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Cost of protection from the cost of living: this is how we will protect ourselves from the sun without tearing our pockets - Walla! Of money


Awareness of the dangers of radiation from the sun does not keep us away from the beaches and outdoor activities even at the height of summer. To bridge the gap, we use expensive protection products. Where we will not pay dearly


Cost of protection from the cost of living: This is how we will protect ourselves from the sun without tearing our pockets

Awareness of the dangers of radiation from the sun does not keep us away from the beaches and outdoor activities even at the height of summer.

To bridge this gap, we use expensive protection products.

Where can we find them at a reasonable price?

We went out to check

Dr. Hezi Gur Mizrahi


Thursday, 07 July 2022, 08:13 Updated: 08:34

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Awareness of solar radiation damage does not drive us away from the beach (Photo: ShutterStock)

The summer season has officially opened and with it came the congestion at airports, hotels, parks and beaches.

Despite the growing awareness of the danger of radiation from the sun, the tanned appearance still dominates - and sends most of us to look for solutions in the field of sun protection products.

While dermatologists warn that there is no such thing as a "healthy tan" but at most a reduction in sun damage with the help of preparations with high protection coefficients, consumers who are addicted to tanning are willing to pay almost any price to feel safe even by the sea.

And not just on the beach: almost every activity outside that takes place in the summer months (and in Israel also in quite a few of the winter months) exposes us to the dangers of radiation.

Solutions for sun protection are divided into the first two is the prevention of direct exposure of the sun's rays to our skin, long wear as is customary among desert dwellers, or - what is more common in Western society: the use of sunscreens that give us a temporary solution to protect from various sun rays.

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Sun protection Market shares (Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman, Daniel Malakhovsky)

The first protection factor was developed in 1938 by Franz Greiter

who was a chemist who was burned during a mountain climb and subsequently located the solution that has since developed a market with a series of products that entered our consumption basket.

SUN PROTECTION FACTOR The sun protection factor that gives us the indication of the time of exposure to the sun

. Unknown branded products have already been found that have caused reverse action and damage, the recommendation from the experts is to consume a product with at least 15 SPF for daily use and with longer exposure, a product with 30 SPF.

The protection coefficients are sold in the form of oil, spray, cream or solid material using a stick.

The cream is the most common product and the spray penetrates the consumer culture mainly thanks to the ease of use, also there is a meaning to the skin type, there is a difference between the skin types of consumers and sensitivities as well as between exposure of children and adults.

The price differences of sun protection products between the various chains (Photo: Daniel Malakhovsky)

The sun protection market in Israel generates more than NIS 78 million a year and the sales rate this year shows an increase of about 5% compared to last year and the gaps may be higher with more trips and entertainment after a long period of corona virus effects and restrictions.

Also in the market of sunscreens we encounter significant centralization with control of more than 57% of all market sales of Dr. Fisher. A


of about 17% of all sales.

Internationally known, it is relatively limited - the brand accounts for only about 3% of all sales in the market.

Consumption patterns vary between shopping at pharma chains and various supermarket chains, pharma chains hold more than 65% of all sales and a huge variety, and accordingly the consumer is diverse and buys special and more expensive products, compared to supermarket chains where there is no rich variety and there is close competition between Dr. Fisher and Skin.

In any case, the prices of products in Israel put our part in a difficult dilemma: should we burn our budget or be burned by the sun?

Basket of sun protection products (Photo: Daniel Malakhovsky)

The author is the CEO of the Institute for Retail Research

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