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The great freedom: the community project that offers activities for less than NIS 25 - Walla! Of money


A community project of RiseUp will allow every family to enjoy an Israeli summer at reasonable prices of up to NIS 25

The great freedom: the community project that offers activities for less than NIS 25

The great freedom has become the terror of parents in Israel, the tempting entertainment options make it difficult for the bank to pay and burden the monthly cash flow.

To alleviate the financial burden of the summer, RiseUp has set up a community venture that combines activities all over the country, at a cost of up to NIS 25

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Thursday, 30 June 2022, 09:37 Updated: Sunday, 03 July 2022, 08:54

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Blender Campaign Loans for Family Vacations Good to Know (Photo: ShutterStock)

The great freedom is fun for children, but a considerable expense for parents even in normal years, not to mention the current summer, which is marked by the steep rise in the cost of living.

According to a survey conducted by RiseUp, more than half of Israelis report economic stress expected in the summer, about 40% of them are preparing for entertainment expenses higher than NIS 5,000 during the big holiday period, and about 33% had to postpone urgent expenses during this period (such as medical care, treatment Mental, repair and renovation of the house).

In addition, according to the survey data, most Israelis are unable to prepare in advance for the heavy summer expenses.

Only about 9% of Israelis manage to put money aside to deal with the heavy costs of the summer months, and 69% of respondents say they have not been able to prepare financially for the summer.

To alleviate the financial burden of the summer, RiseUp, in collaboration with the "Be It Together" community, with more than 32,000 members, has set up the "Israeli Summer" website, a community venture that combines activities throughout the country at a significantly lower cost than market average. Cost of up to NIS 25 per activity.

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In collaboration with max

Reisap's summer site, a community venture that combines low-cost activities (Photo: PR)

Without remorse and without tearing the pocket

The "Israeli Summer" website is designed to provide a solution to the economic challenges of the summer, without compromising on the quality of the vacation.

The content on the site will be produced by community members, who in recent weeks have begun the work of gathering information and creating unique activities.

Along with the pool of attractions, the site will offer activities that sanctify the Israeli summer we all grew up on: such a summer that does not sweat economically, a fun and pleasant summer that gives real economic freedom and allows us and children to have fun without unnecessary expenses, without remorse and without tearing their pockets.

This is the second year that the "Israeli Summer" project has been launched.

Last summer, about 200,000 Israeli men and women took part in thousands of summer activities, at affordable prices for all pockets and all over the country - from theater performances, stories in the public garden, field trips, pools, sessions, workshops, city trips - all up to NIS 25.

Activities with children nationwide, Reisap summer site (Photo: PR)

Attractions, events and activities

Examples from the hundreds of attractions, events and activities on the site:

The International Streets Festival for Living Sculptures

: A festival that leads culture and innovation, with artists from Israel and the world.

Tuesdays through Thursdays, July 5-7, free for children.

Petah Tikva Zoo

- an unusual green gem among the zoos in the country.

The garden has a wide variety of animals such as monkeys, elk, ostriches, many waterfowl, sheep and goats, parrots, snakes and more.

Always open, NIS 25 per person.

Family game Find the treasure at the Ein Keshetot heritage site

- The Nature and Parks Authority invites families to visit the heritage site and enjoy a family game of "Find the treasure".

Sunday the 3.7.

15 NIS for a child, 25 NIS for an adult.

Beer Sheva Festival

- an artists' fair for the whole family, creative workshops and a major show.

Instead of food stalls and pony rides for a nominal fee.

Friday, the 1.7 at 12:00, free for all participants.

From the entertainment offered at Reisap's summer site, entertainment at the zoo (Photo: ShutterStock)

"Economic pressure - for real great freedom"

Yuval Samet, co-founder and CEO of RiseUp, said

: “Parents in Israel are used to thinking that in order to have fun with their children in the summer they have to spend a lot of money, but it really does not have to be that way.

Through a combination of technology and community, in which we believe in RiseUp, the "Israeli Summer" website will help parents get out of financial stress - for real great freedom.

"" Israeli Summer ":

Riseup offers a digital service (on the web And


) that allows its customers to control their daily expenses, save and grow financially. The unique flat developed by the company combines advanced technology, expert guidance and community support.

Each category of consumption.The data is updated in real time according to expenses and income, and helps in making informed economic decisions - including encouraging and increasing savings.

In any financial dilemma one can consult with the financial experts of Reizap or with the members of its Facebook community ‘be on it together’.

According to a study from an outside institute, it was found that many families improved their monthly cash flow by an average of NIS 1,100 within 3 months or less from the moment they joined the service.

In addition, about 25% of the families who joined the service with a negative cash flow reached a positive cash flow within 3 months or less.

Reisap was founded in 2017 by Yuval Samet, Yiftach Bar, Tamara Harel Cohen and Hanan Rubin and currently employs about 70 people.

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