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The representative of the Histadrut on the closure of Lahabim technology: "They simply lied" - voila! Of money


Chairman of the Western Galilee Region in the Histadrut Asher Shmuel on Pratt & Whitney's decision to close down Technology Blades: "They simply lied." They didn't invest enough on purpose"

Blade Technology Factory.

Is the owner the mother (Photo: Haaretz, Gil Eliyahu)

In an interview with Radio North, 104.5

, the chairman of the Western Galilee region in the Histadrut, Asher Shmoeli, referred to the

state of uncertainty in which the employees of the 'Lehabim Technology' plant find themselves. Is this a pre-planned move? Shmoeli: "According to what we understand right now, it is true."

So what happened ?

"They cheated.

They just lied.

And in every negotiation they claimed that it didn't seem like they were investing enough.

But they didn't invest enough on purpose because they knew they weren't staying here."

Shmuel on the question of whether this is a conspiracy: "Probably so, because even when they bought 50% of the ownership of Steph Wertheimer's company, and purchased the other 50% 8 years ago, I demanded that they undertake to operate at least 10 years the company in Israel.

Now it turned out that this was the plan in advance.

Two years ago they sold the assets and the buildings and the grounds to an investment company, and now all that remains is to lay off the employees, take the machines and move to manufacture in the United States.

This is the act of the scoundrel.

This is the return."

It should be noted that officials we spoke with denied the claim regarding the sale of buildings and areas and claimed that they were not in the possession of the company from the beginning.

According to him at Pratt & Whitney they cheated: "They simply lied. We asked them all along - it doesn't look good. You are not investing enough, and a company that does not renew itself will not remain on the shelf. It needs to compete. But they did not invest on purpose because they knew they would not Staying here. They knew they just wanted to take the lines and only they would have the opportunity to produce these blades for the jet planes."

Read and not believe what the president of the manufacturers' association thinks about the closure?

Will the Ministry of Defense save the plant in the north?

The IDF's fighter jets. Most of them are equipped with engines from the American company that will lay off about 900 workers (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Shmuel even assessed that they did not want to have competitors: "Even their competitors, for whom we produce blades in Israel, have already been informed that in 24'-25' they will no longer produce for them. There are more orders but they are not taking them.

We will fight. Together with Ronen Marley and the heads of the authorities in the north. The only thing we see as possible is that we have declared a labor dispute. We have a year in which they cannot close the factory, because they must fulfill the obligations of the orders they gave to competitors, otherwise they will pay fines."

According to him, this year they may shut down the plant: "I received a green light from Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar David." At the same time, they will wait for a new defense minister

and a new economy minister to be appointed, so that they can operate them.

important to me.

I'm the main owner of Pratt & Whitney, I buy all the planes.

And if you close the company, I will turn to the competitors - and they will take their foot off the gas very quickly."

Shmueli made it clear that the plant must work throughout 2023, and it cannot be stopped: "On the one hand, people are under heavy mental pressure, and on the other hand, we have a year to manage the matter. Even the prime minister has to come into the picture and tell them that they cannot close a first-class security plant that we established because of the embargo which we had from the French in '67."

Aren't we facing a wave of layoffs due to downsizing, markets and inflation?

"I still don't see the downsizing of the factories in the north. There are competitive interests here of a pig society, of a liberal society that doesn't see people and not human beings and not 900 family owners. It is interested in the dollar. These are the American companies that buy Israeli companies, eliminate them and transfer production to other countries Third World".

At the end of the conversation, Shmueli expressed his sorrow over the fact that there is no law in the country that prevents those company owners from selling such factories.

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