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The cry of the milomaniac: I am drafted and my wife's career is damaged - voila! Of money


Tal Luria returned from reserve service as part of Operation "Dawn" and published a joke on social media that went viral about the loss of working days for the daughter or partner who stayed at home

The cry of the milomaniac: I am drafted and my wife's career is damaged

Tal Luria returned from reserve service as part of Operation "Dawn" and published a joke on social media that went viral, in which he wrote painfully about the loss of working days for his daughter or partner who stayed at home while the couple was in the reserves

Bini Ashkenazi


Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 4:20 p.m. Updated: 4:36 p.m.

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Infantry soldiers on the Gaza border. When receiving compensation for reserve days, no one takes into account the losses caused to the spouses (photo: official website, IDF spokesperson)

"I am writing these things at the end of four very successful reserve days that started on Friday evening, in which I lost a lot of money. I lost because my wife, a nurse in the children's ward, did not go to work because she had to stay with my three small children (7, 5, 5 ) at home".

This is what Tal Luria (31) from Zur Hadassah, a high school teacher in Gush Etzion and an officer with the rank of captain in the Home Front Command

, who participated in Operation Dawn

, wrote last night .

Luria is known to the general public mainly for the fight he is leading on the subject of teachers' salary agreements, and he is a member of the "Teachers Leading Change" organization.

At the beginning of the conversation, Luria explains: "A woman who can't go to work because her partner is in the reserves and vice versa - and anyone who doesn't have solutions for small children and who doesn't have grandparents nearby - ate her in the last operation. When I'm in the military for 24 hours straight, I can't help my wife , no one is compensating us or returning the babysitter to me."

"This time I wrote because I'm fed up, because as soon as I go to the reserves, my wife is left alone with our three children and can't go to work. I filled, think of people who have a difficult day and no one asked them whether to come to the reserves, think of those who sabbath or their partner who stayed At home, he works hourly, as soon as he doesn't go to work, their income is directly affected."

Luria takes a few minutes to unfold his personal story: "The story is like this, I am an officer with the rank of captain, soon to be a major in the frontline command, I have a great responsibility, I am responsible for saving people's lives. When I am called, I come without asking questions. In a second I am a reserve contact, my wife stays at home with the children.

The problem is in the case of my wife who is a nurse and when she doesn't go to work automatically we lost NIS 1,000.

No one is making up for her loss these days.

And don't forget that even as soon as she doesn't come to work, her relationship with work becomes murky, I don't expect the head nurse to take into account the considerations of my reserves, that's how my wife is between a rock and a hard place."

What is his solution do you expect?

"I must say that I have not yet thought of Really about solutions, usually in everything that has to do with public policy, at first they flood the problem and then after that they present the solution. But while I'm talking to you I can tell you that maybe if they decide to compensate or give a refund for working days to a spouse or partner who didn't go For work because the spouse was in the reserves, subject to a report from their employer, this can be a solution."

Tal Luria, reserve officer and teacher, social entrepreneur and founder of the "Teachers Leading Change" group (Photo: Courtesy of those photographed, the photographed Idas)

"A MP who does 70 reserve days a year, his partner cannot develop a career"

What is the reward for a reserve day?

"An employee who goes to the reserves, his employer pays him and then the employer receives a refund from National Insurance, usually with another addition to this payment, for every amount you do, you get a financial bonus that reaches thousands of shekels, but of course this is for those who go to the reserves, not for those who stay at home."

Did you raise the problem with a chief reserve officer?

"No, when I'm in the teachers' struggle I don't see eye to eye, I fight to improve the education system and it doesn't matter what. In the army it's a little different. On the one hand I have an interest in the reservists being taken care of, on the other hand I have an interest in the army not being harmed. If I were to go now to the Knesset, so I have a fear that many reservists will see this and ask why I need it?".

How do you expect there to be change if you don't push it further?

"If I had time and could, I would pick up the gauntlet and pick up a fight in the field, reality will testify that I have no problem picking up fights, but this is one fight too many."

Why not start with an email to the Minister of Defense?

"Yesterday I wrote from my heart on social media, I haven't thought about the next steps yet. I have to say that there are already good people who are more talented than me who are involved in the field, such as the Association of Reservists Order 8, on the whole issue of the compensation of reservists, there are people here who are fighting for it."

Luria says that the difficulty experienced by young couples and those whose spouse stays at home means that there is a shortage of reservists.

"I can't find officers and soldiers to come to me. The entire reserve system is in short supply, there are no soldiers in the reserves."

Do you think it's because the spouse stays at home?

"This is one of the reasons people don't come to the reserves, because the spouse who stays at home is unable to develop a professional career, an MP who does 70 reserve days a year, his spouse can't advance at work, it starts with that and there are other problems."

In closing, Luria wishes to emphasize: "The security of the country is an important thing, I come from love and a sense of mission, and I don't want to stop making reserves. The more the army understands that it needs to strengthen the families of the reservists so that we can come with peace of mind and know that we are helping families mentally and financially, we will benefit - and the more the ministry The security and the IDF will ignore the problem, the security of the state will be harmed."

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