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My job is great, it's too much work


Naime loves her job, but there is a problem: there are simply not enough colleagues. The work is piling up, there is no improvement in sight. And now?

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Tied up in a dream job – and now?

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Naime, 43 years old, asks: »I love my job and the team very much and I have a responsibility.

But in the last few months it's really been a lot.

Some positions in the team are vacant, I feel like I'm doing the job of two.

I'm always thinking about work, even at the weekend, I can't fall asleep easily and I'm chronically tired.

How do I create distance?"

Dear Naime,

You are not alone with this feeling.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a noticeable increase in cases in my career counseling in which employees have found the perfect dream job for them and are part of a great team, but feel completely overwhelmed at the end of their strength.

They love their work - if it weren't for the acute problem of workloads due to vacancies, absences due to illness or massive project meetings on top of day-to-day business.

Even if you are anything but well at the moment, there is one important and positive finding: You are fundamentally right in your current position.

Because I dare to assume that everything that is important to you personally in your job is fulfilled there to the maximum extent.

It's your dream job, but the general conditions have changed.

You should not reflexively think about a job change and prematurely give up what fits and is valuable, but consciously work on your own self-care.

If you are passionate about your dream job, you run the risk of burning out

Many of my clients with similar concerns are great at their jobs, successful and respected by their managers.

They have often been with the company for a long time, are well connected and know the processes and customs.

Because they love their job and the team so much, they enthusiastically voluntarily take on more work, think passionately about new topics, design suggestions for improvement and, of course, take on their implementation.

Some people who have been overworked in their dream jobs tell me that they regularly relieve their boss and relieve stressed or new colleagues of work so that they do not also drop out or even quit.

After all, they love their job and a few hours of overtime every day don't matter - that's the self-exploiting way of thinking.

Even if you enjoy dancing at a thousand weddings at the same time, now is the time to start your personal self-care program as a new project.

Do more of what is good for you - professionally and privately

Most of those who are stressed out in their jobs have lost their sense and memory of what is good for them as a person over time.

Maybe doing sports, meeting friends, going into nature, cooking together, going to concerts, living out their creativity.

"Oh yes, that's right, I could once again ..." start the thoughts, followed by bubbling ideas.

From now on, consciously do more of what gives you personal strength as a person.

You will need more freedom and time for this - after all, there is a good reason why everything has come to a standstill in the last few weeks.

You will succeed with the next step:

Redefine the boundaries of your own job playground

Watch yourself throughout the day.

When do you do something that is really your responsibility and when do you put on extra work out of curiosity, fear or niceness?

What would happen if you just did your chores instead of running the whole shop?

It's not about working to rule from now on - you love your job too much for that.

Make conscious decisions about what you take on over and above your own duties and what should no longer be your job.

Create clarity and show consequences

Don't take it for granted that you'll do the job for two - even if you enjoy it.

Talk openly and solution-oriented about the current situation in the team and with your manager.

What has to be done in day-to-day business and what can be postponed in projects?

How can the amount of work be redistributed in the team and which activities can possibly be dispensed with altogether?

One thing is certain: Your boss and your colleagues have no interest in you of all people being absent with burnout.

Your goal is not to distance yourself from your job, but to be closer to yourself.

Source: spiegel

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