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Are tickets for the World Cup sold in Israel contrary to FIFA regulations? - Wow! Money


Hisense, an official sponsor of the World Cup, markets their sponsor cards, which it is entitled to by virtue of its position, through ISTA. Has a creative way been found here to circumvent FIFA regulations?

The ball that drives soccer fans around the world crazy.

Many of them will be ready to do anything to watch one of the games from the stands (Photo: GettyImages, Alexandre Schneider)

Does Ista sell tickets to the World Cup contrary to FIFA's regulations? Ista advertises on its website a flight and accommodation package deal for the World Cup games held in Qatar. The regulations on the Ista website state that the entrance tickets to the games are free for Hisense customers with the purchase of a tour package from Ista Sports.

It is also stated that the sale will apply For Hisense customers who are registered in the Hisense customer database or authorized to mail by Hisense or customers who own a Hisense product who can prove their ownership, and/or will purchase products manufactured by Hisense.

A very vague definition that can qualify anyone who enters the company's website as a "customer", even if they haven't purchased anything.

According to FIFA's regulations, a sponsor of the World Cup such as Hisense is not allowed to sell tickets for the World Cup games but only to distribute them - to suppliers, customers, promotional activities, lotteries and more.

This is the place to explain that a large part of the various sponsors' tickets (I am not referring to Hisense) are sold by those who are entitled to them - and we are talking about thousands of tickets for each game, even though FIFA (or UEFA, in the case of European enterprises) expressly forbids this.

In the past, the supervision of the subject was loose and allowed various companies from the food and beverage, credit, automotive, gaming and sportswear sectors to sponfer the tickets they received - until these became a profit center among quite a few of the local franchisees who received sponsor tickets.

Germany players in an act of protest (not because of the tickets) before the losing game against Japan. (Photo: Reuters)

Israbluff or legitimate regulations?

Back to Hisense-ISTA: From the wording of the ISTA regulations, it appears that even those who are not Hisense customers, but only those who, theoretically, plan to become a customer - are also entitled to purchase, sorry, "receive" tickets to the games.

It is not clear what FIFA's position will be on the matter, since it is clear that many of the registrants do so without any connection to the commercial entity and its products, but only to fulfill eligibility conditions for receiving or purchasing tickets from a tourist entity (in this case ISTA).

Hisense told Wala

: "According to According to the regulations published on the 'Ista' website, a Hisense customer is defined as an owner of a Hisense product and/or a future customer to purchase Hisense products.

The regulations have passed all the required approvals.

The company also added: "While ISTA sells official World Cup packages, unfortunately there are many websites that advertise the packages in an illegal manner that hurts the fans and some of them turn out to be scams. We call on the public to be careful and check who is allowed to sell these packages."

Despite the company's statements, it should be clarified that Ista is not a party authorized to sell "official" packages, but a tourism company that sells flights and ground services, and in fact the only thing that officially links it to the World Cup in Qatar, is the tickets to the games that it received for distribution from Hisense.

More in Walla!

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World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar.

Many Israelis plan to fly to one of the games in the deciding stages (Photo: Reuters)

The claims that Ista not only sells tourist services but also collects money for the tickets for the games, arose from several inquiries that reached Walla and claimed that there are disparities between the prices for "big" games, i.e. attractive ones, compared to games that arouse less interest among football fans, which apparently indicates that That the tickets are sold according to supply and demand, since there is no reason for a flight and hotel to cost more.

And what do ISTA say about the claims?

"The company operates the marketing activity of an official sponsor of the World Cup and, together with him, handles a significant number of customers who will fly to the World Cup in Qatar. The tickets are bought by Ista Sport and integrated into packages together with the tourism components - hotel and flight to Qatar.

The hotels in high level packages of 4 and 5 stars, and among the best in Qatar.

Naturally, during the World Cup, their prices are indeed high.

From a simple check on common tourist sites, you can see that they are sold for thousands of dollars per night.

While the company took on a significant commitment in advance, at a great risk, it offers them at an attractive price than can be bought in the market today."

ISTA further states that: "The changes in the prices of the packages are due to the hotel and flight prices that change throughout the World Cup and in accordance with the demand and supply depending on the matches of the various national teams.

For example, during the Argentina games, hotel prices jump on booking sites.

Ista Sport is the only marketer in Israel that does not offer second-hand tickets for games."

A leading source in the industry told Walla: "Contrary to Ista's claims, the accommodation prices do not change, mainly because the tourism suppliers and sponsors closed them in advance, about a year or more ago. The price may change for those who book through Booking or other websites, but not for the travel agencies. Also the prices The flights don't really change when it comes to a body that is used to transporting many passengers."

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