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The beach has no price: we went out to check out what's new on the swimwear shelf - Walla! Of money


The last weekend before the summer months is a good opportunity to examine what is being done on the swimwear shelf: from cheap to expensive and from classic to trendy

The beach has no price: we went out to check out what's new on the swimwear shelf

The last weekend before the summer months is a good opportunity to examine what is being done on the swimwear shelf: from cheap to expensive and from classic to trendy

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Thursday, 30 June 2022, 07:48 Updated: Saturday, 02 July 2022, 06:44

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jack kuba Price: NIS 479 (Photo: PR)

back to the Future

Intima chain launches the swimwear collection for the summer of 2022, with fashionable, printed and smooth models, in different cuts, made from sculptural fabrics in models designed according to the female body inspired by the worlds of RESORT, in an atmosphere of vacation with a cozy retro-nostalgic look.

The predominant color is of pastel colors with a washed and faded look, alongside a line of classic black swimwear and timeless cuts.

Price range: NIS 100-400.

Size range: XS-XXL.

Available at the chain's branches and on the online website

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Intimate swimsuit, price range: NIS 100-400 (Photo: Dudi Hasson)

Yasu Adika

ADIKA launches the swimwear and beachwear collection for the summer of 2022 in bold colors that reveal the hot trends of the summer.

The brand's swimwear campaign of 2022 is led by the brand's models: Anna Zack, Maya Kay, Sophie Ginzburg, Lee Rokach, and Christina Rose Malka.

The collection presents a range of models that is suitable for every woman and every body type.

The prints in the collection are inspired by the 70s, and inspired by the Greek atmosphere in front of Mykonos landscapes at hot beach parties.

Size range XS-XL, price range: NIS 59-139.

Available on the website and in the chain stores

adika swimsuit, price range: NIS 59-139 (Photo: Adi Segal)

to all the family

Castro's swimwear collection is presented with a selection of cuts, strapless bikinis, triangles, complete in different cuts, and plenty of prints and colors.

Paisley prints, squares in red and white, floral prints alongside smooth colors.

Models are offered for men, women, children and toddlers.

Price range: NIS 70-130 Available at Castro stores and on the company's website

Castro swimsuit, price range: NIS 70-130 (Photo: Dudi Hasson)

Elements from nature

The new collection of the Dutch fashion brand SCOTCH & SODA is characterized by colorful and bold models, made in flattering cuts in a retro atmosphere and inspired by elements from nature such as: land, sea and flowers.

The collection includes complete swimwear and bikini models.

Also - a double-sided model for expanding diversity in the private collection with one swimsuit.

Size range: XS-XL, price range: NIS 199-899 Available at branches and on the website

Scotch & soda swimsuit, price range: NIS 199-899 (Photo: PR abroad)

To the spring

Maayan Adam's collection for Renoir includes 5 models and each model has several colors and prints.

A person who was involved in the entire design process from the fabrics to the choice of colors and cuts said that the inspiration came from real women like her until learning 48. "I wanted to create something that everyone can find for themselves, in their shape, size Him over others. "

The price range of the models in the collection: NIS 100-300.

Available on the Renoir website

Renoir Maayan Adam's swimwear collection, price range: NIS 100-300 (Photo: Shai Franco)

water World

JACK KUBA's swimwear collection is sexy, powerful and colorful, as if sweeping into an unforgettable vacation on the beaches of exotic islands.

The beachwear collection complements the classic total look, and includes frau in a variety of prints, beach dresses, galabiyas and more.

Colorful floral prints in the Caribbean style, shades of blue and turquoise, striped combinations in red and white, gold and other inspirations taken from the wild and colorful animal worlds and water worlds.

Price range starting from: NIS 540-1048.

Available on the website and in the chain stores

jack kuba swimwear, price range from: NIS 540-1048 (Photo: PR)

Negev land

ZOHARA's summer collection includes a color palette characterized by earth and desert colors, olive, navy blue and of course the timeless black.

Also this season, the brand's swimwear is offered without trends and displays color on a temporary basis.

The cuts are low and varied, all with removable caps and internal support for the chest.

The fabrics from Spain and Italy are specially sculpted and the cuts are adapted to the woman's body, at any age and in any size.

Prices: NIS 179-529.

Size range: S to XL (36 to 46).

Available at the ZOHARA Dizengoff 255 Tel Aviv store and at

Zohara swimwear, prices: NIS 179-529 (Photo: Dor Sharon)

Most beautiful when you are comfortable

The "Octopus" chain offers a swimwear collection for the summer, the main emphasis of which is an equal price for every pocket.

Among the prominent trends in the high-cut bikini collection (which is also suitable for pregnant women), models that combine a built-in belt for blurring the abdomen and a bustier cut for the top.

Swimwear comes in a wide range of sizes, using a fabric with toning techniques and maximum comfort and adaptation to different body types.

Price range: NIS 30-60.

Available in chain stores nationwide and on the website

Octopus swimwear, price range: NIS 30-60 (Photo: Alex Lipkin)

A bad girl from a good home

Razili presents a collection of swimwear in fashionable designs in a variety of complete swimsuits that convey the look of a Bad Girl in the front and a good girl in the back, while the bikini presents tight and precise cuts.

In each of the swimwear, attention is paid to the smallest details, from the tying ribbons and necklines to adjusting the cuts for comfort and the use of fashionable colors.

Prices starting at: NIS 449.

Obtain Barzilai branches and website

Razili's swimwear, prices starting at: NIS 449 (Photo: Liron Weissman)

The fashion of sustainability

MANGO's swimwear collection presents fashionable and trendy from flattering cuts for the body to diverse textures and fabrics, cuts and colorful colors.

As part of the brand's environmental agenda and its commitment to preserving the environment, the collection includes a variety of Committed models made from fabrics or sustainable processes that reduce their environmental impact and preserve the environment and the planet.

Price, starting at NIS 130.

Available at MANGO chain stores

mango, swimwear at prices starting at NIS 130 (Photo: PR abroad)

Mix and match

In the FOX swimwear collection alongside the classic cuts, you can see a variety of bikini models that include triangular bras and bustiers that are complemented by underwear in a variety of cuts, with the option of mix & match, complete swimwear with and combinations of fabrics with trendy textures.

Along with the classic black, the bright colors of pink, yellow, purple and light blue are also used, which are reflected in prints of waves, flowers, stripes, Tai Day effect and more.

Price: starting at NIS 40.

Available at chain stores and on the company's website:

FOX swimwear, price: starting at NIS 40 (Photo: Guy Kushi and Yariv Payne)

The more blue the deeper

JUMP & ONOT's swimwear collection presents models in styles and cuts with the option of mix & match, and complete swimwear in the style of overalls, surf, shell or classic cuts.

The collection is characterized by colors that include the classic black and blue alongside combinations of graphic prints, flowers and combinations of details such as deep neckline ties and more.

Size range: 42-50 Price, starting at: NIS 100, available at the chain's branches and website

Jump & onot swimwear collection, starting at: NIS 100 (Photo: PR)

Sporty and dry

Arena's swimwear collections for summer 2022 bring with it many innovations that will both look good on you and protect you from the sun's rays.

Today's swimsuit is not the swimsuit of yesteryear, the brand's sporty swimwear collection, they are resistant to UV and chlorine radiation, have a soft and light fabric from technology - Microfiber Peach Touch, made of 100% polyester that dries quickly and reduces the feeling of heaviness when leaving the water.

You can get the range of Arena swimwear for women and men at Mega Sport branches and on the website for NIS 120-240.

Available at Mega Sport stores and on the website:

Mega Sport Women's Swimwear Arena, price range: NIS 120-240 (Photo: PR)

Suitable for everyone

The British fashion website NEXT is launching a collection of swimwear for women for the summer of 2022 and presents a variety of cuts and cuts, designs and sizes.

The collection appeals to every woman, with every body type and includes complete swimwear, bikinis and tankinis, in a variety of trendy designs that include prints, bright and dominant colors, along with classic colors.

In the collection you will also find a selection of swimwear adapted to the period of pregnancy.

Available in sizes 34-54.

Price range: NIS 26-927.

NEXT's online website in Israel

A wide range of swimwear on the next website, price range: NIS 26-927. (Photo: PR)

Basic and temporary

FIX SWIMWEAR FIX's swimwear collection for summer 2022 includes a variety of items in summer colors alongside the temporary basic shades.

Fabrics: rib, polyester.

Price range: NIS 100-150 for a full swimsuit, NIS 100 for a top, NIS 100 for a bottom.

Available online at the store and on the website:

fix swimwear collection, top price NIS 100 lower part NIS 10 (Photo: Meirav Ben Lulu)

In a good environment

There is no fashion company that does not want to flaunt an environmental agenda.

Here are some of the successes:

The Biliblond swimwear brand, which produces its fashionable models in Israel, is launching a new and unique thoughtful collection under the environmental slogan GIVE BACK, in collaboration with the "Ecoution" association, which works to preserve and protect Israel's marine environment.

The Biliblond brand, which 90% of its swimwear is made from recycled fabrics, promised to donate 15% of the collection's revenues to the association's activities and thus actually support the preservation of the marine environment.

The brand, in addition to being young but classic, bold but conservative, colorful but calm, takes care of the production of models made of fabrics made of polyester and polyamide fibers produced by an Italian company.

The special fiber is made of plastic which is collected from the oceans in recycling activities from the agenda of sustainability.

The fiber undergoes a long process of recycling that turns it, in the end, into a fiber adapted for fabric production.

In addition, the company's production line operates according to fair trade, all products are packed in cartons, fabric and recycled paper when the goods are transported in a minimum of nylon - other ways to take care of the environment and return it for good.

The hygiene stickers and all the labels attached to the clothes are made of recycled paper, and the company's stores use reusable bags instead of disposable bags.

The price range of the recycled Blaine models: NIS 250-600.

Available at:

Sustainability fashion takes place in Billiblund, price range: NIS 250-600 (Photo: Gur Keren)

Stella also recycles

The adidas by Stella McCartney swimsuit features an adidas bikini and top by designer Stella McCartney made of polished nylon material and adapts itself to the body in a tight and stretchy fit that encourages full range of motion, with a racerback cut to make sure nothing restricts movement.

It is made from at least 60% recycled fabric and represents the effort of sports giant Adidas to help finish plastic waste.

The top comes with a zipper for a perfect fit and an innovative design.

Along the garment are reflective prints with the brand name.

Comes in black and is sold in 2 separate parts.

Size range: 28- 48. Price range: top at NIS 400 bikini - NIS 300, available at selected Adidas stores and on the trade website

adidas x stella mccartney, made from about 60% recycled plastic, price: NIS 300-400 per item (Photo: PR abroad)

Recycle at speed

The Speedo brand has also taken many actions over the years to preserve the planet, such as planting trees in strategic places that contribute to preventing global warming, the use of recycled materials and collaborations with communities that work for a green environment.

Eco Endurance Plus Collection (ECO ENDURANCE +): An ecological fabric made of 50% polyester and consisting of plastic bottles found in the sea, completely resistant to chlorine and dries very quickly.

These are sculpted swimwear Speedo's sculpted swimwear collection gathers the body and emphasizes the shape, comfortable and with a very sporty look and you can move with them freely.

Size range: 32-42 (British sizes) depending on model, price range: NIS 149-269.

Available at select stores.

Speedo (Photo: PR abroad)

Aerie's REAL GOOD swimwear collection from American Eagle presents swimwear that is made from recycled materials and produced in sustainability processes.

The collection is made from 80% recycled polyester, sustainable raw materials, recycled fabrics, natural colors and textiles without pesticides.

AERIE's swimwear collection for summer 2022 is richer than ever and includes a wide range of cuts and styles, ranging from two-piece swimwear that includes triangular bras, collar bras, bustier-looking bras and more.

The bra collection is complemented by underwear in a wide variety of cuts, all with the option of mix & match.

The collection also includes complete, smooth, colorful swimwear with graphic prints, which are displayed in various and varied cuts, ranging from classic cuts, deep necklines, bare backs, cut-out games and more.

The swimwear collection is characterized by a particularly rich color of black, blue, red, green, white alongside strong and trendy colors for the current season of yellow, orange, pink and more.

AERIE from American Eagle takes environmental responsibility and continues the change that has begun in recent years, in order to be a company that does not emit carbon dioxide in all its production processes until 2030.

The aerie brand is available in AMERICAN EAGLE stores nationwide, in aerie stores nationwide and on Terminal X https: //

aerie from American Eagle, price NIS 80 instead of NIS 250 (Photo: PR abroad)

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