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A meeting, half a meeting, one billion fast: the world of dating is worth money - voila! Of money


Dating apps have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Who is leading the field, what are the differences between one application and another and what to do (or not to do)?

Even a hot date starts with a cold app (Photo: ShutterStock)

The world of dating apps in Israel is terrible and wonderful, overwhelming and painful.

By downloading the leading and most popular apps in Israel, you can understand that despite the rough division - Tinder (for a one-time evening), Bumble (an app with a feminist tone in which the women start a conversation with the men), and OkCupid - (the one that might eventually bring love) - the faces of each The men and all the women shine and shine frequently in each and every one of the applications.

What is less known is that the world of dating apps is an economic and cold world, the whole purpose of which is to give hope that in many cases turns out to be false hope, because in the bottom line, the moment the young lovers find each other, they exit the app and stop being paying customers.

A woman looking for a date (Photo: ShutterStock)

Tinder and 15 more

The dating app market brought in 5.61 billion dollars in revenue in 2021.

More than 300 million people around the world use apps with about 20 million of them paying for paid features.

In 2021, Tinder was the most requested app and it is clear that in the summaries of the year it will continue to star at the top of the table, followed by Bumble, while the favorite app for Europeans is actually Badoo.

The online dating industry began in 1959 when two Stanford students matched 49 male and female couples using a punch card with questions analyzed by an IBM650 computer.

Today, dating apps match millions of people using complicated algorithms that rely on diverse topics, questions, and preferences.

The technology behind the app industry has reached new heights thanks to the revenue it makes.

According to data published by STATISTA in 2020, 51% of customers paid to Tinder, 32% to Bumble, 31% to Match, 28% to eharmony, and 24% to OkCupid.

A year later it was announced that the annual revenues of all dating apps are $1.43 billion in the United States, $1.28 billion in India, $1.07 billion in China, $273 million in Japan and $232 million in England.

But everything changed with the introduction of the corona virus into our lives when massive changes were made to the apps to keep them useful.

The dating industry also underwent changes when it was not possible to continue meeting in cafes, restaurants, cinemas and theaters and "dates on the bench 100 meters away" became a routine matter.

It is evident that the corona has only done good for the dating apps.

While the expected revenue from apps in 2017 for the year 2020 was $973 million, which means an increase of 24.9%, the actual revenue was $2.23 billion.

That is - more than twice.

Online dating services are a social network that focuses on the topic of romantic relationships and love.

And since the human race naturally strives to reproduce, it is evident that these applications are here to stay, thrive and reinvent themselves every time.

Today there are about 1,500 dating apps around the world, most of them are divided into topics and sectors including different religions, certain genders and even types of relationships that range from friendship, to temporary loves, to deep and meaningful relationships aimed at starting a family.

According to AppMagic, last year 6.44 million people downloaded the Tinder app to their personal cell phones, 3.29 million Badoo, 1.8 million Bumble.

And in Israel?

As of writing but at the top is Tinder, followed by OkCupid and then Bumble, followed by HINGE, BADOO and DATELAND.

To build a lasting relationship eHarmony is the app with the best statistics.

On the other hand, Tinder believes that the application is responsible for the fact that 52% of the heterosexual women who used the application found the perfect match for them.

According to the Hinge app, 72% of the first date made following the app will lead to a second date.

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Why do the apps make sure to mention their successes?

Because it is quite clear that whoever finds one or one of them will exit the application.

Psychological studies have long indicated an addiction to the scrolling game within the dating apps.

Scrolling to the right or left turns the lonely weekends into a feeling mixed with the illusion of hope for a relationship and if not, then at least nice entertainment.

It is a solution not only to boredom but also to the ego, as soon as there is that explosion on the screen that announces a perfect "pairing" that has been made.

Michael Kay, the head of OkCupid's communications department

, can't reveal details about how many users the dating app he works for and how much money they spend each month to find love and relationships, but admits that the app's agenda is to help people find love.

“We want people to succeed and honestly, we know we need people to succeed.

If you hear about a dating app where no one finds love, would you download it to your cell phone?

There's a reason why we've been around for the past twenty years with nearly four million matches each week.

What's more, we have grown to be one of the most downloaded dating apps in Israel.

In fact, our Israeli users receive, on average, the most likes of any other country and therefore also receive more matches than any other country."

How does the application target to find a match?

OkCupid's algorithm is more complex than any other app's.

And it's not surprising thanks to the fact that our app was founded by four Harvard math graduates.

When you are in OkCupid you will see a match percentage on each profile of each user.

This percentage is calculated by the preferences of each person - age, gender, identity, etc., according to what you have defined as the ideal person for you and also according to the compatibility questions with whom you agree or disagree.

While the application algorithm is complicated, at its core is the question of who you are looking for, who they are looking for, and how well you fit according to the matching questions you answered.

" , this spark that each of us has and that all of this will happen without effort," explains Verd Feldman, a body language expert.

Vared Feldman, body language expert (Photo: Cesar Birger)

Body Language

"The point is that it's not that simple. First impressions are undoubtedly one of the challenges. Many studies have been done and are being done around the subject, countless books have been written and still, there really isn't one formula for a successful first impression.

On dates, as well as in job interviews or sales presentations, despite the difference, All of these put us in front of a similar challenge. To conquer the other side."

What happens in the first moments, especially on first dates?

"On the survival level, most of us face similar doubts and questions. Most of us ask ourselves "Can I trust the person in front of me?

And here comes the issue of reliability, do I connect to it?

And here comes the issue of heat, and is it real or fake?

This is the exposure.

It is true that we give a lot of credit to the words that come out of our mouths, but deep down, all of us, even if we are not experts in body language, perceive very well and are even more impressed by the set of non-verbal messages that will go beyond the words, the tone of voice, the posture of the body, the eye contact, the directions of the gaze, The manner of sitting, the smile, will be the ones that decide, especially on dates.

The index of our credibility, warmth and exposure will be the ones that open the door for us or not in the very first seconds and will also affect our desire for a second or third date."

How can we transmit credibility, warmth and exposure, not necessarily through words?

"Credibility is complex, it will come to me An expression of many components together but there are some things that will help us to be in the right direction.

First, we should note that we make continuous eye contact, less running away to the sides, but also not staring too intrusively.

We should also be generous with our smile.

A smile is not only pleasant and contagious, the nature of the smile and the more spontaneous and exposed it is and the less contracted and engineered, the more it will be seasoned with hints of openness, honesty and reliability and no less important - we should try to minimize partitions between us and the other party.

A partition can be even if we just held our drink in front of the body and hid the upper body throughout the date and also if we have a tendency to hold our hands or combine them as protection on the chest.

The center of our body trusts the emotional world, so in order to work reliably, we should allow a direct bridge to our heart.

All of this will help us convey a message that we are less about hiding and that we can be trusted."

I wonder if it is possible to beat the dating apps, create a connection while meeting another person and stay

"We are rightly looking for a connection with the other side, right from the first moments. Most of us are determined to connect more quickly with people who will show us warmth, within reasonable limits of course and with respect for personal space. Warmth indicates affection and as mentioned, we all want to feel loved. The initial contact, the handshake, the smile, attention Our heart and ability to listen to the other side can do the job for us, transmitting warmth and dissolving barriers. Even if we did not receive the same feeling from the other side, the very messages that we transmit will increase the chance that the date will also express warmth towards us."

What about how much to reveal?

"On first dates and in general, we invest a lot of energy in minimizing exposure, in protecting ourselves. The thing is, the more we try to hide what's going on inside, there is a better chance that our body will reveal exactly what we're trying to hide. Not because it has bad intentions, on the contrary, because He does not tolerate fakery, and that it is difficult for him to be "shut up". The truth is that it is not really possible either. Unlike words, the body cannot be silenced, our body will always speak, so if you perceive that it is beginning to betray you, a tip from me, Put it on the table.

Don't be afraid to be exposed because you're probably already exposed anyway. Now all that's left is to admit it and use it to your advantage. Exposure brings you closer, breaks the ice and speaks of high self-awareness, as long as you don't get carried away."

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