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The warning strike in the high-tech industry: "They won't want to do business with us" - Voila! Of money


This is an hour-long warning strike: "25% of the state's income comes from us and 90% of the investments come from abroad. We will not be a Hungary or a Russia that no one wants to do business with"

From the demonstration on Motzash. It seems that the high-tech industry is mostly mobilizing for the protest: for them, the reform is also bad in the social aspect, but no less important - it will have a negative effect on business (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Here's a strike: More than 130 businesses have already announced that they will sit down this morning at 11-12, in the first strike against what the protest organizers define: "a regime revolution".

These are startups, high-tech companies, shops and small and independent businesses, and according to the organizers, the strike is also "inspiring" in the words of civil servants who expressed a desire to initiate more strikes, alongside protest actions.

Some teachers announced that they would dedicate this hour to studying democracy and the separation of powers, and in several schools they even received the backing of the administration.

A list of high-tech companies that have so far responded to the request of their employees and enabled the deactivation of the warning to the Israeli government this coming Tuesday: Natural Intelligence, Redis, Lemonade, INX, Hello heart, Wiz, Cheq

Active Implements, Algo Sq, Forter, Cheetah Technologies, Honeybuck, Meat .

The End

Luminescent, Piggy, Track160 and others.

Yanon Kostica, co-founder at WIZ

, said: We have close to 200 people in Israel, and another 700 around the world.

We sent to all employees - to those who want according to their conscience.

And we invited you to participate in the protest against the proposed changes - we want to let people take responsibility.

There are Wiz of all shades and all political positions.

I personally intend to strike."

How much will it cost you?

"Such an hour will probably cost much less than what will happen if the economic consequences rise.

Even to the extent that we intensify the struggle and the possibility of striking - nullified by sixty compared to the magnitude of the damage resulting from the risks - the damage is catastrophic, the time is not significant."

What is the damage?

"The damage is immeasurably higher.

The proposed changes could lead to legislation against worker strikes.

When is the time, if not now, it will cost us more money to lose the investors, for the loss of income.

We are the engine of the economy - a quarter of the taxes come from high-tech."

And how will you continue from here?

"We will exhaust all options, even if it means striking for an hour, a day, a week. The goal is not to stand by.

Not only in high-tech and other sectors. The proposal to change the legal system is too radical. As the sector in which 90 percent of the investments come from abroad.

and responsible for 25 percent of the incoming funds, we see an immediate risk."

Please explain

. "There are two main risks: instability - such an extreme event at the end.

Whether the change will be this, or another.

Economics does not like changes, especially those that have to be done in a gradual way that allows adjustment.

Of course it comes from institutional bodies, they don't like to invest in risk.

The second risk is turning Israel into an economy that Western countries will not want to do business with, such as the economies of Hungary, Poland, and Russia.

They don't have the liberal conditions that make it possible to do business."

Is there concern in the world?

"Those who care, such as Jewish investors and people who are involved - express concern. We see this call, from investors who care. In the end, these are people who understand the situation. The world has experience in such events - it's not that Israel is the pioneer, there are precedents. In the end, we have to explain that there will be OK, you can do business with Israel. And it's very complex."

Kostika concludes on a personal note: "We founded Wiz in Israel from a Zionist place, so that we could help companies and employees. There was a choice whether to establish in Israel or abroad.

We all come with this set of values ​​- and values ​​are not measured in money, with this we get up and with this we go to bed.

What will I say the day after?

That I preferred to work another hour?".

Yanon Kostika, immediate partner in WIZ: "We started the business here with Zionist motives" (Photo: Nathaniel Tobias)

What will happen if you go to trial and the plaintiff is a Likud center member?

M., a senior business coach

, also

voiced a sharp criticism of the expected moves by the government:

"The current situation is absurd, the destruction of the rule of law, the damage to the justice system leaves a government that has no brakes or barriers. This is an undemocratic situation, even so the separation of powers in the State of Israel is limited Will

you lose money from this?

"An hour of work amounts to hundreds of shekels.

These are a few hundred shekels that I will not earn and this is a way in which I will absorb them for the benefit of the protest"

and the State of Israel will lose money from the government's actions?

"There is no scenario where this does not have an effect: the rating will go down, start-ups will disappear and external investments will be scarce.

And also on a business level - the very fact that you don't know which court you will meet lowers the level of certainty in business.

What will happen if your plaintiff is a Likud center member?

Business owners would prefer to take fewer risks.

There is a lot of concern about how democratic the State of Israel will be, people no longer perceive that things will be here for the common good.

There are things that need to be fixed, not like this."

*Have you heard a real concern from the field?

"People don't get up in the morning and open the business for the Minister of Justice Yariv Levin, but the red line is getting closer, so the time has come to close the business because of Yariv Levin."

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