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This year I did it: how did I get out of the crisis and become independent? - Walla! Of money


The Future Initiatives Association works for the economic empowerment of women from the periphery through professional support in the process of setting up a small business. The story of three female entrepreneurs who succeeded in realizing a professional dream

This year I did it: how did I get out of the crisis and become independent?

The Future Initiatives Association works for the economic empowerment of women from the periphery through professional support in the process of setting up a small business.

Each year, the association accompanies about 1,000 women to set up about 1,000 businesses that generate nearly NIS 60 million in net income.

Here is the story of three female entrepreneurs who managed to fulfill a professional dream


Of money


Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 6:18 p.m. Updated: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 11:45 a.m.

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How did I get out of the crisis and become my own business owner? (Photo: ShutterStock)

Adi Manko, managed to open a wedding dress studio in Bat Yam this year.

Bar Kardanel, who owns a business of activities and conducts laughter workshops throughout the country, this year became an exempt business to a licensed business, and Vicky Janach, a beautician and holistic therapist, who was self-employed and the owner of a beauty salon are three examples of the success stories that have emerged in the Future Initiatives association.

Here are the three stories about the three women who did it this year.

Adi Manko, 34 years old, is a mother of 3 children.

All her life she paved her way against all the odds, she didn't give up, she achieved and learned.

During the Corona period, Adi found herself without a job on maternity leave that never ends, she was employed for years, as a fashion designer at Michal Negrin.

After Michal went bankrupt and Adi was after the birth of her third child, she found herself in "unending unemployment".

After a lot of hesitation and apprehension, Adi decided to set out on her own and jump into the deep water.

She started by buying sewing machines and fabrics, turned the children's playroom into a study together with the warehouse and started working on her new collection.

Little by little Adi realized that she couldn't do it alone and in her search for study and training that would help her establish and manage the business correctly - she came to "Future Initiatives".

She came to the association without any background and knowledge in establishing the business.

The training helped her, grew her, both professionally and personally.

Today Adi runs a wedding dress studio in Bat Yam, slowly building a circle of reliable customers that keeps growing.

Adi sees her occupation as a mission to make women happy and empower them in the future, Adi plans to employ a permanent seamstress in the studio, to design a series of clothes for plus sizes, a collection of evening dresses and of course continue to design wedding dresses.

This year she started working on a winter collection, managed to increase her circle of clients and will soon add another seamstress to the studio.

Adi Manko (Photo: Public Relations)

At the age of 17, Bar discovered the world of theater through Yoram Levinstein's at-risk youth groups.

There she was first exposed to the world of the stage.

Bar Kardanel, 35 years old, mother of 3 children from Hatikva neighborhood.

Grew up as an ultra-Orthodox, returned the question and got married at a young age.

Studied acting and worked as a drama teacher.

When her two-year-old eldest son was diagnosed on the spectrum, she entered a period of running between tests and different doctors.

A process that broke her mentally and as a result also financially.

She could not get up for work and became depressed.

She was unable to contain the pain.

She decided that she focuses on what makes her and others good, the bar had a small business for children's activities for birthdays (which was also shut down during the mental crisis) she was exposed to activities for adults through laughter, this activity opened up a whole world for her that filled her and gave her the satisfaction and mental strength to get up on the legs.

She decided to go through training sessions specifically for adults and she decided that she is turning it into a business and her source of income.

Bar decided that she would build this business properly and orderly from the ground up, and that's how she actually came to Yozamot Atid association.

The association and the training helped and contributed a lot to her not only in a professional sense but also in a mental sense, she was exposed to other business owners and a supportive community that gave her strength and the feeling that she is not alone.

Due to the corona virus, the business ran into difficulties and she opened another business for office services from home.

Today, when the corona is over and life is back on screens and in homes, she is back to focus on the business of adult entertainment and leads laughter workshops all over the country.

Bar is constantly looking to grow and initiate, to be independent and provide for her children and family with respect.

This year it increased profits and became an exempt dealer to a licensed dealer, and it plans to expand the services it provides.

Cardinal Bar (Photo: Noy Sol Zohar)

Vicky Janach, 57 years old, in a relationship, mother of 3 charming children and blessed grandmother of 2 grandchildren.

She has always been a resident of Herzliya for 28 years, a beautician and holistic therapist, independent and owner of the "Viki's Touch of Beauty" beauty salon.

Lyrics writer, photographer, host of women's circles, personal trainer and tells her story in "kilo sugar" lectures.

"I came to Atid Initiatives about 5 years ago due to the financial collapse of my ex-divorce's family at the time, of his business. 8 years ago our house and everything from it was taken by court order. Until everything was taken, I worked a little at home as a beautician. As a result of the situation I became severely limited in the banks, Big debts and I didn't know how to lift myself up, I didn't believe it was possible. That everything closed on me and the future of my children and my future depended on me and only me, because I decided to divorce and rehabilitate."

"In the association "Future Initiatives" they turned the light back on for me, gave me a hand and courage to start over, gave me back my voice and gave me more tools to learn to empower me and above all to make a living with dignity... and make the dream I had a reality."

"Today I have a grooming clinic, women's poetry books on the shelves and sometimes there are also workshops of women's circles, discourse and creation.. I believe that women should nurture both the external and the internal. Thanks to Atid initiatives I learned and am still learning to give back to the world.. I embrace And empowering women who are where I was at the time at the bottom of life."

This year, Vicky managed to move the business back home, purchased new equipment, expanded the place and is getting closer to realizing her dream of turning the business into a pampering spa.

Vicky Janach (photo: Orly Landau)

Women who are considering starting a business are invited to contact Yozemot Atid, an association that accompanies women in the processes of setting up and developing independent businesses.

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