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Minister Ayelet Shaked, say: Do you already have a valid passport? - Walla! Of money


It is time for someone to stand up and sue the State of Israel, or at least get an explanation from the Interior Minister, who has become a serial failure in the management of several thousand officials

Minister Ayelet Shaked, say: Do you already have a valid passport?

An early planning of 4 months in an attempt to renew a passport for a bat mitzvah trip, generated not only nerves and discouragement, but mostly anger at the state failing to fulfill its duty.

It is time for someone to stand up and sue the State of Israel, or at least get an explanation from the Interior Minister, who has become a serial failure in the management of several thousand officials

Liat Ron


Wednesday, 25 May 2022, 13:21 Updated: 13:34

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Congratulations to my little one on March 12th.

The excitement for the bat mitzvah was immense and the extraordinary planning of the celebrations began two months before.

She did not want a big party with an open oyster, but asked to take a trip "in a squeak" abroad instead of an expensive celebration

. At

the same time as planning the route, pins were already stuck in equal locations where we would visit on the way.

We decided to fly in early June. From that moment on, a rolling nightmare began, which culminated today.

Hours upon hours, easily accumulated for two consecutive days, I sat in front of the screen, typing in the ID number, then the phone, trying to find an appointment at a vacant office, failing and starting the procedure from scratch and so on and so forth.

I became a queue hunter lurking for them late at night and into the morning, when everything was quiet and everyone was asleep and when it finally looked like I had managed to capture one, it immediately became clear that someone nimble from me had already kidnapped him.

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In collaboration with Galil

A continuing failure to fulfill a basic obligation of the state towards its citizens and possibly also a cause for action (Photo: ShutterStock)

I also signed up for the excellent service of Nisso Mazuz by telegram and started competing for available appointments all over the country and when it was temporarily closed, I almost burst into tears.

In the end, by no means, we managed to get our hands on a queue on June 7 (7.6, three days before the planned trip).

In Hadera - and we are from Tel Aviv in general.

In desperation that much, I do not mind going to Hadera, but since printing a passport takes a month to a month and a half, we have nothing to go there, because even if we are issued a passport, we will not receive it by the time of flight.

In the face of all this, I was deaf, in the face of many troubles: I am of course exposed to all the reports in the media and I already realized that one has to take a deep breath to succeed in the process, which should be (remind us) an elementary service to the citizen.

But the breaking point was today, when the Population and Immigration Authority released Get a People and a World opened over ten thousand new queues for the new "Passport Emergency Center" inaugurated last week in Bnei Brak and issuing temporary passports for a year at double the price.

Of course when I opened the site I tried to make an appointment and I couldn't.

Each time an annoying security code popped up again and again and prevented basic access to it.

I wonder who the company that operates it is and whether it still dares to call itself a technology company.

Bottom line - new queues may have opened, but I did not have access to them, because the site and the app crashed and so she was swallowed up for another hour by the black guy of the Population Authority.

If I were one of the cheeky citizens who remembers at the last minute to renew my passport and comes to the system with complaints, I would shut up.

But four months before a flight abroad, it is a perfectly reasonable period of time to receive a basic service from the State of Israel, which takes me half of what I earn every month

. .

Definately not.

Not to mention the violation of the basic right of every citizen to freedom of movement, which is violated by the authorities that are supposed to protect it.

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked.

She may be hoping for a day when she will run the country, but in the meantime she is failing to manage a few thousand officials (Photo: Walla !, Reuven Castro)

Unlawful extortion

There is no escape.

It is time to rehabilitate a nervous citizen and sue the State of Israel on behalf of all of us, the good citizens who fulfill their obligations to it, and cannot get back the minimum it must give.

To charge a triple sum from someone who fails to make an appointment, because the clerks do not want to work on Friday, or any other unfounded excuse, is no less than illegally extorting money.

The Population Authority has a boss and her name is Ayelet Shaked, a skilled politician, a strong and active woman, with great ambitions that I wish her would come true.

But if it is unable to run a system with several thousand officials, it is not clear how it can be trusted to run much more complex tasks in the future.

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