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Raspberry Faucet and Artificial Intelligence: A Happy Hour at BAD Offices - Walla! Of money


The Unicorn platform helps organizations map and manage information, but we insisted on concentrating mainly on: the quality of the restaurants on the corner of Rothschild-Allenby and the goose: a tap from which raspberries flow

Raspberry Faucet and Artificial Intelligence: A Happy Hour in BD Offices

The Unicorn platform helps organizations map and manage information, but we insisted on concentrating primarily on: the quality of the restaurants on the Rothschild-Allenby corner and the hustle and bustle: a tap from which raspberries flow.

We spent an hour in the offices at Rothschild Corner Allenby and met three happy employees in part

Liat Ron


Thursday, 12 May 2022, 13:46 Updated: 17:58

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What to do

: The Unicorn BID platform is based on artificial intelligence and enables organizations to discover, map and manage all the information they hold and use it in a variety of activities in the areas of information security, privacy protection, and information insights.

It can be used to identify sensitive information and its exact location on the company's servers, in order to protect and safely manage risks, as well as comply with information and privacy regulations.


David Moyal, 30, is getting married next month, lives in Tel Aviv.

Position: Senior Data Science Engineer, three years at the company.

Amit Sofer, 28, single, lives in Tel Aviv. Position: Software Developer, one year and four months in the company.

Eliran Shem Tov, 33, married, lives in Givatayim. Position: Cloud-Growth Team Lead, one year and eight months in the company.

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Right: Amit Sofer, Eliran Shem Tov and David Moyal (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: In the Rothschild corner of Allenby, on two floors, the BD offices are spread out, each team has its own room and each employee has a permanent position, which is contrary to the hybrid approach adopted by some high-tech companies.

Seating areas with comfortable sofas in pleasant colors and with a burgundy rug, are scattered here and there on the parquet floor.

There is a room with a fun sofa, PlayStation, ping pong table and TV, with a work of art made of pencils on the cold.

The building has a gym and classes of yoga, Pilates and functional training and there is also an active running group.

Coffee break: 170 company employees take advantage of the culinary attractive location, and prefer to go down for lunch at one of the restaurants on the boulevard and in the morning arrive at a kitchenette decorated with a combination of wood and black marble, fresh pastries from the bakery below.

There is a good coffee machine with capsules, a machine of ready-made coffee, a soda tap, water, and the big deal - a raspberry tap.

On the island is a juicer of oranges, bananas, avocados, tahini, nutella, lotus spread, hazelnuts, milk jam and dawn, as well as granola, cashews, bottles, healthy cornflakes and one spoiled one.

There is a chocolate drawer, a snack drawer with Bamba, Bishli, Fun Spoon, Apropo, Sniders, Chips, Doritos, and Chitos and also an energy snack drawer, granola and loaded milk and stimulants for gluten-free products.

The refrigerator under the island has all kinds of milk, pro yogurt, plain, cheese, chickpeas, tahini, cream cheese, white and Bulgarian. One transparent refrigerator has fruits and vegetables and the other is dedicated to beers, Tuborg, Corona, Strongbow, and carbonated drinks.

The beer fridge has a greater variety than most bars (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Amit was an athletic girl who loved exact sciences and math and in high school chose computer science, and enjoyed doing something that yielded an immediate result.

Because it was clear to her that she would study computer science and work in the field, she preferred not to be in a technology unit in the military and found herself as a mine and sabotage officer.

Before the big trip she did a psychometric and when she came back from it she dived into the world of computers and enjoyed every moment.

In the second year of her degree, she volunteered for "Queen B", mentoring girls' studies in computer science and in the third year she started working as a student at J.P.

Morgan and after a year, felt the need to "grind code" and a friend from the degree who started working at Big ID took her with him there.

"Just as I entered the second closure began," she recalls.

"They sent me a computer, an old charger, attached someone to me for an hour and a half every day from my staff and equipped them with material that explained how to connect to the system. It turned out that I first came to the office after a month and a half and since then"

David was born in Paris, a computer kid, a geek, and lived there until the age of 25. He studied electrical engineering in high school and computer science engineering at university for a bachelor's and master's degree.

Over the years he has visited quite a few in Israel and the thought kept popping up that one day he would make an orderly immigration.

Upon graduation he had the opportunity to join a program that brought in engineers in cyber and data science, four months of intensive study with representatives from all major companies.

Upon completion he did a project at Check Point and stayed there for two years.

"I wanted to experience a startup," David explains in a charming French accent. "And in June we will get married in Israel. I met my wife, a French hitmaker living in London, at a wedding in Jerusalem. We started a long-term relationship and a year and two months ago she came to Israel."

Eliran got his first computer before the age of 10 and broke it down regularly.

The parents would call in a technician and after a few times he said that the child would still teach him how to repair.

He built his first website at the age of 12. In high school he studied music and computers and dreamed of being in a military band or GLC and eventually found himself in Karkal.

After graduation he looked for himself, Milzer, worked in construction and after the traditional trip abroad went for an open day, went into a lecture on computers and fell in love. Today he is at the end of his master's degree and before writing his thesis. And when the Corona broke out he was asked to lay off workers, fought them with all his might and eventually left


When I saw that serious investors and the fields in which they operate are tangent to what interests me, I saw it as a challenge.

My job is to make the product, which was intended for giant companies, accessible to smaller companies.

I have six employees under me and 30 in the entire group. "

"The corona has changed our lives in a good way" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: David is one of the founders of the "Big ID" football team and his record has a semi-final: I immigrated to Israel from France 5.5 years ago and when I came to the Big ID, my Hebrew was nothing.

Big D was my studio.

Amit volunteers at the Shai Quds organization, to encourage women and girls in technological professions, and participates in the company's running group.

"We participated in runs in the Dead Sea and the Hula Valley, conducted by Gadi, the guide, who also works as a designer with us. Besides, I have very beautiful nails and I love plants, wine and Disney."

Eliran is the lead singer of Big House's house band.

Once every two weeks they meet back for a room rented by the company.

Besides he hates coriander.


: Since the outbreak, the company has grown two and a half times and while shutting down and working remotely, have done everything to maintain cohesion: board games and virtual acquaintances, gifts for those who have been in isolation and shared air through cameras.

David says that the company financed a babysitter for those who needed help with the children and psychological treatment for those who needed support.

"The corona has changed our lives in a good way," says Eliran, "people started doing what was right for them and not just what was right for the organization. If I had to pick up the child because he was sick, I would work later. "Women, parents, a caterpillar group, trips for the hard-to-reach and a group of cooks. We have no flashy things."

Invite Ukrainian workers to relocate (Photo: Reuven Castro)


The Big ID has employees there and the company offered everyone to relocate wherever they wanted. One of them came to Tel Aviv. A colleague says they take care of them, "We demand their safety and understand that they can not be available.

Added value

: Once or twice a year everyone goes on a trip.

In November, they were in "Kfar Hanokdim" and celebrated there with a sunset show with Teapacks, and the whole company flew together for a week in Athens, in the 90th minute before the Corona.

"Once every three months, three people randomly choose three people who sit with human resources and a manager," says Eliran, "and they ask what the employees want, let us choose. I combined the master's degree in the fact and the thesis I will probably do here."

David adds that lectures are brought from outside, for a few hours.

Even if you do not have a sunset show with Teapacks in the desert, you can always smell Teapacks at sunset (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What to wear

: Comfortable.

When meeting with clients it is already a different matter.

Where to work

: In principle three times a week in the office and two days at home, but no one forces anyone to come.

Eliran opens and closes the office for fear of missing a meeting with people.

There are quite a few who fly for a trip abroad and make a temporary relocation of a month from all sorts of places in the world.


: "There is no place for a company in this industry that does not offer competitive wages," states Eliran, "because it is difficult to recruit new employees and retain good ones.

If the BD does not reward enough in a certain period, it will compensate with bonuses. "Amit says that there is an options plan that is spread over four years, and there are periodic meetings with the managers who are always on hand.

What next?

: David dies for his job and says that if after five and a half years he is happy to come to the office in the morning, it says something, "I believe in society and it has helped me to be more Israeli."

Even if they offer the colleague more elsewhere, at the moment it is irrelevant, "because the magic of the company is its social fabric. We went out to karaoke together, to the cinema, our running group is cohesive and it has no competition."

Eliran loves the balance, "There is quite a bit of company over 40 with families and young guys. As long as I have a challenge - I'm here."

"As long as I have a challenge - I'm here" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

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