by the age of 16 was already studying for a bachelor’s degree in math and computer science. One of his practitioners at the university works with him in the company. "I asked for a year of deferment of service to complete my degree and enlisted in the 8200 when I was 19. I was there for five years in cyber research. I had the option to continue in the military, I enjoyed it, but the rigidity of the system suited me less.

" It was postponed to an unknown date. Most of the places I thought to work in were ones where I knew the people or the pounders and ‘No Nim’ was my second interview. I thought it would be some kind of coaching, but I fell in love with the interviewers and told my recruiters that we were signing a co-parenting agreement. Because it was kind of my first love in high tech, I visited offices five more times to be sure and then I decided this was it and started working as a security researcher.

The reason why Adi came to the technological field is amusing: her brothers laughed that she goes to their "regular" high school, after demonstrating exceptional math skills, so she decided to show them, enrolled in high school for super-regional practical engineers in Herzliya, and from age 16 traveled there every day by train from Netanya. Computers and five in application development.

She enlisted in the 8200 and served four years at the unit's technology center, as a researcher and developer. "I received countless offers from the military to stay," she says, "but in the last three months of service I made a cut and started looking for a job. I opened LinkedIn and placement companies started contacting me. , The Cyber ​​Protection Division, in every high-tech company.

"One of my commanders who works at No Nim, said that there are some guys I know whose names from the unit, which has already been good news for me, and pulled me in. The main difference from the army is that the company is customer-oriented, he is always right and that's fine, and in the army The goal is to do things the right way, no matter how long it takes and how much it costs. "

Against the feeling that those who come to the cyber units in the IDF have made an unworthy decision (Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: Hadar, the mother of a cat with the challenging name 'dough', a gamer at heart, plays quite a bit regularly and when she was unemployed it helped her pass the time. From time to time she plays "Lol", a popular game, on the same team with one of the company's executives.

Guy regularly goes after work to "Herzl 16" to meet with company and friends. Because his partner is studying acting with Yoram Levinstein, he gets to watch quite a few plays. And if Adi's face is familiar to you, it could be because you saw them on signs in Ayalon and Herzliya following the cyber competition she won. She does sports in every spare minute, gym, interval training and classes.

High-tech units: Because of the privileged image, the three 8200 and 81 graduates almost apologize when they tell that they have served from one of them.

Guy: "There is a feeling that whoever came there made the unworthy decision to promote himself to get a good job, at the expense of combat service. As if we are doing something that does not contribute to the country and that is really not true. I made a lot of positive impact in the unit where I served. "Goddess gives six years of life, there are no ball pools and 25 types of ice cream. I worked hard from the age of 16 to make that happen."

"Because we can not tell what we did," Adi explains, "so they think we played there all day on the computer. In practice there were periods of work around the clock, no day and no night and because there is nowhere to sleep, open a folding bed or drive home for a few hours and return. It saves Israel when other areas collapse. "

For the Soul: Sports, Games and Herzl 16 (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What to wear

: Guy announces that a tailored T-shirt has arrived and says that this is how everyone walks around, even the customers in zoom.

Added value: Since this is a very young Unicorn, it has only just been staffed as an HR server. And until the business starts working well, the employees of "No Nim" use a WE WORK envelope that includes yoga classes in the common area below, happening for dogs, manicures and pedicures and a hairdresser at affordable prices, alternating lectures and meditation. Adi says that the social formation is around the food and when ordering lunch or dinner from outside, they sit down to eat together.

A few weeks ago, when they became a unicorn the workers were surprised when suddenly in the middle of the day a lot of people came in with unicorns, cocktails, popsicles, music and had a kind of spontaneous party. At the alcohol-saturated end-of-year party that was on the verge of breaking out of the omicron, Lior Soshard appeared and there was also a cool video. Hadar celebrated an evening with her team at Laser Tag and a restaurant. Indeed, it is important for everyone to emphasize that this is not the point, but that they and society will succeed.

Where to work from:

Because of the omicron working from home.

Nu-Names: Because of the Omicron, people now work mainly from home (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Guy says the big corporations will always pay more, but at Nu Nim, a startup that is growing very fast, they get options - hoping they will be worth a lot. "In a company like ours there is a sense that you are directly influencing the financial results. It is both exciting and a daily incentive." Hadar: "There's a sense that you're really appreciating your investment and want to chaperone while raising or options," Guy, for example, got home a bottle of fine whiskey after a white night.

What's next

: Hadar is good at the moment. "I feel valued and love the people. We work hard, sometimes even on weekends and stay up late, but feel we are part of something bigger." "I want to set up something on my own in the future," Adi confesses, Study it because the guys are so "good." Guy: "When I came here I thought I would be more of an opportunist, but because of the people and the staff,I feel part of society and it's hard for me to see myself anywhere else. "

"Feeling we're part of something bigger" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

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