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The chairman of the Histadrut: "We are in dialogue with the Ministry of Justice regarding the reform" - Voila! Money


Arnon Bar David in his first interview after reaching the wage agreement for public sector employees and surprised when he said that he is conducting negotiations on articles in the reform: "We are currently in dialogue with the Ministry of Justice"

Very satisfied with the agreement.

Arnon Bar David with Bezalel Smotrich (Photo: Oded Karni

Arnon Bar David, was interviewed for the "Where's the Money"

program on Radio 103

and commented for the first time on the agreement reached between the Treasury and the Histadrut regarding wages in the public sector.

What does an agreement include?

"We are talking about two agreements, one which is the public sector agreement, which is the heart of the matter, and parallel to it and no less important is the agreement on assistants in schools and kindergartens, we have turned this profession into a supporter of education. These two agreements waited for each other until we finalized them. I am happy that today We presented these two agreements to the working public at the same time and there is good news for hundreds of thousands of workers in the State of Israel ahead of the holiday, I think the workers deserve after the difficult period that was."

what's in it

"It has several tiers, the first tier - there is a one-time supplement of NIS 6,000, which is a really significant supplement to receive such a supplement in the middle of life that will be paid on the first of April in preparation for the holiday. It has a NIS 500 supplement that will join the increase in the minimum wage, the employees will see an increase in the gross of NIS 1,000, for those who have it in the region of the minimum wage. It has a shortening of the work week to 40 hours, which is significant, and it actually shortens the work week by almost a day a month, this is something I talked about for a long time and I am happy that in this agreement we were able to introduce the It".

"In this agreement there is a dedicated budget for strengthening sectors that need strengthening such as nurses, social workers, psychologists, court workers, hospital workers. There is an additional box of money in the local government at a rate of two percent and this increase for the new sectors is three percent. That is, there are tiers here On layers of an agreement that reaches an order of magnitude over the years of between 17 and 20 percent."

"Regarding the assistants, there is a real reform here. We are raising their wages by 20 to 30 percent, the assistants who are just starting out, who are assistants for a single child, of which we have a certain amount that is quite large, will increase to a salary of 7,000 basic shekels and another 600 full-time grant. Assistant In kindergarten you will receive 7,200 plus 600, and as a special education assistant, we were able to reach 8,000 plus 600 with her. And that's without additions for education or the level of the workers, they can reach an addition of up to another 1,600 shekels. Each promotion in the group is 400 shekels and there

is There is also a future horizon for female workers who are starting now. We have made this profession attractive - they can claim to reach even 10,000 and even 11,000 shekels for those who have some extras. As far as I am concerned, I think there is huge news here for helping, which is a problematic profession and a group I have been working with for a long time Time, I know they attacked, I know they complained, it was worth it for them to wait for this agreement because this agreement is real news, it is a real reform."

Once you finish a negotiation quickly and Smotrich gives you a compliment, maybe you did something wrong?

"I checked with myself if I know how to make a framework agreement with a full right-wing government and with a minister who is not in love with the Histadrut, and you know when he took office, what was our relationship like? If I manage to crack it and bring an agreement without a strike, that's not cool Check, it took months of nights and nights. And voila, I found a person that I can work with, that I can talk to, contrary to my image with him and his image with me."

"The very fact that we sat today under one table, around one table, that we both sat from both camps, and we sign an agreement and we look each other in the eye and we know how to work, is one of the important things that happened today at the press conference. And I expect the State of Israel to look each other in the eye and stop thinking Everyone is a monster that you can't work with, you can work with anyone. In my way, you can also bring peace to the entire people of Israel like I brought to the workers in the State of Israel."

After closing a deal with Smotrich, he said of Levin's rival: "I know how to talk to him" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

I don't see how the reform will harm the employees

After he finished enumerating the Histadrut's achievements in the negotiations on the wage agreements, Bar David surprised when he addressed the controversy that seems to be tearing the citizens of Israel apart from the inside: Maybe it's to tie your

hands so you won't join the protest?

"Come on.

I've been a worker leader for 30 years and I've been in demonstrations and I came from there, you can't work on me and you can't play with me and I was elected to represent the workers and bring them a living.

For 30 years I have been providing a living for the workers, bringing a rank and another rank and another addition and more studies, that's why I work, that's why my whole life is dedicated to the workers.

" I was chosen.

I lead a body of 8,000 employees and I see it before my eyes, that's all.

That's why all this talk is unnecessary, it's not in the right direction at all, no one bothers with me about these things, no one talks at all and I'm not there and I wasn't there.

I think I will not involve the Histadrut in this matter at the moment.

I will, of course, call for dialogue and we are launching a big campaign today that has gone out on all the networks for dialogue and that we are one nation.

This is the Histadrut, I will find it everywhere, in all the parties, and the power of the Histadrut in the Knesset is enormous."

If the committee for the appointment of judges is changed, it is clear to you that if something like this is granted, there will be a very serious harm to the slaves.

"Listen, there are many filters before it even arrives and decisions have to be made, until Today, who made decisions in the committee for appointing judges?

Right-wing governments.

They appointed the judges and no one brought an ecclesiastic.

And the Minister of Justice, with all that everyone is clamoring for, I know how to talk to him.

We are currently in discussions with the Ministry of Justice on this issue to reduce it a bit, and it is possible that there will be an appointment of judges in the labor courts to create another review mechanism so that there will not be a situation like you describe.

We are aware that there is no chance and no reason.

From this point of view, I see no reason and no threat to the employees.

If there are moves that I will see in the end that are apocalyptic, and I don't see that happening, if they try to test me, I know how to react, that's all."

When will you say 'so far'?

"As far as I'm concerned, I have my red lines, everyone knows them - Damage to organized labor, damage to workers, persecution of workers, if they try to harm the labor courts or abolish them or reduce their authority, this is a red line.

We understand eye to eye, I speak and there is dialogue with all the ministers of this government, I am one of the only ones in the State of Israel who knows how to talk to them.

So come, you will also be happy that we know how to talk to all the camps and get all the people down from the trees.

I'm an optimist by nature and I don't see here at the moment any attempt to go in front of the employees.

There is also no ability in the Knesset to enact a law vis-a-vis the Histadrut."

You somehow nicely concluded an agreement with the Ministry of Finance, but perhaps you can give practical advice from your experience to both sides.

"You see that the president here addressed with an emotional reading and a well-constructed speech and it doesn't work.

Everyone is currently running towards the wall, we need to stop in front of the wall, talk and understand that we are one people.

I can give advice, it is possible to bridge things, there are things that can be done in a different way.

I don't like the shovel reform and its scope and that it comes in a blow.

I also want to change things within my system and I don't do it by beating and I do it for them.

These are not simple things and I suggest to all the friends I talk to on the right side of the map politically, 'Let's stop, let's talk', I am trying, and now I will have much more time to try to bridge the gap and try to lower the toxic discourse that exists here in the State of Israel." Assisted in the preparation of the

article : Noya Hason 103fm

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