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And we have falafel: how much has the national dish become more expensive in five years? - Walla! Of money


Falafel is not only great fun, but is also considered the most basic food, at an affordable price for everyone. How much has our national dish become more expensive in recent years?


And we have falafel: how much has the national dish become more expensive in five years?

Falafel is not only great fun, but is also considered the most basic food, one that can be prepared quickly, packed in a pita and eaten when it's hot, fresh and satisfying - all for an affordable price.

How much has our national dish become more expensive in the last 5 years?

Walla's "Shawarma Lafa index"!

Went out to check


Of money


Wednesday, August 03, 2022, 1:30 p.m. Updated: 1:46 p.m.

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If you stare at this picture without being provoked, you are invited to return the Israeli passport to the Ministry of the Interior (Photo: ShutterStock)

The "tuna protest" that broke out recently and ignited the anger of consumers towards the major importers (after they announced a sharp price increase), proved what we have all been feeling here for years: prices in Israel always move in one direction - up.

Some of the importers did go back on their intention to make products more expensive until after the holidays, but none of them issued a solemn announcement of their intention to go out with discounts due to the drop in the price of fuel, the reduction in transportation costs, the drop in the euro exchange rate or the significant reduction in wheat prices.

One can only dream about that.

Walla's "Shawarma Blafa Index" tracks the change in Israeli food prices, and proves how true the axiom of "the direction is always up" is.

Today we will check how much a portion of falafel has increased in the last five years.

Falafel fries in Jerusalem.

How did our most popular food become so expensive? (Photo: Yael Laor)

The Retail Research Institute

conducted a survey among 62 falafel shops in ten cities in Israel, with at least three years of experience, where total falafel sales make up 80% of the business turnover.

The findings are amazing: the average price of a falafel dish increased in the five years from 2018 to 2022 (inclusive) by a total of 65.2%.

In 2018, an average falafel dish increased by about 11 and a half shekels, while today the average per dish is 19



Arab and ultra-Orthodox population is significantly lower compared to the price of a falafel dish in the center and the lowlands. In the central cities, the price can reach 25 shekels for a pita, a few falafel balls, two spoons of salad, tahini hummus and chips.

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Submitted by Apostrophe

Falafel Middle East in Tel Aviv.

What do you think is the ingredient that most influences the price of the dish? (Photo: David Moyal)

The hummus, the tahini, the vegetables or the pita: you won't believe who is mainly responsible for the price increase

The sharpest jump in price was between 2018-2019, by more than 17%.

The ratio of price increases in the year in question was unusual even in the face of the increase in the prices of raw materials.

Each of the components of the dish, which is so Israeli, contributed its own to the sharp price increase: in 2018,


cost only about 75 shekels, while today its price is 1.15 shekels, an increase of 53%.

A kilogram of chickpeas five years ago was NIS 10.5 per kilogram, while today its price is NIS 12.7, a difference of no less than 20.9%.

The price of

fresh vegetables

for the institutional market increased by 18% from 2018 until today, but the really big jump was in the prices of packaging and related products:

disposable utensils, bags, and packaging paper that

became more expensive by 36%, and who doesn't need (at least) a paper bag to prevent the tahini from leaking on the shirt while biting.

So the next time you stop by a falafel stand and buy a steaming pita full of goodness, seize the moment and save the receipt.

It is likely that in a year it will become a nostalgic exhibit with a price that can only be missed.

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