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Turn ideas into reality: a visit to the Cadence offices - voila! Of money


In my life we ​​tried to understand what is being done at "Cadence", but at the end of a long hour of conversation, all we can safely say is "something with chips". What's more, they probably do it really well

Turning ideas into reality: a visit to the Cadence offices

In my life we ​​tried to understand what is being done at "Cadence", but at the end of a long hour of conversation, all we can safely say is "something with chips".

Maybe that's why while their employees indulge in a pilates class and an ice cream machine, we enjoy a free ride in the elevator

Liat Ron


Thursday, August 04, 2022, 2:45 p.m. Updated: 3:49 p.m.

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From the right: Shushi Shamil, Yizhar Melnikovsky and Dinah Dabach (photo: Reuven Castro)

What we do: Cadence, which is traded on Nasdaq, provides development infrastructure for the chip industry and is used as a software tool for test design and tools for chip verification tests. The company has expertise in the field of computational software, and it develops and supplies software, hardware and IP, which turn ideas into reality.


Shushi Shamil

, 39 years old, married plus four, lives in Petah Tikva. Position: Sr. Application Engineer Manager, seven years in the company.

Diana Dabach

, 24 years old, engaged, lives in Deir al-Assad. Position: software engineer, two years in the company.

Yizhar Malinkovsky

, 41 years old, Married for over three years, lives in Lapid.Position: Solutions Engineer, eight years in the company.

Each room is named after an Israeli artist: the Kadishman room, the Naomi Shemer room, the Emil Habibi room and the Ephraim Kishon room (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: The company has two centers in Israel.

One in Haifa, and the other in Pet, located far from the Intel building and spread over two floors. The windows overlook green fields and the light rail excavations - and to bring nature inside, right next to the reception there is a wall full of plants and next to it a sitting area with a gray sofa and two armchairs

. Huge and divided into a space and glass-fronted offices, each of which is dedicated to famous Israelis.

There is the Kadishman room with a painting of a sheep, Naomi Shemer's room decorated with her portrait, Emil Habibi and also Ephraim Kishon. There are distance-keeping signs left over from the corona. An internal staircase connects between The two floors and each of them has a kitchenette and a cheap corner for a snack. There is also a "fan room" with a TV, Xbox and board games for children.

Coffee break

: the dining room has long tables, diner corners and more intimate tables and the kitchenette is white with green marble on the wall.

Right at the entrance is an ice cream machine of a start-up located in the building, with flavored frozen capsules that are inserted into the machine.

On the island there are pastries, fruits and salads from the morning, tzatziki, bulgul and lettuce with sprouts served and prepared lemons, a basket of personal jams, sandwich cookies, halvah and a bowl of fruit.

On the counter there are push toasters and a pop-up toaster, as well as microwaves and on the shelf above it are placed coffee, tea, chocolate, cornflakes, nuts, dates and granola.

In one refrigerator there is white cheese, flavored cottage cheese, milky delicacies, Yolo, Yoghurt Peru, tahini, breadcrumbs for toasts, sausages in a separate drawer and milk of every possible kind, in the second there are mainly fruits and vegetables as well as soft drinks. There is also a drawer for crackers, a bread drawer and a shelf canned goods in the cupboard.

good to know (in advance)

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Served on behalf of B Cure Laser

Don't find out, but the ice cream machine is in Barter with a start-up located in the same building (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: When she was a child in Deir al-Assad,


was not exposed to technology and discovered the computer in high school.

"We had a computer teacher who believed and invested in me and thought that this would be my profession in the future and I found myself in programming. At home, all my brothers are involved in electrical engineering or computers, so it was natural.

"After graduation I wanted to enroll in computer science, but because my grades were not enough, I started to study biomedical engineering, but I quickly realized that I was not in the right place and managed to move there.

I tried to start working as early as possible in order to gain experience and exhaust myself and I was accepted for a student position at Intel and after graduating, a company that worked at Cadence brought me here.

"It was at the height of the corona virus. Although I did all the interviews on Zoom and I did not see the office, I felt part of the team because of the great support I received. From the first moment I loved the company and really wanted to meet with everyone. I am in the group that builds the algorithm, which makes sure that the verification process of the chip will be effective More".


always loved mathematics and geometry, built models of houses and was sure she would become an architect.

In the division, she received her first computer, but did not devote herself to it, because she was sure that her future would be in house planning.

After military service as an electro-optics technician, and when she realized that she did not have enough background in design to enroll in architecture, she began to study electrical engineering and was less connected to the programming classes during her degree.

While studying, she also, like Diana, started working at Intel, in the field of chip development in Haifa and then I moved to Tel Aviv.

"I was at Intel for ten years, in several positions related to the field of chips," Shushi says, "and then I felt that I had to make a change. A friend of my husband's, who is also in the field, told him that Cadence was looking for employees, I made contact and that's how I ended up here. I was hired as an application engineer and three years ago Years ago I was promoted to be the head of a team of five employees, in an organization that develops chips, they make the adjustments between Cadence's tools for customers. We accompany them from the initial planning hand in hand."

You know the curious children, who like to explore everything?


was such a child.

He spent a lot of time outside, liked to study alone and was strong in the practical subjects, and in high school he expanded on physics and mathematics.

He enlisted in a pilot course and after eight months he failed and found himself in Modi'in HA, in the area of ​​decoding. After his release he was a tribal center in Scopus for two years, and after some hesitation he started to study a double degree in electrical engineering and physics at Ben Gurion University.

At some point he felt that he was busy putting out fires and had two major degrees on him and chose to continue only in electrical engineering and started working at a solar energy start-up until it closed.

His wife decided to pursue a master's degree at B.S., they stayed in the south and he found a job at a start-up that dealt in electro-optics in Netanya

. Cadence.

I entered the website, submitted a form and was accepted as a protocol developer, from there I moved to the sales team as a development manager and recently returned to the research and development department as a product engineer."

For the soul: Shushi's four children are small, so most of the little free time she has is devoted to them.

"It's important to me to invest in children and right now I'm interested in content related to parent guidance, listening to podcasts, reading articles. Work is very demanding and parenting is no less demanding, so you have to plan everything. We like to travel as a family and teach the children to ski."

During high school, Diana watched the series "Friends" so many times that she can only hear a small part of an episode, keep dubbing it and see the scene in her head.

Yezhar's parents went on a two and a half year mission to Singapore when he was in the fourth grade.

He remembers this period as an amazing experience, acquired mastery of English and got a reference for everything in life.

He manages to find time to run, ride in the Ben Shemen forest and swim.

There is a running group with a trainer and a Pilates class.

We don't want to argue, but the offices in Haifa are content with a gym with an instructor (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Added value:

in Corona, they made sure to pamper the employees and show care and sent them, among other things, an old-fashioned game set, a kit for planting pots, making macarons, and making cocktails.

In Pet there is a running group with a trainer, and a Pilates class in the Great Hall and in Haifa there is a gym with a permanent instructor. Before the Corona virus there was a tradition of a year-end event in Eilat, with performances by artists together with the spouses

. In the amount of NIS 50,000 for anyone who is in the process of surrogacy or adoption, and this is in addition to the extension of maternity leave (for the second parent) by an additional two weeks beyond what is required by law; private health insurance at the company's expense, free counseling services on a helpline that is available 24/7 also for the employees' family members , including five free private consultation sessions.

Shushi says that there are many courses that are open to those who want, time management, employee management, and standing and presenting in front of an audience, and there is also an online course in Arabic from "Madrasah", an organization that teaches non-Arabic speakers to acquire the language and be able to hold a fluent conversation.

Yizhar is considered one of the outstanding students of the course.

Diana: "I am a member of the site's 'Fan Time' group in Haifa. We meet every week to plan events and activities that will create a good atmosphere. Every holiday we celebrate together, Purim was a great party, we ate Iftar together and at the end of the year we went to a restaurant to be together. Every week there is a bar with beers and cocktails and someone gives a lecture on a topic unrelated to work."

When Yizhar was debating about his next steps, he joined the company's mentor program, chose a senior employee with a similar background to his own, met with him once a week for brainstorming and brainstorming, which helped him to formulate the path.

In addition to all of these there are two annual "claim days" on weekends and five volunteer days a year at the expense of work and team building activities.

Before each event, the Cadence welfare forum meets to make sure that the activity is suitable for everyone.

Adoption or surrogacy processes will earn each employee a grant of NIS 50,000.

Maternity leave for the second parent is automatically extended by two weeks (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What to wear

: usually casual.

Where do they work

: Each team sets at least one day when everyone meets at Shushi's office. She lives very close to the offices in Petah Tikva, which makes it easy for her to come every day, sometimes even on foot.

Diana also comes to the Haifa office four times a week, even though she can work from home.

"If I decided to stay at Cadence, I have a good reason" (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Yizhar says that in his last two positions he is exposed to what is happening in the market, receives job offers on a regular basis and can say that the salary in the company is very fair.

"There is a stock plan in two tracks, bonuses for performance and employees can give each other an immediate bonus, which creates mutual support between us and an extraordinary connection."

Diana says that she feels valued both in terms of salary, but also in terms of the bonuses she receives at the end of special projects.

What's next

: Shushi loves Cadence and wants to continue to build and develop her team and advance technologically.

Diana got up with a smile for work.

"I'm a junior, a total of two years here, and I already see myself progressing to senior."

Yezhar says that every few years he has to move his cheese and if he decided to stay at Cadence, there is probably a good reason.

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