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Enriched with protein: who needs it anyway - and why pay more? - Walla! Of money


Do high protein products have health benefits? Prof. Olga Raz: "For ordinary people who consume protein in food, the addition is not significant"

Enriched with protein: who needs it anyway - and why pay more?

The market of high-protein products is gradually conquering not only the supermarket shelves, but also the pockets of most of us, but does it have any health benefits?

Prof. Olga Raz: "For ordinary people who consume protein in food, the addition is not significant"

Liat Ron


Sunday, August 14, 2022, 1:16 p.m. Updated: 1:42 p.m.

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Why pay more for protein?

(Liat Ron)

Every few years, a health trend breaks out and sweeps away consumers.

Suddenly everyone is looking for products without gluten, then without sugar, with added probiotics, without fat, and now we are under the attack of the "Pro 20".

The milk coolers are flooded with products with 20 grams of protein, which implicitly promise us health, longevity, muscles and a toned body.

The problem is that only a few of us can really enjoy their added value, but everyone who buys them pays a very high premium for a product they don't necessarily need.

It is enough to read the explanatory notes distributed by "Strauss" for its popular "Danone Pro 20" products, to reveal the desire to market it to everyone: "All day long we are in a race to get enough and as much as possible", write in Strauss.

"We go to work, drop off the kids, grab lunch on the way and also try to squeeze in the daily or weekly training in between.

"This need of ours to get everything done also requires proper nutrition. Danone Pro 20 was created especially for our hectic lifestyle. For those who train at high or low intensity, those who make changes in their daily routine, those who grab meals on the go and those who invest in training every day."

In the classic "Tnuva bio yogurt", the "plain" yogurt, as in the basic Danone products, there are 5.3 grams of protein in one hundred grams, and in a 200 ml cup, 10 grams of protein. In one hundred grams of yogurt Pro 20, or Danone Pro 20, there is double the amount of 10 grams of protein per hundred ml, and 20 grams in a 200 ml cup.

Danone Pro is rich in protein.

The product is good, but if your menu includes chicken, turkey, fish and eggs, the only difference is the extra price (Photo: Chic Design)

Prof. Olga Raz, a dietitian and senior lecturer at Ariel University, is not sure that the general public of consumers needs 20 grams of protein in a cup of yogurt and can benefit from it.

"If it is an elderly person who needs a protein supplement or a pregnant or lactating woman," says Prof. Raz, "there is a blessing in every protein supplement. But for ordinary people, who regularly consume chicken, turkey, fish and eggs, this protein supplement is not significant.

For those who exercise A lot and strong, and you need 1.2 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body, the protein powder will give a better answer than yogurt with 20 grams. It should be noted that there is no harm in consuming a reasonable excess of protein, except for people who suffer from a kidney problem, but there is no advantage in it either."

The consumers will not grow thick muscles thanks to the "Pro 20", but the ones who will grow their profit line are the manufacturers and the marketing chains.

In the test carried out for us by the "Retail Research Institute" it appears that the price of the yogurts from the Leminu protein-enriched series are 75% more expensive than the "regular" yogurts that contain half the amount of protein.

The price of the "regular" yogurt from the GO series 200 ml costs NIS 3.20 in Shufersal Deal and a cup of yogurt 200 ml from the GO 20 series costs the consumer NIS 5.60, a difference of 75%.

Are a few more grams of protein worth the huge difference in price? Not sure What can be said for sure, that we are paying way too much for the gimmick.

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