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Because of the rampant violence? A jump in sales of pepper spray - voila! Of money


The violence on the roads and the increase in the number of security incidents sent the Israelis to purchase pepper spray: "Buy and put in the car for times of need"

Following the violence on the roads and the increase in the number of security incidents, there is a jump in the demand for pepper spray.

The series of violent incidents that occurred over the past month and the mental stress that accompanied them - led to a jump in the number of sprays sold in Israel.

According to estimates by major importers in the industry, tens of thousands of units were sold during the last month, a figure that reflects a 65% increase compared to the corresponding period last year.

The size of the market as a whole is estimated at tens of millions of shekels per year.

"There is no doubt that there is a huge increase in the demand for pepper spray. The demand curve has risen dramatically over the past two months," notes Attorney Golan Vishnia, CEO of Worldshop Technologies - one of the largest companies in Israel in the field of spying and security equipment.

According to him, unlike other waves of violence that in the past led to an increase in demand for the product, now, the audience that purchases the product is not primarily female: "We are talking about thousands of Israeli men who decided to equip themselves with the product. In my estimation, a significant number of them do not carry it closely but place it in a car or scooter ready for use lurch".

Don't take chances.

Pepper spray for every driver (Photo: ShutterStock)

Danny Hait, an importer of personal security products, also testifies to the growth recorded in the demand curve: "There is an atmosphere of violence in the air, and the public fears for their lives, and I'm not just talking about IDF violence and terrorists walking around with knives or axes, the road in Israel has become an arena A bloody battle," he notes and adds, "I assume that the procedure for obtaining a license to carry a weapon was simpler, we also witnessed an even greater jump in the number of guns sold."

Pepper spray often contains the active ingredient Capsicum oleoresin, which is a derivative of substances that can be found in spicy foods Very much like chili peppers, only in this case, the concentrations are much higher. The strength of capsaicin is measured in Scoville heat units. The concentration of the substance in a quality pepper spray is 500,000 to about 3 million. For comparison, pepper for very spicy food ranges in concentration from 3,000 to 8,000.

From a medical point of view, spraying pepper spray on a person's face causes inflammation, causing immediate watering of the eyes, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion and coughing.

A single spray effect can cause these effects for 30-45 minutes, and milder side effects for hours afterward.

Contrary to the premise, washing the victim's face with water will not ease the burn.

In fact, this 'template' field is also undergoing changes and recently a new pepper gas type spray has been marketed in Israel, a gel that is the same in strength as the regular spray, but thicker and more effective for the winter period and provides a solution even in difficult weather conditions with strong winds.

The murder at the crossing - the detention of the suspect in the murder of Yuri Volkov was extended by six days (Walla system)

Attorney Golan Vishnia (photo: manufacturer's website, public relations)

According to Adv. will cause damage, in order for it to be an offense for which conviction is punishable by 5 years in prison. On the other hand, as far as pepper spray is concerned, according to the law, the right to defend against an attack is reserved for a person who is required to defend against an illegal attack, which reflects a tangible danger that may lead to injury to his body, his life , his property or freedom - his own or the other's.

In addition, if it turns out that the sprayer did not act in self-defense, he may find himself suspected of assault. For example, last week an indictment was filed against a Haifa resident after he got into an argument with another driver on the road , and in a moment of rage, sprayed pepper spray on his eyes and bruised him. In another case where a motorcyclist overtook wildly, he also sprayed pepper spray on the eyes of the driver.

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