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Tired of the situation? The Israelis who relocated to a particularly worthwhile destination - voila! Of money


While we ask for some freedom from the situation, there are those who have turned the vacation into a way of life, with relocation to the most worthwhile destinations on the other side of the world

Tired of the situation?

The Israelis who relocated to a particularly worthwhile destination

While we ask for some freedom from the situation, there are those who have made the vacation a way of life and celebrate relocation to equal destinations on the other side of the world.

"The goal is 100 days of surfing, not 100,000 shekels in the bank account," one of them tells us.

When career and escapism get on the same wave

I have Sibylia


Friday, 05 August 2022, 07:18 Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2022, 10:06

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Red color?

Instead of running to the MMD, what about relocation to the most worthwhile destinations in the world? (Photo: ShutterStock, Shutterstock)

Even before the "Dawn" operation, there were those who preferred to watch the sunrise not over the next round of combat, but over an exotic beach at the other end of the world.

The change in the labor market and the hybrid work model allows many employees to move their place of residence to the most attractive destinations in the world and to combine a regular work routine in the tech industry with a varied vacation and leisure life, attractive exotic and remote destinations with breathtaking views, a rich global culture with time for personal development and the development of hobbies such as surfing Waves and skiing, climbing and more, between answering emails and Zoom meetings.

This office is so pre-corona... there are those who combine work and vacation every day (Photo: ShutterStock)

Increases motivation and engagement and reduces burnout and frustration

Studies on the labor market show that when employees are given the ability to control their destiny and their daily routine, this increases motivation and engagement and reduces burnout and frustration.

Not only that, the digital age is characterized by the blurring of physical boundaries that allows geographic flexibility and continuous communication anywhere in the entire world.

All of these have led many tech companies to allow employees to choose where in the world to work, in order to strengthen their involvement in the organization, improve and optimize their performance and strengthen the brand, due to the need for high-quality employer branding and a wink to additional high-quality talents, due to the growing competition.

Does geographic flexibility strengthen the connection to the organization?

How do you manage a work routine with such big time differences?

How do you deal with the distance and what do you do in your free time on the other side of the world?

Meet the Israelis on relocation in the most attractive, exotic and beautiful destinations in the world.

good to know (in advance)

The solution to knee pain is closer than ever - thanks to technology in the shoe

Submitted by Apostrophe

Daniel Benaur Head of Product Design, HoneyBook, Australia (Photo: Tony Steiner)

"Due to the time difference, my daily schedule is varied"

Daniel Benaur Head of Product Design, HoneyBook a technology platform for small and independent businesses to manage their business.

On relocation in Sydney, Australia

"About seven years ago, when I started working at Honeybook, I relocated to San Francisco. Even then, when the CEO lent me his private car for two weeks, I realized that Honeybook is a family and not an ordinary company.

From there I led the design and product characterization team, we built a high-quality team in Israel with unique product skills, and together we established the core and our design power today."

Benaur elaborates and adds: "My wife is Australian and always wanted to return to Australia due to the high quality of life, the unique nature, the people and the vibe of " their "no worries mate", and I certainly did not object as a surfer.

That's how we found ourselves with two girls (4 and 9 months old) on a huge island on the other side of the world with plenty of special animals - kangaroos, crazy snakes, giant spiders and when everything is upside down.

Sydney is a green and amazing city to raise a family.

On the one hand, it is full of nature and the sea on all sides, and at the same time it is a bustling urban center with culture, a quality education system, restaurants and entertainment.

Over time we discover more and more different parts of the vast continent.

We met Australian guys with children who we travel and go camping with and make sure to find camps on the sea where we can surf, sometimes with dolphins, whales and sea turtles.

Due to the time difference, my daily schedule is varied and divided as follows: the morning starts with morning conversations with San Francisco and New York, after that I go on a surfing break (when there are waves and everyone is asleep), pick up the girls from school and prepare dinner.

When the girls are asleep and the day is supposedly over, I go back to work with the team in Israel - at night here in Australia.

It may sound crazy, but this is how I use up and maximize my time and enjoy all the worlds."

Yishai Feldman ull Stack Developer, At-Bay, Sri Lanka (Photo: Self)

"Allowing ourselves to enjoy all worlds"

Yishai Feldman, ull

Stack Developer at At-Bay

- a cyber protection solution that combines an insurance policy with monitoring the client's systems and warning of weaknesses that endanger the organization in order to prevent incidents of hacking, ransom demands, phishing, etc.

As a hobby, I practice and take surfing lessons. Our love of waves and flexibility in terms of jobs allowed us to move to Sri Lanka, and at the same time to continue our current work fully, we allowed ourselves to enjoy all the worlds and in our free time to practice surfing, enjoy the amazing beaches of Sri Lanka and travel a lot.

Srilanka is full of crazy nature and lots of exotic animals that roam freely even in inhabited places.

We lived for a while in a cabin that was surrounded by tropical vegetation and every time special guests came to visit us, one day while I was working we heard noises from the roof of the cabin, we went outside and in front of us was a group of monkeys that used our roof to jump from one tree to another and stopped for a break to eat some fruit from the trees.

And that's not all - peacocks, squirrels, bears, elephants, crocodiles, turtles, frogs and many other species of animals that we are not used to meeting up close.

Definitely a very special experience.

The time differences are not very large, so the work is carried out regularly with the teams in Israel and the USA in Zoom calls - everything about the strong internet that also exists on the other side of the world, today it is possible to work at any time and from any place. At-Bay enabled and supported us all along the way, and gave We have all the flexibility and options so that I can fulfill my role to the best of my ability and at the same time discover Sri Lanka. After work hours, at sunset, there is a magical place in the town of "Arugam Bay" with an excellent view, a central meeting place where you can constantly meet people from all over the world, develop Conversations and connections and enjoy excellent local food."

Alon Ben Shoshan Sr.

Manager Product Management - Tech Amazon, California (Photo: Self)

The sport is part of my routine and not only on weekends

Alon Ben Shoshan Sr.

Manager Product Management - Tech Amazon

, the giant of e-commerce and cloud computing services Relocation in Lake Tahoe, California

"A few years ago I went to relocate from work with my wife and four children to California, to Palo Alto. At the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the beginning of the closures, when Amazon announced that they would not return to physical work in the offices, I decided which is the opportunity to move to a town, to a ski village on Lake Tahoe, at the same time as continuing to work remotely, to integrate my great love for adventure sports into my life. At

every opportunity, I practiced skiing, cross-country cycling, and climbing. Before the move, when I was still living in Tel Aviv, I would get up at 6 in the morning to enough time to drive, meet up with friends to climb or go to the beach to surf or skateboard. Apart from the daily activities, I also made sure to ski for a week a year in various destinations in Europe and during the season even a day of traffic in Hermon. I take advantage of every opportunity to surf and exercise.

Today we live on the shores of the lake, instead of traveling there for 6 hours every weekend for leisure, we moved our house here. The children go to school in the Olympic village at a ski resort together with children from all over the world and they are exposed to a wide human and cultural diversity that enriches their world. After I download Those mornings at school, I meet with other fathers on the ski slopes to start the day skiing, before I start work. Here at the ski resort I feel that everyone's goal is 100 days on the mountain for skiing, and not the next 100 thousand in their bank account.

If I have a day Loaded with Zoom meetings, I go for a challenging bike ride on the trails here that are some of the best in the world, or go climbing on the huge cliffs with breathtaking views. The kids love it when I come to pick them up from school with a few kayaks on the car, and we go to the lake for a stroll.

I feel that today sports are part of my life routine and not only on weekends and vacations, thanks to my workplace that allows me to work remotely and live my life as I choose with my family.

For the first time in my life, I don't care about making more money, with all the money in the world I would do the exact same thing;

Develops amazing products in an amazing company with time and leisure in the mountains."

Karin Ziegler, Head of Sales EMEA, APAC at Demostack, Dubai (Photo: Eyal Tuag)

to travel and explore, learn and see the world

Karin Ziegler, head of the EMEA, APAC sales department at Demostack

, has developed a system that allows for the rapid creation and editing of demonstration versions (demo) for technological products, in preparation for relocation in Dubai

. My daily work routine and I will use the free time to travel, explore, taste, learn - see the world.

Communication with the team in Israel will take place in meetings and Zoom calls, the time differences between the countries are minor so that the day-to-day work will be conducted as usual. I have an amazing team and everyone knows what their tasks are And we prepared for it on all fronts.

Working remotely also allows you to leverage the business: I started contacting local companies with potential for partnership that I could meet face-to-face, I started learning about the local market and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of opportunities that lie there for Demostack.

It's also a nice 'ice breaker' in conversations when you see the bolt in the background and it's not a zoom wallpaper but the real thing.

In my free time I will use the time to travel, explore and discover Dubai, I am grateful that the workplace allows me to work in this model, and at the same time as developing my career allows me to experience and see the world."

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