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The tips that will save you a lot of money on vacation abroad - voila! Money


Before you fly abroad, you should have the credit card in your pocket, which gives you the most benefits before, during and after the flight abroad, it can save you hundreds of shekels

The tips that will save you a lot of money on vacation abroad

Before you fly abroad, you should have the credit card in your pocket, which gives you the most benefits before, during and after the flight abroad, it can save you hundreds of shekels

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Tuesday, 09 August 2022, 11:13

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An attractive offer for travel insurance abroad (Photo: ShutterStock)

Anyone who has recently visited England and entered one of the common coffee shop chains encountered something interesting: in many of the branches there is a small sign on the counter that says "digital payment only".

Yes, while in the not so distant past when we entered a restaurant or cafe we ​​had to ask "Do you accept credit cards?", today the situation has reversed and in many places electronic payment is the default and sometimes the only option.

Accordingly, the way we make purchases during our trips abroad is also changing. If we used to make it a point to visit the money changer before the trip and convert our shekels into dollars/euros/baht or any other currency - for a hefty fee - today there is no longer a need for this. It is enough to have an international credit card in your wallet and pay with it wherever we make a purchase abroad: from stores to bars.

The cash that has passed over time

Another advantage of using a credit card abroad is the waiver of the need to walk around with bills and coins and the need to calculate in advance how much money we will need during the visit.

Another issue that is solved by the use of the credit card abroad is the risk of theft. It is known that places crowded with tourists can also be pickpockets. But if a wallet with a credit card is stolen from us - it can be immediately canceled and thus not lose a single shekel. You can also pay directly from your smartphone or smart watch , after configuring the card in its payment service application. The payment is more secure, since it requires biometric identification to use the card. This also eliminates the need to remember the secret code - just logging into our digital device authenticates our identity and eliminates the need for additional identification.

And let's not forget another important fact: when we make purchases abroad, we continue to receive the various benefits that come with our card, such as cashback or accumulating points, on max cards, which we will use for flights and hotel accommodation or shopping. Thus, using the money that comes back to us as cash or credit, The credit purchase becomes even cheaper than the cash purchase. In addition, max card holders enjoy benefits such as travel insurance abroad where a second child is free and receive immediate reimbursement of medical expenses when necessary;

Pre-flight benefits in Netherberg when shopping at restaurants; discounted surfing packages; the book of the traveling family for NIS 60 for a treat; coupons for attractions and musicals abroad and other benefits that can significantly reduce the costs of traveling abroad, especially when it comes to family.

skymax credit card from max aimed at customers who often fly (Photo: ShutterStock)

The digital nomad

Assaf is what is called a "digital nomad" these days.

In recent years, he spends a significant part of each year traveling between different countries in Europe, while at the same time as wandering he also makes sure to do his work, in a profession that allows remote work.

But apart from equipping yourself with a laptop and making sure you have a network connection, Makif has collected another thing to bring with him abroad: a skymax credit card from max aimed at customers who often fly because with every purchase on the card he accumulates points that can be redeemed for flights with any company, including low cost on the skymax website.

Another advantage , that Asaf shared about paying by credit card abroad is that the charges do not go down immediately, but together with all the charges at the end of the month, which makes the accounts in order and makes it easier to track expenses and get an overall picture.

Finally, here are some tips for travelers abroad with max credit cards:

• We informed the credit company about your trip ahead of time.

This way you will avoid situations in which transactions you carry out abroad are blocked for fear of card details being stolen.

• Check in advance what benefits max offers to its customers in Bulgaria and abroad.

• Make sure that your credit limit is sufficient for all planned expenses: flights, hotels, car rental, etc. Times Many of these are considerable expenses that take up most of the limit. Ask the credit company to increase the limit if necessary.

• Another way to make sure that the limit is not blocked is to change the definition of the charge for shopping abroad from monthly to (almost) daily.

In such a situation, the expenses you made on your card will decrease every few days and thus the frame will be freed up soon.

• The max company has an attractive offer for travel insurance abroad. Check it before the flight.

• Did you spend more than planned on a trip abroad and now you are a bit suffocated? The max company allows its customers to split transactions carried out abroad into payments and even pre-define this option and thus ensure that future transactions abroad will be reduced in payments.

• Remember: in any problem related to payment by card that arises During your stay abroad - the max center is available to you 24/7.

To receive money back abroad for payment with max>> cards

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