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Not satisfied with your insurance company? You are not alone - voila! Of money


31 percent of Israeli customers of insurance companies are not satisfied with the companies' handling of their claims. A new and comprehensive survey conducted by "Geocartography" reveals a picture of the situation for the 2022 summary

You sign, you sign - and then you don't get the return (Photo: ShutterStock)

An annual summary survey on the Israelis' satisfaction index with the insurance companies' handling of their claims was conducted last week.

The survey was commissioned by the "Yad Yad" company, which helps citizens exercise their rights.

It was held by the research and survey group "Geocartography", and over 500 Israeli citizens from all sectors, aged 30 plus, participated.


"Leader" with 51% of all claims (Photo: ShutterStock)

The main findings

  • 28 percent sued the insurance companies in 2022 regarding one of the policies they issued.

  • 51 percent of them sued about a car

  • 43 percent filed a health claim

  • 8.5 percent claimed the personal accident policy

  • 12 percent filed a claim on the home insurance policy

  • 6.4 File a claim regarding long-term care insurance

  • 6.4 Claimed a loss of working capacity claim this year

  • 3.5 They held life policies and their families filed a claim in the event of death

  • 3 percent submitted a property claim that is not related to a car or an apartment

  • 1.4 percent sued when they were diagnosed with a serious illness.

  • 17 percent of the claimants claim that they did not receive any compensation even though they filed a claim.

  • According to them, 44 percent received compensation ranging from 75 to 100 percent of the amount of the claim submitted.

  • 8 percent report that the insurance companies compensated them for less than a quarter of the accidental claim amount and 12 percent received compensation of between a quarter and a half of the amount they thought they deserved.

    19 percent were compensated with an amount that is between half and 75 percent of the amount they claimed.

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43% of all claims against insurance companies come from the field of health insurance (Photo: ShutterStock)

So what do Israel's policyholders think overall about the handling of the insurance claims they submitted this year?

  • 44 percent responded that in general they are quite satisfied with the way the insurance companies handled the claims they submitted and the compensation received.

  • 25 percent answered that they are very satisfied.

  • 24 percent of all insureds who submitted claims this year answered that they were not so satisfied while 7 percent answered that they were not at all satisfied.

"It is outrageous that in many cases a person has paid significant amounts of insurance premiums and on the day of the order, discovers that the compensation described in the policy was not given to him."

Adv. Nitzan Harel (Photo: Public Relations)

It is interesting to note that among the plaintiffs, 94.5 percent reported that the lawsuit ended before it reached the court and one can learn from this about the preferences of the insurance companies in the legal matter in order to avoid creating problematic precedents for them.

This shows the tendency of the vast majority of plaintiffs to compromise instead of conducting a complex and lengthy legal process.

Another interesting statistic derived from the survey that was conducted this week and its data was collected this morning, indicates that 89 percent filed a claim without using the services of a professional attorney in the field of insurance claims.

Regarding the question of what they experienced and learned as a result of filing claims this year, 43 percent of the respondents answered that they would use a professional attorney in the field before filing the next claim, while 38 percent believe that they will not need the assistance of a professional.

15 percent of the respondents answered that they are convinced beyond any doubt that they will hire a lawyer to handle the next claim they file, four percent are sure that they will not.

Attorney Nitzan Harel from Ken Dror-Harel & Co., which specializes in tort and insurance claims, represents "Yad Yad" which commissioned the survey and says: "The most obvious fact, from the analysis of the survey results, points to the low chances of the insured to exercise the rights they are entitled to by force the policy.

The insurance industry is complex and complicated, therefore the insured should take an in-depth interest before purchasing the policy and understand under what conditions they will be able to benefit from compensation in the event of a claim.

Most of the time, insureds reach the stage of exercising their rights when they are in a problematic medical, physical or mental state.

At this stage, making decisions under conditions of economic pressure and lack of understanding of the field prevents the maximization of compensation.

"It is infuriating that in many cases a person has paid significant amounts of insurance premiums and on the day of the order, discovers that the compensation described in the policy was not given to him and practically the large amount of money he invested in paying for the policy was thrown away because it was not directed to a channel of savings for difficult times.

The statistical margin of error is 4.5 percent.

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