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What is 'Social Recruiting': the new way of selecting personnel in networks


They are people dedicated to surfing Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram in search of the profiles that companies need.

The selection of personnel and the search processes to attract the best candidates have changed dramatically after the emergence of social networks.

Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram are the new scenario on which a new job is developed in the search for specific and niche talent:

Social Recruiting


Much of the life of the new generations of workers is found online;

there they portray their tastes, expose their opinions and values, share their work.

This is the

source of information


social recruiters

have in their possession to determine

if a user's profile can match the vacancy

that a client is requesting for their organization.

Juana Cervio

, owner of Carrier Tech and leader of other freelance recruiters who work in startups in Argentina and abroad, says that the first step to make yourself known as digital recruiters is to

build a personal brand and refine it in each network


“The first is Linkedin, then Twitter, then TikTok or Instagram.

You have to have reach for your search to spread, and not only go to recruit the networks but also

create content to interact with the community

: if you recruit in technology, you interact with that community;

if you recruit in crypto, with that one;

if you recruit in marketing, with that one, ”he adds.

Cervio points out that when he started using Linkedin to recruit, he went to “posts and gifs of things that I liked, that had to do with niche interests, things that I knew the recruiters would like.

That is important, giving the information that people want in a clear and entertaining way: what job, what conditions, what benefits, what salary, in what company”.

Victoria Charra,

founder of Talent Wind, her own brand as a social recruiter, says: “I have been recruiting for 16 years, and I call it a job.

You have to

know your audience

, know through which channel you are speaking to them.

There is a great first step that is to think about what message you are going to give, because depending on that you are going to attract a type of people.

You have to go out looking for people

, get into the profiles and see from there which users apply best to a position”.

Although each recruiter will have their own strategy to reach those ideal candidates that a company or industry is looking for, the process can be summarized in a few points.

First, you have to know the type of profile that the client needs in your company;

second, do a

research or investigation of the candidate's profile

to see which of them would be a good match for the company;

third, do your own research of what types of profiles can be a good match and contact them directly through networks;

Finally, comes the interview period and the final proposal to the candidate.

Victoria Charra stresses the importance of this process, which ultimately is to

know in depth the candidate

who intends to apply for a position within a given industry.

“There are a lot of administrative tasks, which have to do with going out to look for talent and organizing the day: this

includes reviewing CVs

, which once you have experience takes 5 seconds.

You have to interview people and write detailed selection reports, where you can see the quality.

Each one will have different styles when it comes to building a report, the important thing here is that it serves the client, ”she warns.

Regarding this, the social recruiting professional affirms that the main mission of a recruiter in an interview is to

find out the candidate's motivations

: “Whether it's because you lost your job, because you were interested in the profession, or whatever.

Doing that homework is very important, because if you don't take the time to explain yourself to me,

how do I know you're going to be a good candidate to introduce to my client?

This shortens the path for the candidate to move from stage to whoever does the hiring.”

Victoria Charra on the work of a social recruiter: "Listening can be a very tiring job, because people give you their desire".

Charra, who studied psychology and worked for years in a call center until she began to build her career as a recruiter, finds some common points between her past experiences and her current job.

The attention and contact with the client, a tool that she obtained from those first years of work, is essential in the world of social recruiting.

“Listening can be a very exhausting job, because

people deposit their desire in you


You often have to deal with candidates who get angry or who become


, because, as I said, the other deposits all his desire in you.

So, it has happened to me that there are people who are obsessed with receiving feedback and when you give it to them it is not enough;

We are a bit like people's punching bags because we are the ones who listen

, we have to give them good news or let them know that they are not left, ”he explains in this regard.

Feedback with the candidate is a vital point in this virtual recruitment process, and Charra emphasizes that it is always best

to give the candidate a full picture of the status of their application

, good or bad: "Sometimes there isn't much feedback. because the client does not pass it on to us, but I am in favor of feedback because I believe that it is the

only way to repay the candidate for the time he invested


You have to be very measured with this, that's why I'm not in favor of giving it in writing, you have to pick up the phone and talk."

The advantages and disadvantages of the profession of a social recruiter in Argentina


recruiters agree that this job, despite not having its own academic training, is well paid.

However, the salary received by those who perform these positions depends on certain non-

negotiable requirements


Juana Cervio comments that for someone junior, the salary could be between 500 and 1,500 dollars, for someone semi-senior above 2,000, and for someone who knows English and is a senior it is above 3,000 or 4,000 dollars.

According to the Glassdoor

employer review platform 

, the average salary of a Recruitment Specialist is

$140,000 in Argentina,

updated as of January 26. 

"Maybe local companies don't pay as well, but it is a well-paid position compared to other positions within Human Resources," adds the creator of Carrier Tech, while pointing out that one of the possible advantages of this position is that it

is multidisciplinary and can be done remotely without problems.

Charra emphasizes the importance of having experience within

a team with a good organizational culture

, in whatever position.

This makes it possible for the recruiter to gain industry knowledge by being close to the organizations, having been educated on the subject.

Something that both recruiters rescue as a primary skill for anyone who wants to look for opportunities in this trade is knowledge and

fluency in the English language

to be able to work with foreign startups and obtain good remuneration.

“It is for the first place that you have to start.

You are going to have a lot of extra competition if you do not polish the language

”, clarifies Charra.

Juana Cervio on social recruiting: "Many times the role is not understood and is thought of as a general position, when it is much more specific."

“It is

a job in demand

in Argentina, recruiters are asked to know the technology market, who know how to manage and network, and also who know English.

That they can

recruit Latin American talent

for foreign companies, from Argentina for foreign companies or from Argentina for Argentine companies with foreign clients”, complements Cervio.

As a great disadvantage, both refer to the economic context that Argentina is going through and

the massive layoffs or personnel cuts

that affect the sector and that could extend into 2023. “Many times

the role is not understood

and is thought of as a general position, when it is much more specific”, answers Cervio on this point.

For his part, Charra adds: “There is

an idealization and romanticization of recruiting


Therefore, this year it is better to focus on being

an internal recruiter,

due to the massive layoffs in companies.

I think there is no shortage of jobs in Argentina, but everything is concentrated here in Buenos Aires”.

                                                                                    Malena Martos


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