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Sisters in Fashion: The Wonderful Journey of Daniela and Alona Tzur - Walla! Of money


Alona and Daniela Tzur, who turned the sweatshirt into an icon, talk about how to leave a promising business in favor of a fashionable gamble and where they plan to take the platform next.

Sisters in Fashion: The Wonderful Journey of Daniela and Alona Tzur

They have turned the training from something lying on the couch into a fashionable item and themselves a lawyer and accountant, into an icon of fashion.

Alona and Daniela Zur talk about how to leave a promising business in favor of a fashionable gamble and where they plan to take the platform next.

Talia Levin


Thursday, 19 May 2022, 12:44 Updated: Saturday, 21 May 2022, 07:18

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It is likely that if you have Instagram, you have more than once encountered seestarz sisters, who own one of the most successful fashion brands in Israel today.

A brand that started as a fashion blog, as a hobby - and became a real fashion start-up.

Alona (30) and Daniela (35) Tzur are respectively, a lawyer and an accountant, who until three years ago worked on their serious work in the real world, and will maintain a successful fashion blog on the Instagram network.

They photographed themselves every morning dressed in the best clothes in their unique style and were an inspiration to many women who did not know exactly how to upgrade the look of the casual office.

But then in a decision that matured in the two and mainly due to repeated requests from the many followers on the page - that "they will do something of their own", they decided to leave everything and start a business, and not just a business but a fashion brand.

Today, almost three years after the big bang in which the two left everything safe in their lives, they can lean back comfortably.

They were ranked in Globes' list of 40 most promising people under the age of 40 a few months ago, and they are already collaborating with the fashion brand "Terminal X" in a capsule collection that on the first day of its rise has been snatched mostly from the shelves.

And if that's not enough, every new fashion item that comes up on the two's website ends in a matter of minutes, almost like what happened at the time with tickets to Omar Adam's shows.

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SEESTARZ founders Daniela (right) and Alona Tzur.

Nurses in life and sisters for business (Photo: Dima Tliansky)

Not fashion designers

Proper disclosure, I too fell for SEESTARZ during the Corona era, so the two managed to turn the most coveted item into the "sweatshirt" zoom into the most fashionable thing on earth.

"It's important for us to say that we've always had an attraction to the world of business and fashion, but not at the level of going and learning it. We are not fashion designers," says Alona, Today I think that if I did not have the brand I do not really know what I would wear. "

It is not easy to establish a fashion brand in Israel in the era of China, and certainly not at a time when the world stopped Queen

Alona: "No. We were really clear that we would create in Israel, even from the kitschy Zionist place. It also contributes to the employment of Israelis, and we, regardless of China, believe in the quality of the country in relation to other places.

Daniela: "Of course it was important for us to hire fashion designers, we did not pretend for a moment to take clothes for the image and try to do something we do not understand. We knew that if we set up a brand we should do it in the most professional way. We knew that was what many do, "We believe in a person's specialization in a particular field. And it is impossible to give up this profession called fashion design so it was our believing self in the first place."

Did you expect such an explosion in a short period of time?

Alona: "We did not expect. I think that if you look back and try to understand what the secret of success is then maybe it lies in the fact that we took this thing seriously in the first place and the customers felt it. We did not skimp on the small details."

Daniela: "And it's not that we're free of mistakes. We learned, we improved. We did not come from day one and everything went smoothly."

Alona: "We started the business a few months before the Corona.

I think what served us well in the end, at a time when everyone was buzzing, was that our style was always an elegant sport with some interesting and special twist.

We are sporty girls and we have not done anything here that is not casual.

It is said that in the business world in addition to a good product also needs a drop of luck, and I must say that for us the corona was this drop of luck.

It is strange to say that there were many people for whom it did the opposite.

For us, it was a drop of luck both in terms of style, need and also that people felt safer to buy online, because there was no choice. "

Their sweatpants broke the net during the Corona days (Photo: Dima Tliansky)

The fashionable training suits broke the net during the Corona era, the explosion made the two realize they have gold in hand that no one else has.

Daniela: "On the business side, it's important to say that from the beginning we were based on models I studied for a master's degree. ".

When you say low price, it's a bit problematic with regard to Israel

Daniela: "You are right. The competition in Israel is very tough. And Israeli designers for that matter are recognized and rightly so, at very expensive prices. It is expensive to produce here and costs have to be covered. "Selling at a fair price. Not cheap - because our fabrics are natural and high quality. We do not work with polyester, but also not expensive - because I myself do not like to buy expensive. It was important to us that customers feel value for money, and that the price is fair."

"It was important to us that customers feel that there is value for money" (Photo: Dima Tliansky)

The beginning was difficult

They are, as mentioned, tidal Jerusalemites, a tenth generation of a respectable family of doctors.

In Jerusalem, they all knew them as "daughters of Dr. Tzur," today the patients at their father's dentist's clinic ask him if he is Sisterz's father.

"Our grandmother was a pioneering gynecologist in her field in Jerusalem," says Daniela, "and our father has a completely business orientation, so it was clear to us that we would follow in his footsteps."

They inherited a well-developed sense of fashion from a coach, who in the first months of the business even helped them with the shipping packages.

The division between the two is clear and tangent to their professions.

Daniela is responsible for the production, suppliers, accounts, pricing, analysis and forecasts, and Alona is responsible for everything related to the marketing, advertising, ongoing work of the firm.

And the traditional followers even get to see her as the house model who presents every Thursday the new models that go up on the site that week.

What started with tracksuits has spread to a full collection of shirts, pants and dresses.

Recently, they have also expanded into the world of children and men.

Aside from the jeans and swimwear collection produced in leading overseas factories, all of their production is blue and white.

It was a very big risk to go for a big business model knowing it could crash

Daniela: "We left our jobs and invested money, we took a lot of risks but It did not scare us because we had very great emotional support from our family and spouses.

And do not get me wrong, the start was difficult and not hundreds of customers came from the first month. "

Alona:" Speaking of the risk model we chose, when you make three orders a week you suddenly realize that it does not cover the food you order.

But our jump was fast, we did not suffer much time from fear and anguish that it did not work.

After six months, we have already broken out, which is very gratifying. "

Daniela: "For us, all the looking at this thing was not as a clothing design business. We did not sit and design but came in a big business model in the first place. I know that in small businesses in the fashion industry this is often not possible."

Alona: "Business-wise, this is a different language from a regular business like our dad's clinic, for example. Retail spending sounds astronomical. I remember my parents who are used to clinic rentals not being able to figure out what amounts we spend. And to this day we spend a lot on future collections."

Daniela: "The bottom line is I know that if I had listened and been stressed, we could not have been as successful as we were."

Alona: "At first when you log in to the bank account it's scary. And there are a lot of businesses that run on a regular basis. I remember Daniela said ok, it will fill up sometime. And it can really scare, especially since it's the first independent thing we did. "Only good business people need the combination. Just like in a start-up, there is a product and there is everything around, that's what the start-up company needs."

What is entrepreneurship in your opinion?

Alona: "We had a thought about how we bring in good people who will stay with us in the future, even though the work is simple at first, and I did it for half a year which is just packing, but we wanted people from the beginning to pack. "Learn. Our whole look from the beginning was about it as a venture and not as a fashion brand. The first packer, for example, is today a manager."

Still, what mistakes did you make?

Alona: "I think the mistake was not to bring in three employees from the first moment, it's something I feel his trauma to this day, there were months that a lot was on both of us. A lot of physical work was on me because Daniela was pregnant. I already said I prefer not to order. "We were a moment of drowning.

I think it's something that if I had to recommend to someone starting a business from the first moment even if it means going into the red, bringing in an employee. We suffer from this thing of not letting go, that it's all about us. We're going to do everything."

Daniela: "For the same reason, we did not leave offices that were too small. You suddenly realize that a large office will cost you four times as much and somewhere you have a fear. But from experience there are steps that must be taken."

What will you not compromise on?

Alona: "Customer service and packaging. It costs a lot. Efficient customer service costs a fortune and special packaging that we invest in. But again, looking at a startup is exactly that, when we set up the business we said we want the business to run like abroad and be oriented For the future and the future it's online, and online it means that customer service has to be peaked, that everything is geared towards the customer who will be most comfortable when she actually orders a product that the only thing she does not know is what it looks like. "

Daniela:" The strongest shipments.

We are their biggest customer today.

And we paid a lot for the customer to experience this thing that if she orders today she will receive tomorrow.

Because there is no room for mistakes. "

Weren't you afraid that the collaboration with Terminal X might" trade "your uniqueness?

Daniela: "On the contrary. Marketing-wise it was an amazing move and we are happy to have approached us. And it did good branding for both parties. I was not afraid at all, I knew it would only bring good things. A branded terminal in a good place, A refreshing and new spirit. "

Alona: "We made a capsule collection and like the collaborations of bloggers around the world with fashion companies it was very flattering."

See working together only as benefits.

Sisters' collection (Photo: Dima Tliansky)

To go out at four

How hard is it to work together?

The two say that their relationship has been very and always wonderful and they see working together only as benefits.

"The world of partnership can be very complex with ego and disagreements, and especially intensely even when the business is very successful," says Alona.

"And it's not that there are no arguments. The real difficulty is not between us, but in my family life will be and Daniela has."

Daniela: "She allows me to go out with the children from day one. I did not imagine my life otherwise, I always wanted to be a present mother. This is what my mother was for us. We wanted to create a hybrid production of my father and mother. Alona continues to work until tonight and I am four curators. "I did not have it, I could not do it. And I want to be a mother, and that's really important to me."

Alona: "It's something we talk about that how do we do that I will also be a mother. It's very difficult. If your workplace does not allow it it is not possible. You as a woman always have pangs of conscience. It is always accompanied by feelings of guilt."

Daniela: "The combination is difficult and you have to allow it in the workplace and understand that even if you go out at four, you can be an amazing employee. We have an amazing employee who was pregnant in an interview and I fell in love with her and we took her. She is one of the best facts we ever had. "Pregnant? She will come back and leave at three-thirty. Looking at the hours is so old-fashioned to me and it's something very high-tech."

Business model roll?

Daniela: "For me Amazon, Asus."

Alona: "We took something from everyone. Amazon's customer service, for example, you are not afraid for a moment. You order and say at most I will get something delusional. I give back. From each we took a different parameter as inspiration and something to strive for."

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