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"Nir Barkat angry? Let him check how much the cost of living depends on the government" - voila! Of money


Rami Levy believes that the prices will drop further, is furious at the attempt to blame the retailers for the cost of living, is not afraid of competition with international chains and thinks that the reform should be negotiated

Rami Levy: "If no change is made in the government states, prices in Israel will always be more expensive than abroad and the state is to blame" (Photo: Yotam Ronan)

Every Passover eve, with the preparations for the holiday, I always talk with Rami Levy who controls Sycamore marketing.

The man who will forever be identified with the chicken in the shekel, will be found in the studios, protecting the retailers and marketing chains and along the way trying to educate the consumer.

"A few weeks ago, the price increases stopped. In recent days, in-depth sales are being made regarding a series of products, and relatively speaking, the prices this year will be lower," Levy tells me.

But in relation to Passover last year, are there any price increases?

"It's true that the products went up compared to last year's Passover, but the trend is changing. We have to remember that we are very dependent on the raw materials, which are becoming more expensive. I believe that a week before Passover, the prices will be cheaper. Soon there will be more in-depth promotions, this is to come closer to the consumers for the holidays."

"Actually, we are currently working on a lower gross profit in order to go towards those who buy from us throughout the year. The private brand has become more expensive, but relatively speaking it has not increased much. The consumer must understand that he has enormous power in his hands and that he will not buy at any price. Products can be obtained today at reasonable prices You don't have to go for brands at all costs"

it's true but your private label products have also become very expensive

"today the private label accounts for 26-27% of our sales turnover. People are beginning to understand that the brand is better and better and despite the higher prices it is still tens of percent cheaper than the known brands You can also take advantage of Rami Halevi's voucher."

"We sell cheaper and those employee councils who buy from us get a higher added value and therefore prefer our tokens. In fact, this year there is a 25% increase in token sales compared to last year. We allow the use of all chains, but 80% of those who hold the token prefer us" .

I understand that Israir is also part of the possibility of using the letter

"Definitely yes. Israir is happy in its share and is growing and growing. The prices are also good. We have synergy with hotel chains in Europe that we buy and thus we lower the prices. Israir has experienced very difficult times in the past and the current period is the most Good for her."

You talk about price drops, but Economy Minister Nir Barkat - who is your friend - warns the retailers and chains ahead of the holiday following the price increase

"I don't know if Nir Barkat is angry. If so, he should check how much the cost of living depends on the government. High taxation, Regulation and bureaucracy do not depend on us. We are a listed company and you can read in the reports that I earn 2.5% of the cost on wipes. I will also give up the profit, this will not solve the problem of the cost of living."

"If no change is made in the government countries, prices in Israel will always be more expensive than abroad and the country is to blame.

What to do?

I pay property tax, water, electricity or other taxes in Israel and not elsewhere."

Did you tell him this at the meeting he had with the retailers?

"Not all the representatives of the chains were at the meeting.

I met with the minister separately and told him the reasons for the high price, in my opinion, the cost of living."

The minister is building on the entry of chains from abroad such as Carrefour or the Dutch chain SPAR.

Will competition with them lower prices?

"We are in favor of the entry of chains from abroad and are not afraid of competition.

Will they really be able to lower prices?

It's nothing more than a title and they won't help anything.

Quit bullshit.

The Israeli chains, including the foreign ones, buy most of the produce in Israel - so how can he be stronger than me?"

"He can't buy cheaper. But everyone wants to make a headline as if they are taking care of the cost of living. Do you think they will sell products without kosher? Can they buy fruits and vegetables abroad and import them to Israel?

Most of the meat and poultry are also bought in Israel."

"Under no circumstances will they be able to buy cheaper than me.

Everyone wants to make a profit, so they won't be able to lower prices."

"The protest has no effect on my redemptions" (Photo: Yehats)

Why didn't you participate in the businessmen's meetings with the president regarding the legal reform?

"I wasn't at the meeting because I wasn't summoned. I wasn't even told about it, and that's a good thing. I'm not involved in politics but in helping 2.5 million customers in the fight against the cost of living and paying wages and ten thousand workers that I employ. This is my demonstration."

But what do you say about the legal revolution?

"I will tell you something clear. Everything should be done through negotiations. 99% of the protesters support the reform provided that it is done through negotiations. If both sides are stubborn, then let them get off the ladder and come to talk. There is no need for preconditions such as stopping the legislation. Listen, there needs to be reform and everyone says that but Just need to talk."

But still, the protesters don't want to talk, perhaps rightfully so, so as not to fall into Bibi's trap


Do you participate in demonstrations?

"I don't go to demonstrations. And I still don't care if people demonstrate but don't harm the country or close roads. We don't need to harm the country. We have one country and there won't be another country. We need to protect the country despite the differences of opinion. Even if you think otherwise, you must not destroy the country." .

Do they affect your revenue?

"Regarding the redemptions, you don't feel a negative impact, but the opposite. People have less money because of the high interest rate and the mortgage, and that's why they come to me."

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