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Lieberman vs. Netanyahu: the battle for the economic legacy - voila! Of money


After suffering several public blows for the way he led the Treasury, Avigdor Lieberman decided to give back to Netanyahu and his people, through a tweet that included what had been missing from the criticism until now: the facts

Companions who became bitter rivals.

Lieberman could no longer bear Netanyahu's accusations (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

It seems that of all the legacies left by the new government, the economic field is the easiest to deal with: inflation has increased, interest rates in the economy have risen, money has become more expensive, prices have risen - and the bottom line: the cost of living in Israel has become unbearable.

All of this is true, but not the whole truth - and the whole truth is that the world, and even more so the reference countries of Israel, is in one of the material economic crises of the last few years, one that started with the exit from the Corona lockdowns, only to meet the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Commodity prices have risen, energy prices have risen - and the world is entering a period of economic slowdown accompanied by rising inflation, the worst economic scenario.

Relative to the world, Israel's situation is not bad at all: it is true, life has become more difficult here as well, but it has not reached a bad situation like the residents of other developed countries experience.

Netanyahu is confident that he knows all of this, but still - in politics, as in politics, he is hitting what seems to be an easy target marked by the outgoing government.

Since the election campaign was over, the opposition's response to the accusations was weak, until this morning, when the previous finance minister, Avigdor Lieberman, got tired of absorbing more.

Lieberman on Netanyahu: "I dealt with two waves of corona and in addition with the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war. But unlike Netanyahu, I dealt with the management of the economy and not with the accusations" (Photo: photo adaptation, Reuters, Niv Aharonson)

data and facts

The chairman of Israel Beitenu, MK Avigdor Lieberman, published the following tweet on his Twitter account:

Netanyahu's accusations, data and facts.

In 2009, Netanyahu established his second government, when the State of Israel was placed in the average of the OECD countries in terms of the cost of living.

When Netanyahu leaves the presidency in the middle of 2021, the State of Israel is placed in second place in the same index, i.e. the second most expensive country in the world.

Netanyahu leaves power in 2021 and leaves behind a deficit of NIS 144.6 billion, and now when he returns to power I leave him a surplus in the coffers of NIS 8 billion.

We all knew that between January 1st and February 15th, all the benefits I promoted to the public who work and pay taxes expire - credit points for parents of children in elementary school, after-school discounts, a job grant for low-wage earners, the excise tax benefit on fuel, diesel and coal, and instead of using the two months since publication The results of the elections to prepare and continue the fight against the cost of living, Netanyahu was only concerned with one thing - to sew a plea deal without dishonor for himself and therefore continuously distributed to all the components of the coalition another minister position, another half minister, another quarter minister, another half ministry.

He dismantled every possible government ministry including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of course what is left for him is to blame the previous government.

But unlike Netanyahu, we have seen praise from very serious international sources such as the OECD, which pointed out that in the last year the increase in food prices in Israel was the most moderate in the world, and like the economist who presented Israel's economy in the respectable fourth place among the strongest economies in the world.

I know that Netanyahu will explain that the deficit he left is due to dealing with the corona virus, this is also a lie.

I also dealt with two waves of Corona and in addition with the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war.

But unlike Netanyahu, I dealt with the management of the economy and not with accusations, I controlled the data and faced the challenges 24/7.

I gave incentives to people to go to work and not incentives to avoid work.

And whoever listened carefully to the governor of the Bank of Israel yesterday, he more than hints that the implementation of the coalition agreements that Netanyahu signed will lead to another jump in inflation and this will lead to another increase in interest rates.

This is the difference between me and Netanyahu.

This is the difference between action and propaganda and populism.

So much for Lieberman's words - and it gives the impression that nothing is said in the recent exchange of blows between the two personalities, certainly as long as the "difficult inheritance" can be blamed for the cost of living.

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