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Facing the sun: the beauty treatments that will prepare you for the summer - voila! Of money


Well, not just the face, but you should know that it is precisely cool weather, when we are covered in long clothes and less exposed to the sun, that is ideal for skin care. We reviewed treatments that should be done in winter

Dr. Marina Landau (Photo: Sharon Levin)

Time to exfoliate

The QUEEN OF PEELS peeling kit from the MAHUT brand is the first in Israel, officially approved by the Ministry of Health for use by a team of professional beauticians (skin therapists).

The kit developed by Dr. Marina Landau is a powerful therapeutic tool and includes preparations containing 30% active acids (instead of 16%) for safe and supervised use.

The kit is based on two peeling solutions to exfoliate dead cells and make the skin look brighter and more even, a softening cream to prepare the skin before the treatment and a booster with a thickened serum texture to establish the results, calming and supporting the skin's natural protection against sun damage.

The treatment protocol varies according to its purpose and will include 1-4 sessions.

The price: NIS 1,250-3,700.

Description of elite beauticians and on the MAHUT website.

The QUEEN OF PEELS peeling kit from the MAHUT brand, developed by Dr. Marina Landau (Photo: PR)

After the caviar

From the beauty room of

the prestigious Swiss brand 'La Ferrari',

which recently opened (and for the first time) in Israel, we recommend caviar indulgence, a pampering winter experience of facial treatment based on caviar to give life to the skin.

All treatments offered use only the brand's products, based on 35 years of experience and performed by certified therapists for the treatment method of La Ferrie, Switzerland.

During the treatment, use will be made of the blue caviar series of 'La Ferrare', which specializes in firming the skin and providing moisture and radiance.

The treatment combines: cleansing the skin, serum, massage for the face, neck and chest, feeding with a moisturizing cream and using caviar extracts.

The preparations all contain a complex registered as a patent and are based on natural components.

The treatment significantly improves the tone and elasticity of the skin, which will look firmer and lifted.

The beauty room of 'La Ferrari' is located in beyond skin in the Ramat Aviv mall.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes, price: NIS 700.

To schedule an appointment:

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Served on behalf of B Cure Laser

caviar indulgence, facial treatment based on caviar, the new treatment room of "La Ferrie" (Photo: Galina Tulchinsky)

Double depth but in stages

In the cold season,


Zingbaum calls to take care of the skin according to the biological processes that the skin goes through and in stages:

in the first step, it is important to balance the skin and restore it from the summer damage that left its mark.

At this stage, the emphasis is placed on increasing the skin's moisture and improving its texture and elasticity through the introduction of minimized hyaluronic acid deep into it, in combination with moisturizers enriched with peptides and vitamin C, which are stable and penetrate deep into the skin, which help maintain the quality of the existing collagen fibers, improve the skin's function and encourage the production of collagen fibers.

In the second stage, when the skin has already balanced and is ready for renewal and peeling processes, it is recommended to start incorporating acids into the treatment routine.

To prevent drying and peeling of the skin, it is important to use preparations containing a complex of acids that penetrate deep into the skin with delayed release technology, which allows the penetration of active substances effectively, without irritation.

The acid complex will contain a combination of glycolic acid, azelaic acid, mandelic acid and kojic acid (for lightening).

At a more advanced stage, Chava recommends adding a microneedling treatment, to encourage the creation of autologous collagen, and to combine a home treatment with a cream containing minimized collagen that penetrates deep into the skin, to support the skin's natural healing processes.

Even in the winter season, aggressive treatments should not be performed, which may cause skin trauma and cause pigmentation to appear.

It is very important to carry out a gradual treatment, which combines restoration, renewal, lightening and firming of the skin.

A two-depth treatment, in all layers of the epidermis, at the same time as the restoration of the outer protective layer of the skin, will give the complete answer, and will allow you to take advantage of the winter period for effective anti-aging treatment.

Treatment price - between NIS 350-500, depending on the combination of the preparations customized to the skin condition.

Available from beauticians who work with the Chava Zingboim method

Chava Zingboim treatment room (photo: Public Relations)

A hot trend

Mesotherapy is a method of injecting active substances that is performed with small and multiple punctures on a large area of ​​the skin that has been massaged, and injecting active substances through it.

"Doctors, compared to beauticians, are allowed to inject a more concentrated active substance, into deeper layers of the skin, for a significant effect that will be maintained over time."

Dr. Anna Zankovitz

: "Mesotherapy treats a variety of skin problems, wrinkles, lack of shine, lack of elasticity, cellulite and fat deposits and can be performed on the face, neck, cleavage, thighs, palms and more.

It is based on hyaluronic acid or other smart substances, adapted to the purpose of the treatment." Patients who are afraid of Botox injection but are interested in a similar effect, will be able to inject peptides that work on the same mechanisms. Possible as a single treatment or as a series, depending on the therapeutic indication.

Price: from NIS 1,200 for treatment

The skin is punctured and active substances are injected, Dr. Anna Zankovitz recommends mesotherapy (photo: PR)

A boost of moisture

The winter weather and the means of heating dry out the skin.

Winter Boost, offered by Sher Sanda's SHERFACE Institute, is the first treatment in Israel that combines massage and training with advanced technologies.

"The treatment that swept away stars from Hollywood, takes 60 minutes and brings vital results and glowing skin."

The treatment steps include: peeling to renew dead cells and reveal a new layer of skin, introducing moisture while maintaining a natural layer of fat that helps delay wrinkles, LED technology to maximize results and a finish mask to give shine and the refreshing effect with a hot towel will be a treat for the winter days.

The price: NIS 390 for treatment.

For more details *8218

Sher Face, a boost of moisture and training for the facial muscles (Photo: Sher Fitness Studio)

skin in the light

Dark spots on the skin appear unexpectedly with advancing age on organs that have been exposed to the sun over the years.

To treat this phenomenon,

Dr. Michael Shochat, expert and consultant in dermatology, from the Dr. Levinger esthetics network

, suggests skin rejuvenation technology using powerful light (IPL) from the Israeli company INMODE, which has gained an international name thanks to the Lumecca device.

As a result of the focused beam of light that is absorbed by the dark pigment and burns it, the stain becomes waste that is absorbed in the lymphatic system and removed from the body.

The technology is approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Standardization Institute (CE) and the Ministry of Health in Israel.

The duration of the treatment is relatively short thanks to a wide handle that allows covering a large area of ​​skin. The price: from NIS 800 per treatment. Another treatment offered by a network The esthetics Dr. Levinger and suitable for the cold season, is a treatment for removing tattoos using an advanced laser device, with minimal damage to the skin.

The price for the treatment: NIS 900 on average, depending on the area of ​​the treated area.

Spots on the skin are treated with light, Dr. Levinger's Aesthetics Center (Photo: Shay Arbel)

Vitminchik for the summer

The Winter Glow treatment offered by

Paula Blick-Dain, an expert in advanced combined cosmetics and natural medicine,

the treatment includes the introduction of essential vitamins to balance the skin and prepare it for the summer.

The length of the treatment is about 60 minutes in combination with innovative equipment and technologies to encourage collagen.

The treatment infuses vitamins and immediately stretches the skin, firms and emphasizes the cheekbones and lip line.

The treatment begins with diagnosing the skin and cleaning the area, moves to peeling to peel off the top layer and remove the dead cells, and ends with a unique pearl mask for a fresh skin look.

In the second part of the treatment, customized professional equipment is used that works with different technologies at the same time: ultrasound, mesotherapy, phototherapy.

The treatment ends with the application of nourishing serum and sunscreen.

The price: NIS 800-1,000.

Treatment can be arranged at the POLA clinic, 4 Zaritsky Street, Tel Aviv.

Winter Glow: introducing vitamins to balance the skin and prepare it for the summer, Paula Belik Dayan (Photo: Or Gefen)

No more sweating

One of the most frustrating phenomena is damp sweat that creates embarrassing stains on the shirt.

At the VIV clinic medical center under the management of Dr. Tzachi Vider, we

offer two types of hyperhidrosis treatment: a permanent solution using clinically proven technology, MiraDry, to treat the armpit area in only 2 treatments with approved and supervised equipment.

A second treatment is possible by injecting Botox (known for eliminating expression lines) into the problem area, it is easy to perform and effective but will provide a temporary result, for 6 months only.

It is advisable to start the treatment in the winter to arrive dry and ready for the summer.

The price for the treatment: MiraDry NIS 14,900 for 2 treatments (insurance reimbursement is possible), and Botox treatment for sweating: NIS 3,900.

Getting rid of the embarrassing stains on the shirt, VIV clinic under the management of Dr. Tzachi Vider (Photo: ShutterStock)

Erect neck

What usually betrays our age are the wrinkles and excess skin in the neck area, which used to be treated through invasive surgery at an advanced age, but now, a treatment is offered that is considered effective, non-invasive and painless.

Dr. Lahvit Akerman, is

launching an advanced technology in Israel, Ultherapy, which is based on the energy of focused ultrasound waves and is possible for the first time without a cut or any damage to the skin areas. Ultherapy penetrates the energy to the optimal depth at the optimal temperature and precision, which are required to build collagen.

The results of the treatment are not the same as those of surgery A face lift, but they provide an exciting alternative for those who are not yet ready for the operating table. The treatment lasts 60-90 minutes. The price: NIS 6,000 for the neck area. It is performed at the clinics of Dr. Lahvit Akerman in Herzliya and Neve Savion.

Treating wrinkles and excess skin in the neck area, Dr. Lahvit Akerman (Photo: Alon Shafransky)

skin deep

It is known and known among those who suffer from skin spots, that the advancement of technology makes it possible to treat them in all seasons of the year, when in the summer the treatment is gentle and controlled and in the winter it is more invasive and has a significant effect.

The light energy (IPL) that is transmitted through the device, hits the pigment, darkens the melanin and turns it into a scab.

Keren Bartov, a cosmetologist specializing in skin care

, shares that the side effects of the treatment (peeling, dryness and scabs) require avoiding exposure to the sun and therefore most patients will prefer to have the treatment done in the winter.

"It is important to undergo a skin diagnosis by experts along with a medical questionnaire, since the treatment is not suitable for all types of pigmentation."

Treatment results are faster in winter (1-3 treatments).

The price: NIS 1,500 for treatment.

Keren Bartov, 43 Brodtsky Ramat Aviv, phone: 052-9506776

Obsessing over the pigment, Keren Bartov (Photo: Public Relations)

What about cellulite?

Just before the swimwear comes out of the drawer, it's time to eliminate cellulite.

At the VIV clinic medical center, we

offer treatment with the ONDA device that works on the electrical energy of focused Coolwaves ™ microwaves that reach the depths below the dermis and heat the fat tissue (without damaging the skin tissue).

The heating destroys some of the fat cells and the loss of cell volume results in a reduction of cellulite and a firmer skin appearance.

For optimal results, a series of 4 treatments, one month apart, is necessary.

The treatment is not painful and the condition for maintaining the results is drinking a lot of water.

The price: NIS 6,900 for a series of 4 treatments.

Treating cellulite and preparing the body for summer, VIV clinic medical center (Photo: ShutterStock)

Energetic signature

The first spa in Israel of

the international brand CLARINS

offers the signature treatment of Elkonin Tel Aviv, The Elkonin Tel Aviv Signature Treatment as a unique face and body treatment, which combines relaxing stretches with stimulating drainage movements as a technique that helps to encourage the production of oxygen in the body, and contributes to the appearance of firmer facial skin, while Returning energy to the body and revitalizing the mind in order to lift the mood and cause a better feeling.

At the end of the sensory journey, you will be served a herbal tonic developed by Dr. Olivia Courtin-Clarins to complete the holistic experience.

The duration of the treatment is 60 minutes, the price: NIS 750.

CLARINS Spa, Alkonin Hotel in Tel Aviv.

A French experience at the first spa of the international brand CLARINS (Photo: Sivan Askew)

dissolve fats

Among the spectrum of face design treatments offered

by Yaffe Maksimov's clinic

, and as an alternative to surgical operations, non-invasive technologies harnessing the energy sources are offered, such as ultrasound, radio waves, and laser for shaping and melting fat.

One such innovative and popular treatment is lipolysis - injections of pharmacological substances aimed at destroying fat cells to the point of breaking down the fat deposits that cannot be reduced by diet or physical activity.

Especially suitable for aligning the jaw line and double chin.

The treatment is performed by a doctor in 6 sessions and the result is maintained for about six months. The price: NIS 600 per treatment. It can be performed at Yaffe Maximov's clinics in Israel and Ramat Gan.

Yaffe Maksimov's clinic (Photo: Ofir Harel)

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