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"The high-tech people who are leading the protest did not read the reform at all" - voila! Of money


He is angry about the demonization of the legal reform, thinks that whoever escapes from here will return with his tail between his legs and is sure that shutting down the economy is rude. Despite this, Hoar is not willing to reveal his name

Demonstration of high-tech workers in the Sharona complex.

"Each new employee in high-tech gets 20 days off. Let Derdak be honored and take a day at his own expense if he wants to protest, why should the company fund him?" (Photo: Yanon Yatach)

At a time when the vast majority of businessmen who are interviewed in the media, warn against legal reform, the transfer of funds abroad and severe damage to the Israeli economy, the owner of one of the largest investment companies in Israel, who is afraid to speak on his behalf, comes out against them, telling "Walla" that only the fringes of the fringes spend the The money is from the country, and the rest to his liking they talk themselves into knowing, demonstrate ignorance and hypocrisy and harm the public who cannot open bank accounts abroad.

"I am a man of facts. In 2022, the governor of the Bank of Israel drastically lowered interest rates, which created a crisis of confidence in the financial system, there was a significant outflow of funds to the USA, mainly to the Lehman Brothers bank, and the bond yields of the Israeli government jumped to 20% nominal and a snowball was created that stopped less than a year later, when interest rates rose again. There were those who made enormous capital gains on the bonds, and those who transferred the money abroad came out at a loss, even before Lehman Brothers collapsed. Today the numbers are better in Israel, but someone Trying to roll the snowball and create an avalanche with political motives."

Why did you choose not to be interviewed on your behalf?

"Because we are in an era where every word you say will get you in trouble. If you say the country is fine, you are for Bibi and if everything here is bad - you are against Bibi. In such a climate, why talk? You don't want to screw up your job. You don't want to jeopardize your livelihood. Whoever doesn't Activist, let him go to work."

Aren't you afraid of catastrophe?

"The coup is bullshit. It was done by demonic people. It has reached shameful levels of ignorance. Who will protect the public in the middle, who must work? We have to admit the truth, most of the high-tech people, who are leading the protest, did not read the reform. If they were to manage the their businesses, they could not sell their companies to the public at such a high price. Huge amounts of money come into Israel from the gas, from the defense industries, from the Abraham agreements and the technology businesses - because after all there are still some minds here, and the daily cycle of buying and selling foreign exchange stands at four billion dollars a day.

"The funds of the high-tech companies, those activists who are threatening to leave the country, belong to foreign companies, which are the owners. Even when there is an exit, it does not go to the state. The taxes on the profits come from the employees and not from the investors' money, therefore it does not matter where they keep the money. Therefore, this is a step An insignificant populist".

Recruitment ad of Playtica, which joined the protest.

"It is a company that is in Chinese ownership at all, there is no limit to the paradox" (Photo: PR)

I don't blame those who are afraid

He continues, upset: "The fringes of the fringes spend the money abroad.

Do you know how much it costs to open a bank account in Switzerland or the USA and manage it remotely? Those who fear, rightly so, increase the weight of stocks abroad in their investment portfolio.

And what do they do with it?

Helping foreign companies raise money.

Why are you doing this?

To harm Israeli companies?

"There is a terrible hypocrisy here. Einat Gaz (founder and CEO of Papaya, the first unicorn to announce the withdrawal of his money from Israel. L.R.), worked for years in a company that dealt in defense exports to Africa, and she is the one who allows herself to be righteous.

Or Pleitika, which also joined the protest, is in Chinese ownership at all, there is no limit to the paradox.

The whole story is to create internal pressure and harm the government and the country.

Then what happened in 2002 will happen, the dollar will rise and the stock market will fall and who will be hurt?

Those who cannot open a bank account abroad. They intend to create a speculative wave here. Where will people work, in the Islamic Europe or the anti-Semitic USA?

The world has much bigger problems than us.

"Whoever leaves here and returns with his tail between his legs will be marked as one who abandoned the State of Israel. We have 201 billion dollars in foreign currency, plus money from the gas.

Safest to be here.

You can protest and you must protest, but the savings of the good Israeli public must not be harmed.

"I know that there are contacts for compromises and I assume that there will be compromises, but the demonization is a self-goal. This is a people that hurts itself. I don't blame the people who fear a regime revolution, but the propaganda is amplifying itself. The climate is so polarized, the parties are in complete distrust, fear and leadership with power significant. That there is currently no possibility to talk even about elementary and necessary things, such as a body that will oversee the prosecutor's office and the judges. It is a slippery slope that cannot be ignored."

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About Einat Gaz, founder and CEO of Papaya. "There is terrible hypocrisy here" (Photo: Flash 90, Gil Yaari)

Whoever wants, sit at his own expense

So I guess you won't join the shutdown tomorrow

. "The shutdown is first class insolence. Every new employee in high-tech gets 20 days off. Let the jerk respect himself and take a day at his own expense if he wants to protest. Why should the company fund him? Who am I against? I have to work for the customers mine. This is terrible anarchy. The right to strike is sacred, but anyone who wants to - let them sit at their expense, even though I think it's bad.

Look how the stock market is going down today. For those who need the money now, it's a catastrophe, but we continue to behave like the autonomous Jew, who is ready Killing himself for his principles.

Nevertheless, it is important for me to add that even though I am against it, I transfer funds to any place where my clients will earn more, even if it means taking the funds out of Israel."

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