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Wages, violence, abortion: what Pécresse, Zemmour, Hidalgo offer for women


Guests of the program "Face aux Françaises" Monday, March 7, on the eve of International Women's Rights Day, the candidates for the presidential election were able to respond to the concerns of the latter, and put forward their proposals.

On Monday March 7, on the eve of International Women's Rights Day, eight candidates for the 2022 presidential election went to the set of the program "Face aux Françaises" on LCI to express themselves on the place of these last in society.

In turn, Marine Le Pen, Yannick Jadot, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Valérie Pécresse, Emmanuel Macron (who was not on the set), Éric Zemmour, Fabien Roussel and finally Anne Hidalgo were able to put forward their ideas to improve the daily life of women and respond to the concerns of readers of


magazine , partner of the show.

Overview of the proposals of the candidates who run for the Élysée.

Emmanuel Macron, The Republic On the March

  • Harassment.

    While he had made gender equality the great cause of his five-year term, he now proposes to triple the amount of the fine for harassment.

    Adding: “We have trained 90,000 police and gendarmes on these subjects.

    We are going to double, to 4,000, the number of investigators.”

  • Domestic violence.

    The Head of State explains that he wants to "set up a file of perpetrators of domestic violence", "reduce the time taken for treatment" from 32 days to 6 days and set up "an online complaint system, and outside the police station, as in hospitals.”

  • Access to health.

    He also wants to "continue to develop preventive health check-ups with 100% reimbursement, in particular for breast cancer screening", and improve women's access to gynecologists.

  • Automation of alimony.

    Finally, Emmanuel Macron was asked about single-parent families.

    He then insisted on the question of “payment of alimony” which he wishes to “generalize”, recalling that the measure has already been put in place.

    Also, he intends to impose a right to custody to improve the daily lives of homes.

    "When this is not possible, financial assistance will be given, up to the age of 12 for single-parent families."

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Valérie Pécresse, The Republicans

  • Harassment in transport.

    First, candidate LR promised to punish harassers with “six months ban on public transport”.

  • Preferential treatment.

    In order to set an example in the upper echelons of the state, she assures that "no minister under investigation will be kept in his post".

    And to add: “Even if it is unfair, because indictment does not mean conviction, for a government, it is healthier that there is no interference with justice.

    If it's just a suspicion, I say be careful, there may be false denunciations, ”she added.

  • Hygienic protections.

    Also, Valérie Pécresse proposes to "generalize the distributors of free periodic protection in universities and Crous", and to tax them as basic necessities, at only 2.1%.

    "These protections must no longer be a hindrance in studies, and it must be less expensive for women throughout their lives."

    Not to mention access to hygiene kits for women on the street.

  • The question of the veil.

    The candidate of the Les Républicains party, however, wants to ban the veil for girls under 15.

    “They must have the freedom to assert themselves, to emancipate themselves,” she explains.

    If they are veiled in public space, there will be a fine.

    What I want is to send a message to society.

    I don't want them to be veiled in the street”.

In video, the plea of ​​Valérie Pécresse against Jean-Jacques Bourdin, accused of attempted sexual assault

Eric Zemmour, Reconquest!

"When there is an excess of masculine values, it gives war and destruction, and when there is an excess of feminine values, there is a weakness of society", maintained the candidate of the extreme political party straight Reconquest!.

Accused of being sexist, he defended himself by explaining that he had women around him, including Marion Maréchal, who announced that he would join him on Sunday March 6.

Éric Zemmour has not proposed any measures to combat wage inequality.

“There are already measures in the current framework,” he explained.

According to him, most of the wage differences are due to the fact that "they do not choose the same trades".

  • Domestic violence.

    He wants to impose more firmness to fight against domestic violence.

    As such, Éric Zemmour proposes “the return of minimum penalties”, that is to say minimum penalties for aggressors.

    If elected, the candidate also promises "permanence lawyers to help victims" in police stations.

Anne Hidalgo, Socialist Party

  • Domestic violence.

    This is a figure that has come up several times since the publication of the Macron five-year report.

    According to a report by the High Council for Equality, an effective fight against domestic violence would cost 1 billion euros per year.

    A figure that the mayor of Paris undertakes to pay.

  • Equal pay.

    The candidate deplores the too low wages in France for women working in precarious environments.

    The latter proposes "15% increase in the minimum wage and work on equal pay in companies".

    “Today, it is very complicated for a woman who is discriminated against on her salary to prove it.

    It will be up to the employer to justify that he pays equal wages to a man and a woman,” she said.

  • Improve access to abortion.

    Anne Hidalgo also insisted on access to voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG), “fundamental right which must be able to be constitutionalized”.

    She nevertheless added: “I think that the right to abortion in our country is not threatened.

    But it is necessary to make this right more concrete”.

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Yannick Jadot, Europe Ecology The Greens

  • Street harassment and filing of complaints in hospitals.

    To fight against street harassment, the environmentalist candidate asks for “more trained police officers in the field”.

    He also wants complaints of rape or attempted rape to be filed “in hospitals or medical centers”.

    He adds regarding street harassment: “Everyone has an opinion on how women should dress.

    It's unbearable".

  • Equal pay.

    To fight against inequalities at work, the EELV deputy wants to draw inspiration from the “Icelandic system” by introducing a fine of 330 euros per day and per employee, in companies which do not respect equal pay.

  • Equality of women in the workplace.

    Also, he wants to "ensure that scientific and manual professions are more accessible to girls", with professionals coming to tell their jobs well before high school.

  • Parental leave.

    Yannick Jadot finally proposes to set up parental leave of “16 weeks for both parents, 8 of which are compulsory”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, La France insoumise

  • Cyber ​​harassment.

    For the candidate of the La France insoumise party, it is important to put in place a “ample cyberspace police”.

    But also, to take the problem to the root by reviewing the education of boys, who are “more often the aggressors”.

    "You have to value good behavior, stigmatize bad ones," he explained.

    In addition, to fight against harassment in transport, the left-wing candidate believes that "more referents in uniform" are needed, like train controllers.

  • Equal pay.

    Like his opponents, Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to introduce a “premium for equal pay” for women.

    For this, he would increase “salaries by 10%”.

    “Since the gap with the men is nine points.

    So there will be a 10% premium,” he explained.

Fabien Roussel, French Communist Party

  • Parity.

    On the issue of parity, the national secretary of the Communist Party of France wishes to take strong action.

    “If I am elected President of the Republic, there will be a parity government,” he declared.

    For this, it also aims to create “a ministry dedicated to gender equality and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence”.

  • Fight against prostitution.

    “By attacking this, we will attack the networks which make pornography in free access”, he specified.

    And to add: “Let us preserve our children.

    On the commodification of the body, I am intransigent.

  • Domestic violence.

    To fight against domestic violence, the candidate turns, like Anne Hidalgo, to associations, and promises to respond to their budgetary requests.

    "They claim 1 billion euros to invest in accommodation, support violent men, set up special courts, train police," listed the candidate.

In video, What are the real figures of violence against women?

Marine Le Pen, National Rally

  • "Madam President."

    Marine Le Pen hailed the Me Too movement, explaining that it had "allowed the victims to express themselves and come out of an omerta".

    If she is elected, she declares, on the other hand, that she does not want to be called "Madame la president", contrary to the French language, but "Madame le president."

  • Access to health and endometriosis.

    Major theme of its program for women, Marine Le Pen wishes to increase the number of midwives in France and increase their salary.

    We must “give them more responsibility in these areas of gynecology by recognizing that they have special skills,” she expressed.

    And to ask that endometriosis be recognized as a “long-term condition”.

    The candidate warned of this disease "which is difficult to recognize and detect".

    “We need a huge step forward,” insisted the candidate, stressing that women with severe form should obtain “recognition as “disabled worker”.

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