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Google, Netflix and Tesla: the ranking of the most desirable workplaces in Israel - voila! Of money


New survey: Google, Microsoft and Apple are the companies where Israelis dream of working, but right after them is the streaming giant. And where is Tesla located?

Google, Netflix and Tesla: ranking of the most desirable workplaces in Israel

A new and first study of its kind conducted in Israel followed job seekers in the Israeli market, a third of them from the high-tech field, and examined what their considerations were when choosing a workplace.

According to the results, 'Google', 'Microsoft' and 'Apple' are the companies where Israelis dream of working.

Where do you think 'Netflix' and 'Tesla' are located?

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 09:54 Updated: 10:41

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Israelis chose the most desirable jobs (Photo: ShutterStock)

So where do Israelis seeking high-tech most want to work?

A new study reveals some names, some of which we could have assumed in advance, and some of which manage to surprise.

The study, which was conducted against the background of the high-tech employment crisis, was carried out by the Punia Social company and the Direct Polls Institute, and included 1,055 respondents in Israel, about a third of whom are defined as high-tech workers.

Let's start with the surprise: from the results of the survey, it appears that the company "Tesla" is included in the list of the ten most desirable workplaces in Israel as part of a new study, in which it is placed in the respectable seventh place (17% percent perceive the company as the "employer of dreams"), and it overtakes well-respected and old companies such as " Elbit" (12% percent), "Raphael" (11% percent) and the Electric Company (10% percent).

However, the streaming giant Netflix overtook the electric car - with a figure of 22%, placing it in fourth place in Israel.

Elon Musk can be satisfied (Photo: AP)

Google rules

The first place is taken by


with 47% of the respondents who perceive the employer as the most desirable in Israel, followed by


(37%) and



After Netflix, which is placed as mentioned in fourth place, WIX (17% percent) and Playtka (16% percent) are placed.

Among high-tech only, the figures are similar, but in different proportions: the most desirable company is Google with 55% sympathy, followed by Microsoft (40%) and Apple (39%).

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Google offices.

The most desirable workplace among Israelis (47%) (Photo: ShutterStock)

A winning organizational atmosphere

The study also examined the considerations of the employees in choosing the workplace, and it shows that atmosphere and organizational culture, salary, professional challenge, leadership and ability to advance in the company (88%), work-home balance, proximity to the place of residence, and hybrid work were the main considerations in choosing the workplace of job seekers and employees in the high-tech world.

93% of the respondents claimed that the organizational atmosphere is the most significant consideration, followed by salary (92%), professional challenge (88%), leadership and the ability to advance in the company (88%), work-home balance, proximity to the place of residence (81%), hybrid work (81%).

The least significant considerations - flexibility in job percentages (56%) and the size of the organization (57%).

The possibility of hybrid work as a leading consideration (81%) in choosing the workplace (Photo: ShutterStock)

Facebook is a leader among job seekers

In addition, the study examined the most effective tools that influenced job seekers and found that valuable messages, humor and posts on social networks were the most influential factor in choosing a workplace.

The study also found that Facebook is still the leading platform among high-tech people in Israel for job searching.

Alongside this, the majority of high-tech workers (63%) reported that they searched or are looking for jobs through friends, 59% also searched through websites of specific companies or from job offers that reach them.

It was also found that the job search time in the high-tech industry is the lowest (3.12 months) compared to the third and public sector (3.71 months), and compared to the general sector (4.23 months).

The high-tech people are looking for work mainly through Facebook (Photo: ShutterStock)

Humor is more important than a presenter

In terms of the messages in the employers' ads, it was found that the most effective (59%) were value messages that spoke to them.

43% reported that humor affects them and 37% reported that posts on social networks activate them.

In a way that suits the modernized world of work, it is evident that employees are looking for the "untied" and authentic side of the company and looking to get to know the company's values, humor and stories on social networks.

Contrary to popular opinion, using a familiar presenter (4%) and billboards (2%) are not an effective tool for recruiting employees.

They may be a tool to raise awareness for the company.

Using a well-known presenter and billboards increase awareness of the company, but are not an effective tool for recruiting employees (Photo: ShutterStock)

The results may change the perception of HR departments

Liat Cohen, CEO of Ponia Social, who led the research

: "The labor market in Israel is mostly studied by the employers, now we have data that allows us to deeply understand the side of the male and female workers, especially in the high-tech industry.

" It will not disappear overnight, the preferences of employees and workers have changed a lot after the corona virus in Israel, therefore innovative insights dealing with employer branding moves are a significant tool.

" "The survey we published also reveals quite a few surprises that will change the perception of many marketing and HR departments.

We are happy to provide the industry, and in particular to managers and personnel managers, new tools and information in the process of recruiting and retaining human capital in the company," Cohen added.

Liat Cohen, CEO of Ponia Social (Photo: Keren Ganor)

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