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We love soup, but do not mix us - Walla! Of money


This is a huge market whose products reach almost every home in Israel. We tested a number of brands, including those of Osem and Kanor, which are about to become more expensive and we found huge gaps between the various chains

We love soup, but do not mix us

From a drink that replaces a cup of coffee or tea to a complete meal, these days are soup days and despite the sodium and preservatives, this is a huge market whose products reach almost every home in Israel.

We tested a number of brands, including those of Osem and Kanor, which are about to become more expensive - and we found huge gaps between the various chains

Dr. Hezi Gur Mizrahi


Wednesday, 26 January 2022, 12:47 Updated: Friday, 28 January 2022, 09:42

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This week we felt the cold not only at home but also in our pockets, with huge price differences between chains for identical products - and specifically for the product that won the title of "Jewish antibiotic", the soup.

Who are the companies that control the soup market and what are the prices in the various chains?

We went out to check

this time we warmed up, really, even before we took even one sip of the soup.


Huge price differences on identical products between one marketing network and another.

Here's a little taste: "Real Chicken Soup" by Osem, whose price will soon rise, which we found in the Osher chain up to a price of NIS 7.90, sold in the Kingstor chain at a price of NIS 21.90 ... almost 3 times!

A little behind in terms of price difference, is Knor's chicken flavored soup, which we found in the Victory chain for NIS 9.90 - and on the other hand, in the Tiv Taam chain for more than double the price: NIS 19.90.

But the truth is that even before the findings, it must be noted that soon almost all soup powders in Israel will increase in price, along with other Osem and Unilever (Knorr) products, so the prices sampled may change soon, and not in our favor.

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Chicken Soup.

Chicken-flavored soups (followed by meaty chicken soups) are the most popular in the category (Photo: ShutterStock)

Good for all year, but dominates in winter

Grandma was angry when he heard that we had decided to make her miracle cure with powder and not with fresh chicken and vegetable stock, but in our defense we could argue that we are not alone: ​​the global market for soup products - from canned to powder already rolls over $ 12 billion, and the expectation is By 2024, it will reach $ 13.3 billion.

Soup powders have undergone ups and downs in demand in recent years, mainly due to the high amount of sodium and which contain most of them as well as due to the multiplicity of preservatives in most products and brands. In response, the food industry has developed series of products based on only natural ingredients, although even among these the sodium content is usually high. In other words: health lovers and cooks will not make soup soup but will invest more time and effort to make it from fresh ingredients, and yet, even they occasionally sin by adding soup powder to the pot.

Every country, nation, culture or community seems to have its own soup.

In some places it is considered a first course, in other places a drink sold in a closed glass, such as coffee on the go - and in some cultures the soup is a complete meal, especially in East Asia, but not only.

It is of course more popular in the winter, but is consumed by most of us well throughout the year.

Even in India with the traditional food culture, even when it comes to soup, soup powders have penetrated many kitchens and become a must-have item in the pantry of quite a few Indians.

The soup powder market is expected to reach a sales turnover of about $ 500 million a year in 2022.

Soup powders and instant soups, all prices (Photo: None)

Which soup do Israelis like best?

And what's going on in our local market?

In a country where the temperature is relatively high throughout most months of the year, we are seeing a significant increase in the consumption of soup-related products in the winter months.

What soups do we consume?

At least according to the soup powder market, the most popular is the vegetarian version of "chicken flavored soup" or "pure" - as it is called by some manufacturers.

It is used daily not only for soups but also for other dishes, and despite the chefs' reluctance, it is considered a popular seasoning mixture among home cooks that many of us use as a substitute for salt in cooking.

The second in its popularity is the real chicken soup powder, a meat product followed by soup powders for making tomato, onion and mushroom soup.

The dominant players in the soup powders segment are Osem and Unilever (with the Knorr brand), the food giants that provide a broad solution for all products in the category and of course for personal soup dishes such as Knorr's "Melt in a Glass" and Osem's "Hot Moment". In a personalized packaging bag designed for a cup, a kind of intermediate product between fast food and "real" soup.

Other manufacturers have entered the market in products based on gluten-free products, low in sodium and various health soups, and there is of course the mythological Vita soup in the jar, which still occupies a small and stable market share.

Cheap soup powders versus expensive January 2022 (Photo: Daniel Malakhovsky)

Among the new products we will find the frozen products for soup, such as the vegetable pickles from Sunfrost (Tnuva) which is also the manufacturer of ready-made frozen soups in various flavors for easy and quick preparation.

The introduction and education of the consumers was not done in one day and the process took Tnuva time and considerable investments in advertising.

The average price per liter of frozen soup is about 37 shekels, similar to the price of a kilo of schnitzel (vegetable or meat). NIS 10 and the same product in the Shufersal Online chain sells for NIS 16, it should be noted that both are sold on sale but the gaps are still huge.

Another segment that exists in the global market, but has not yet managed to take root in Israel, is the durable soups: heated in a microwave and served without the need for refrigeration and freezing.

A cheap and fast solution that is expected to be absorbed by us in the coming years as well.

The soup survey will also be published in Maariv's business supplement, Friday, 28.1

The author is the director of the Institute for Retail Research

The survey is based on data from the marketing chains for the Ministry of Economy website and processed through the Pricez website for price comparison and updated to 24/01/2022 and was conducted through the Institute for Retail Research according to average prices to the consumer.


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