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Elon Musk, is he left or right?


The businessman assures that he will vote for the Republicans in November, but his record shows that he is a great donor to the Democratic Party

Under the spotlight for weeks now, Elon Musk seemed unlikely to cause more controversy.

The businessman, who defoliates the daisy with the purchase of Twitter from him, has given a twist with some recent political statements.

“In the past I voted for the Democrats because it was the party of goodwill.

But they have become the party of division and hate so I cannot support them and will vote Republican,” he wrote a few days ago.

Quite a declaration of intent in a year with legislative elections in which the Republicans threaten to wrest control of Congress and just when he tries to become a digital media baron.

On Twitter alone, he has more than 90 million followers.

The statements did not come as a surprise to those who follow his hostile takeover of the San Francisco technology company.

In making his offer, on air today, Musk assured that freedom of expression was in danger and that the debate was leaning to the left due to the moderation efforts orchestrated by progressives.

He later criticized the permanent ban on Donald Trump, who was banned from Twitter for the assault on Capitol Hill.

And this week he blamed his penultimate scandal, the alleged sexual harassment of a stewardess on a private plane belonging to his company in 2016, to a "politically motivated" case.

Now comes some words criticizing the far left among Democrats, a group that wants to raise taxes on the big fortunes, for its "ruthless torrent of hate."

Musk used another recent opportunity to widen his contrast between Democrats and Republicans.

He did so with one of the favorite topics of national debate: the comparison between California, a blue state, and Texas, a conservative stronghold.

“California used to be the land of opportunity… but now it's the land of taxes, over-regulation and litigation.

California pipelines need to be cleaned,” said the businessman, who moved Tesla from the West to the Republican region late last year.

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The Silicon Valley of the South: Why Texas is the New California

In a chat with the entrepreneurs who host the All In


, a popular broadcast among Silicon Valley's elite, the electric-car giant's senior executive complained about excessive regulation in the West.

“If you put a gun to Gavin [Newsom, the Democratic governor of California] head to demand that he build a plant like this in California, he would tell you that he can't.

There are so many regulatory agencies and lawyers willing to stop you from doing it that even if the governor wants to, it's not possible,” he said.

Therefore, the company's largest factory, where the Model Y is assembled, is in Austin, the capital of Texas.

“In California we would be working on permits.

In Texas we built, in 18 months, a factory that is three times the size of the Pentagon,” added Musk, who champions much of the libertarian thinking of the technological mecca.

The South African-born businessman who came to the US via Canada has criticized the dominance of Democrats in California, where Tesla is facing labor abuse lawsuits.

The party controls the entity, with 40 million inhabitants, since 2011. The authority of the local chambers is even older.

Since 1959, Republicans have only controlled any of the legislative bodies in four years.

"It's a one-party state," Musk complained this week.

“I am not saying that they elect Republicans all the time, but if they never do, that makes them a state with a single party, which will not listen to the people and will only obey those who finance political campaigns”, considers the tycoon , whose fortune amounts to 200,000 million dollars from Forbes.

Musk did not mention the reverse case.

Musk knows very well the importance of political donations.

Heading to the legislative elections in November, the aerospace company SpaceX has already left $400,000 in contributions to campaigns and parties.

Thirteen lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, have received $10,000 from the corporation (the maximum amount under Federal Election Commission rules), according to Open Secrets, an organization that tracks private campaign money.

Tesla has given $70,000 to local politicians this year.

Almost the entire amount goes to California Congressional contenders.

Two years ago, during the presidential election campaign that pitted Donald Trump against Joe Biden, Musk's checks mostly benefited Democrats.

These received 305,000 dollars of the 536,500 that SpaceX invested then.

One of the beneficiaries was Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who has become a headache for Biden due to his obstruction of the Administration's agenda.

The wayward lawmaker received $10,000 in 2020. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California also received the same amount from Musk.

Musk's donations show a balance between Democrats and Republicans.

Since 2002, those have received 227,000 dollars and these 229,000.

Despite publicly criticizing the blue domain in California, the businessman financially supported Gavin Newsom, the current president, to whom he gave $11,800 in 2018. He also gave money to the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to the White House. .

Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City have won more than $9 billion in government grants and contracts.

The most recent was obtained last October, when he received 2.9 billion from NASA to build a spacecraft to land on the moon.

The aerospace company spent a record amount on lobbying in 2021: $2.4 million.

The investment in lobbying the first four months of 2022 amounts to 700,000 dollars.

It is the highest recorded in a quarter, according to Open Secrets.

SpaceX has spent, since 1998, 22 million dollars in pushing its agenda in local and federal governments.

Playing both sides, Musk seems determined not to lose.

If the Twitter operation ends up closing, he will open the door to the social network for Donald Trump.

This same week he described the past Administration as "very effective because it had many people who made things happen."

"It's hard to know what Biden is doing if I'm frank," the tycoon said.

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