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My Travels with Tami: Closing the Week at ONE's Offices - Walla! Of money


ONE is a huge company that provides a variety of technological services to the enterprise market. After the merger with Taldor, it has 6,500 employees, of which about 500 are at the company's headquarters in Tel Aviv

My Travels with Tammy: Closing the week at ONE's offices

ONE is a huge company that provides a variety of technological services to the enterprise market.

After the merger with Taldor, it has 6,500 employees, of which about 500 are at the company's headquarters in Tel Aviv.

And who is Tammy from the title?

For this you will have to spend with you and us the weekly Happy Hour

Liat Ron


Thursday, 19 May 2022, 11:51 Updated: 15:32

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What we do

: ONE Technologies is engaged in providing innovative technological solutions, software services, and integration, computer infrastructure, expert services, and support and maintenance services for the corporate market in Israel and abroad.



Tomer Salto

, 36, married, lives in Rehovot. Position: CTO in the Cyber ​​Division

Olga Fox

, 42, married plus three, lives in Petah Tikva Position: Recruitment Manager at XacTech

, SAP Division of the ONE Group, five and a half years at the company.

Idan Shemesh

, 38, married Plus two, lives in Petah Tikva Position: CAO - Chief Architect Officer, 16 years in the company.

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In collaboration with ICC

ONE, right: Tomer Salto, Olga Fox and Idan Shemesh (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: In a nice building, on Yagi Kafayim Street in Tel Aviv, is ONE headquarters, which is visited by 500 company employees, who number 6,500 in total after the merger with "Taldor". , Who looks more like a male robot, who asks for the guest's safety, makes a small small talk with him and leads him where he needs to. While walking she sends a message to the host that they are coming

. , Which is arranged in


ellipse, has two small kitchenettes and on the fifth floor there is a large plaza where events can be held.

Formally, you can sit in a warm room on armchairs, a coffee machine, a small refrigerator with drinks, a TV and an exercise bike to pedal on while talking.

Coffee break

: The cafeteria is located on the fourth floor, the floor is beige, long black tables, diner tables with upholstered sofas and a lovely terrace with tables and hammocks.

At noon there is a pile of paper bags of food deliveries on the island with the names of the employees and with the "give a bite" card. You can also take a drink from the machine, or kinder, twist, bounty, click, whatever you feel like.

At ONE the employees bring breakfast from home.

Those who remain hungry can take cornflakes, cookies, a slice with chocolate, or jam, and coffee from a bean grinder instead.

The small kitchenettes also have fruit.

Do not reveal it to her, but the robotic "Tami" is actually not really defined by gender (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Humans have always fascinated Olga and interaction between people has done it for her.

She did national service at the United Health Insurance Fund and why a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences with a specialization in organizational psychology and after that worked for a large company as a deputy branch manager, engaged in recruitment and placement for five years and then felt the need to enter the high tech world

. She says. "At the same time as studying for a master's degree in labor studies in Tel Aviv, I started working for an integration company as a recruitment coordinator and then I gave birth. In every company I give birth to a child. I joined a small and cool organization and set up the recruitment system from scratch. Human resources in a medium-sized company and after about two years I wanted to go back to recruiting, which is my real passion.

"Recruitment is like courtship, a kind of infatuation, tweezers with which the best are obtained, while human resources are a relationship for all intents and purposes and therefore more similar to marriage and divorce. Then a company offered me a job at ONE, a job of managing the recruitment process "Closing a contract, since I'm here, feels like family. We are a leading company in the market and we have a great name. What makes us the best is the fact that we are all soul players and there is cooperation, without ego games, that no other organization has."

Idan received his first computer when he was in first grade, in the days when he had a large floppy disk, he was a champion in Pek-Man and spent quite a bit in the computer store in Petah Tikva. From the parents learn to program, and we are sucked in.

In high school he studied 15 computer units and continued in the thirteenth programming program, in collaboration with the army and when he enlisted he joined as a programmer to establish the army's information management system within the ICT Corps and worked on SAP infrastructure.

" To SAP.

I was among the first 20 employees.

After two years, the company was sold to ONE.

There was apprehension, assuming it was a large company, but very quickly we realized it was only doing good.

Society is divided into divisions and each has its own character, which preserves the intimate feeling, there are no classes, everyone listens to everyone.

"Before Corona, I told my manager that I wanted to change domain and I switched to cloud services."

And we came to Tomer, who testifies to himself being a frenetic kid with thorns in his ass, who miraculously could have sat at the computer in the living room for ten hours straight, when he had not disassembled and reassembled or quarreled with his older siblings.

He was in computer classes and in high school studied majoring in information technology, with 15 computer units and programming.

He declined the service, continued in the 13th and 14th grade in practical engineering studies and from there came to the "Blue Sash", the ICT unit on HA along with 25 other guys from the studies and served in the control center of the corps' communication networks

. 24, started working at Check Point, dived into the world of information security and dealt with business customer support and troubleshooting After two years he moved to Malam Tim, and from there to a managerial position at Taldor.

In an information security management course he decided to take, he met someone from ONE, who made the connection and has been here ever since,

Breakfast is brought from home, lunch is given (Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: Tomer, who is waiting for his third birth, is a fan of quality whiskey, and occasionally brings to the office a good bottle from the private collection: "I am a die-hard Pokemon fan and strategy games that help me develop creative solutions to complex problems. The roof and I invest time in developing myself at the professional and managerial level in courses and lectures, especially on long trips. "

Olga has been a mom for 12 years, so she doesn't really have much time left for herself, and still finds time to watch Netflix, and ride a bike.

"I learned to ride at 37," she smiles.

"Einstein said 'you only fail when you stop trying' and this is my way of life: not to stop even when it's hard, I always try, always keep pushing and motivating myself and those close to me, sometimes falling but always getting up."

Age plays squash and makes sure to drink beer after to regain the calories he lost.

In the corona closures, they raised a glass of vodka in Zoom (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Added value

: In Corona, when they worked from home, they sent everyone fine vodka and raised a glass of buzz, and when they bombed Tel Aviv they received a box of challah and sweets with quiet Shabbat wishes and there was a virtual performance by Rotem


There is a happy hour with alcohol and everyone brings something sweet on duty. The sister of one of the employees is a chocolatier, so everyone is waiting for their turn

. Is what we do beyond work.

We renovated a house of sponsors in the community, in collaboration with an interior design school.

Every designer got some employees and it was amazing. "Anyone who wants to learn something physical or virtual is welcome, Tomer, for example, took a coveted course in information security funded by the company.

On Wednesdays there is Happy Hour with alcohol.

Those who also want sweets - bring from home (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Where to work

: The hybrid model.

Olga comes once a week, an era on Wednesdays mostly for bonding and laughs with everyone, and most of the time he meets virtually or physically with the clients, as needed.

Dress code: Tomer arrives tailored for the office or meetings, Olga reports that the scale is wide, from the level of the T-shirt, as Idan wears, to the really tailored, but no one says how to dress.

And yet, slippers you will not see much in ONE.


: "I recruit a lot of employees," says Tomer, "and I can say that our salary is very competitive, I have never had candidates because of it. We have a significant advantage because of the dynamic nature of the job, but there is no stock package."

Olga: "We are soul players. The salary is fair and reasonable, but there is much more than money. As I compete for candidates against other companies, we manage to bring them in and not just because of the salary."

What next

: Tomer wants to continue to develop professionally and personally in society and fatherhood, with the birth of a new daughter, at home and to know how to combine everything.

Olga, started in the Exact Division when she numbered 180 people, today there are already more than 400 and she intends to be a partner in growth and growth.

Idan: "We are the youngest unit, established just before the Corona. I believe we will grow up and be in the top and I will stay here because it's good for me, that's it."

You do not have to tailor, but you will not find many slippers here (Photo: Reuven Castro)

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