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Cold and boiling: the people behind the successful ice cream parlors in Israel - Walla! Of money


In honor of the hot season of the cold chopper, we turned to four of those who turned the industrial product into a pampering delicacy and heard about the history, competitors and flavors that will dominate this coming summer

Cold and boiling: the people behind the successful ice cream parlors in Israel

Israelis love ice cream all year round, but towards the summer the demand is rising miraculously.

In honor of the hottest season of the coldest dish, we turned to four of those who turned the ice cream product from an industrial dessert into a pampering delicacy and heard about the history, competitors and flavors that will dominate this coming summer

Ilana Stotland


Thursday, 12 May 2022, 14:43 Updated: Saturday, 14 May 2022, 08:03

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Contrary to what was common 20-30 years ago, ice cream has long been not a product consumed only in summer - and in winter gives way to crembo.

At the same time, although we enjoy ice cream all year round, towards the summer the demand is rising.

Just before the boiling season of the cold delicacy, we turned to four people who have a place of honor in turning ice cream from an industrial product sold in cardboard packaging or plastic containers, to a gourmet dish that is much more than a cold treat on a hot summer day.

We asked to hear about their chains, prices and of course - we asked them to choose an innovative flavor that is going to be the trend of the summer.

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Adi Avital, founder and owner of the ANITA Group (Photo: Adi Lam)

Focus on childhood tastes

Adi Avital, founder and owner of the ANITA Group, which names the brands ANITA, GOLDA, PINK GOLDA

ANITA: Established in 2002;

4 branches in Israel, 9 branches abroad; about 40 flavors; small cup: NIS 18, medium cup: NIS 23, large cup: NIS 27, 1 kg: NIS 102

Golda: established in 2012;

136 branches;

About 31 flavors;

Small cup: NIS 18, medium cup: NIS 22, large cup: NIS 26, 1 kg: NIS 102

Me and ice cream: "This is a family business that started with my mother, Anita, and my brother Nir.

Anita has 220 employees, Golda has about 5,000 employees.

The whole family deals with it 100% of the time.

I live and breathe ice cream, it's my whole life.

I also eat ice cream all day, dying for ice cream.

I really like the taste of 'Black Forest' ".

Summer surprises: "In Israel we constantly talk about ice cream flavors, but the wisdom is to create a trend. For the past three years we have been dealing in salty ice creams all over the world. We are manufacturers, we have a local factory, we are very dependent on raw materials we can put in here. Finding raw materials in the world, so in the near future we will deal with Israeli raw materials that are here,

focusing in the coming year on childhood flavors, local, nostalgic flavors (such as popcorn and cornflakes that we recently released, or cinnamon crunch), similar to Maya Wertheimer's biscuit ice cream Also, women focus on the sorbet.

Golda's Macadamia Gold Ice Cream (Photo: Mae Social)

We guess it will be a very happy summer here, lots of parties, sea, festivals, music.

It meets us with fruit flavors like watermelon, pataya, lemon, mango, acai, coconut, mint and louise.

On top of that, the twist we are going to make is a combination of cream ice creams with fruit.

And we also have the 'Macadamia Gold', for which we have a bright future.

It's going to be the next 'salty pretzel

. '

While other chains did not work, we actually worked in Corona, stayed with the plant open, also invested in marketing and created for ourselves very big benefits.

We have changed culture here, raised the standard and created patterns that did not exist before.

But of course there is competition, and we have not yet realized 20% of our potential.

ANITA for example is becoming an international chain, we cultivate it abroad, and this month more branches are opening in London and New York. While at the local level, there are many of our competitors who are very strong in the market. Every morning we get up and want to be better than we were "In research and development. I travel a lot in the world, and the wisdom is to identify the next thing first. We will continue to lead the world of ice cream in the coming years as well."

Post-Corona: "First of all, Israelis' ice cream consumption has almost tripled. A new business called Delivery has also been created, but today Israelis are already returning to stores, which makes us happy. You also felt in Corona that we knew how to market. We made you order Golda "Marketing and creating marketing content must remain so that we can continue to lead. It is not enough to just choose delicious ice cream."

Paragon to the competitor: "I recommend 'Penguin Ice Cream' in Kfar Saba, and also Eissalon - an ice cream confectionery in Haifa, where there is ice cream with a very special texture."

Assaf Blank, co-owner and CEO of the Vanilla chain (Photo: Shira Eliav)

A special recipe based on crembo

Assaf Blank, owner and CEO of the Vanilla chain

Year of establishment: 2002; 21 branches; 36 flavors; small portion: NIS 18, medium portion: NIS 22, large portion: NIS 28, 1 kg: NIS 95

me and ice cream: "I A franchisee of the chain for six years, and a year and a half ago we acquired the chain when it was on a moratorium. I have been in the food business for many years. ".

Summer surprises: "Let it go" ice cream, based on a unique recipe used to make crembo of the same name, imported by Wilifood from Denmark; Mi Zaher yogurt ice cream - our iconic taste that has returned; grapefruit and campari sorbet - a refreshing and alcoholic taste suitable for hot summer evenings. But what's going to be our highlight is genuine, gluten-free Oreo ice cream, which we import from the US.

Competition: "The competition has deepened greatly in recent years. There is now an update for ice cream. Ice cream has become the ultimate dessert for every meal and every season. It also means more ice creams, more variety. Today the Israeli customer also demands quality and customer experience in ice cream. , And it also requires us to look for new values ​​that did not exist before.

For example, we place great emphasis on the whole issue of the environment. Reusable for 1 kg of ice cream, which breaks down into three parts, with the inside part removable and dishwasher safe.

To encourage the use of the new package, the chain gives every customer who comes with it for refilling a discount of NIS 2 (the price of the package is about NIS 19).

We also launched a reusable waterproof bag, and those who come with it will receive a discount of NIS 1 upon payment.

In addition, we already have a product in our branches that protects the children from dripping ice cream, which reduces the use of napkins and wipes. "

Vanilla grapefruit sorbet (Photo: Boaz Lavie)

One of the strongest segments in the field of shipments

Post-Corona: "Until three years ago almost no one ordered ice cream in delivery, today it has become one of the strongest segments in the field of shipments. It is clear that the amount of shipments has now decreased compared to the epidemic peak, To give additional values ​​in the world of shipments as well. "

Paragon to the competitor: "In terms of experience and also in terms of business conduct, I really like the 'Bucket of Cold' chain. Its flavors remind me of childhood flavors."

Meir Dahan, owner of the Aldo chain (Photo: Trudy Chernov)

Traveling to Italy to look for new flavors

Meir Dahan, owner of the Aldo chain

Year of establishment: 1995;

24 branches;

30-40 flavors;

One ball: NIS 18, 2 balls: NIS 23, 3 balls: NIS 28, 1 kg: NIS 95

Me and ice cream: "I worked in the field of computers for many years.

At the same time I decided to invest in the ice cream world as a passive investor with two partners.

I then bought the network and developed it.

I myself like ice cream, especially pistachio and chestnut flavors, and very quickly I was drawn to this magical and sweet world that is much more interesting than the world of computers. "

Summer surprises:" Bitter chocolate sorbet, pistachio magnum, gum-flavored unicorn ice cream and salted caramel ice cream with brownies.

Also, in the coming days I am going to Italy to visit two of our raw material suppliers.

I am taking a rabbi with me on behalf of Badatz Beit Yosef to prepare new flavors, and more surprises are expected. "

Aldo's ice cream (Photo: Eitan Dor)

Too bad all the profit goes to Volt ...

Competition: "Competition exists and has recently also become more intense with the meteoric growth of the Golda chain, whose entry into the field has shaken. Its growth rate is insane and I cheer and take off my hat

. The locations and the people who will work with us, and do not rush to take everyone. I think there is room for everyone, there is no need to open just to kill a competitor, so it does not make sense to open in close proximity to an existing network. plunder".

Post-Corona: "If by the time Corona arrived and Golda's rapid expansion landed on its laurels, then these two facts made us recalculate a route. , New colors and a much more up-to-date look.Today a large part of our branches are already in the new look,

"While in terms of flavors, we have a chef who creates new flavors all the time, but in the end people connect more to the classic flavors that accompany us for many years such as chocolate, French vanilla, pistachio and more.

All we have to do is make sure we produce these classic flavors "In the best quality. During the Corona we also refreshed in terms of flavors, we saw what was going on, what was less. Today we are also more prepared and ready in terms of the quality of our products, the look of the ice creams, the training of employees and their service, to provide a better experience for our customers.

" Also, during the Corona a lot of people ordered ice cream at home.

This habit remains even today.

The big problem is that all the profit went to the Walt company, so we were also less in the picture in terms of ice cream deliveries.

We do make deliveries, but in some places we also have independent couriers who work with us. "

* Paragon to the competitor: "I would go to Legenda. They also make ice cream from quality raw materials."

Dudu Mina, owner and CEO of the Legenda chain (in partnership with Uri Finkelstein) (Photo: PR)

Dudu Mina, owner and CEO of the Legenda chain (in partnership with Uri Finkelstein)


Year of establishment: 2001; 26 branches; 45-50 flavors; small portion for a child: NIS 15, personal portion: NIS 19, medium portion: NIS 24 , 1 kg: NIS 103.

Me and ice cream: "I really like ice cream, I deal with ice cream all day. This chain is my and my partner Uri's life enterprise. We are childhood friends from tenth grade, and the ice cream flows in our blood. Personally, I really like the vanilla flavors of Madagascar, pistachio (We also have a vegan version of it), and nutella mascarpone - a flavor that has also become very strong in recent years. "

Surprises for the summer: "New almond ice cream, mango passion fruit without sugar, and also various sorbet flavors such as Sabers and melon that will refresh the summer. In recent months we have also launched popcorn and mascarpone flavors, which go great and will be popular in the summer. A series of flavors.

Legenda popcorn ice cream (Photo: Yaara Gidron)

There is nothing like the personal encounter in an ice cream parlor

Competition: "Competition is healthy and there is competition everywhere, even in cafes and restaurants. Anyone who wants to open an ice cream parlor can open, and the customer will choose. We invest a lot in flavors, qualities, raw materials, production process, manpower. Employees are a very important part of the company They are like a family with us. In the end, the decision is in the hands of the customer who is very intelligent. Disposable marketing gimmicks are not the most important thing, because in the end the customer eats the ice cream and not the packaging. So we invest the most in the real product "In my taste and in the quality of the ice cream."

Post-Corona: "People order ice cream deliveries online, but I think in the end there is nothing like the personal encounter in the ice cream parlor and the experience. As the Corona moves away from us, we see more and more customers in stores. See it all over the world.

Paragon to competitor: "I used to eat at Boza's ice cream parlor, they have a great taste: salty chocolate."

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