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Come home: upgrading the house for Passover - voila! Of money


In preparation for the holiday, the demand for electrical products and accessories that will upgrade the experience of cleaning, cooking and entertaining is increasing. The shep is big and confusing, until we went out to the shops and came back with ideas for the renewal of the house

A smart electric kettle from the Smarter company, the price is NIS 489 (Photo: Public Relations)

Black Swan

Of all the Israeli holidays, Passover is the holiday that I like to be at home the most... Those who stay will not come empty-handed.

Those who host want to renew themselves - from kitchen utensils that will help them in cooking to a design item that the guests can admire - and in general, this holiday is full of family and social gatherings, meals - and when all around even nature renews itself and changes seasons, it is no wonder that the people of Israel flock to the stores and buy everything that comes near...

The abundance is so great and the selection confusing, that we decided to go to the stores and try to sort things out, to find the most valuable products...

for example,

a smart electric kettle from the Smarter brand

, black and elegant, will fit as a design and functional item both on the kitchen counter and on the guest table.

The smart kettle has two functions: boiling and keeping warm, it has an elegant-innovative structure, a maximum capacity of 1 liter and a high-quality stainless steel body.

It is easy to clean and prevents the accumulation of scale and dirt.

The modern look is joined by an impressive LED display and a long and noble kettle spout for pouring.

Its presence in the space will create an atmosphere of style, the price is NIS 489.

available on the xistore website

Classic linen set with a dark gray stripe.

The price is NIS 949 (Photo: Tal Bruschel)

dream well

Among the variety of soft linens for the bed by Linnaz, we found a classic, clean and precise model that would suit any room.

The double bed linen set is white with a dark gray stripe as a refined touch in the frame of the float and the pillowcase.

The elegant design creates a festive and pure atmosphere in the bedroom, it is made of 100% combed cotton with an extremely long fiber, woven as a satin for a silky soft touch with a density of 500 threads per inch - double pick.

Its presence on the bed in the bedroom will create a calm atmosphere with an enveloping feeling of softness, for a refreshing sleep with good dreams, like in a pampering hotel.

The price for a full set: NIS 949, available on the Linnaz website

More in Walla!

B-Cure Laser in an experience sale at an unprecedented and exclusive price

Served on behalf of B Cure Laser

xiaomi robot vacuum x10+ (Photo: Xiaomi PR)

The smart assistant

Xiaomi's robotic vacuum cleaner - it also washes!

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ belongs to the new generation of vacuum cleaners and takes house cleaning a few steps further.

It comes with an All-in-One docking station for pumping, emptying and thanks to artificial intelligence its cleaning results are commendable.

Photo sensor combined with advanced laser navigation, allows it to avoid obstacles, perform a 360° scan of the entire house, to plan and outline the cleaning route.

This genius has a 2.5 liter water tank and the ability to detect carpets to switch to dry vacuuming mode without getting them wet.

The suction power is particularly strong and the battery allows up to two hours of continuous work.

The vacuum cleaner returns by itself to the docking position to charge and fill with water (as needed) and at the end return to continue cleaning at the point where it left off.

Comes with a full year warranty by the official importer Hamilton Group.

The price: NIS 4,190.

It can be obtained at the branches of the Mi Store network, on the Xiaomi Israel website and at resellers.

Super Q 2.0: a smart and electric scent diffuser that works on sound waves, MIYO SCENT (Photo: Public Relations)

Home smell

The smart and advanced scent diffuser of the Israeli MIYO SCENT, Super Q 2.0 operates with nano ultra sonic technology developed by the company and it spreads a pleasant fragrance (to choose from 50 scents offered by the company) through remote control in a dedicated application you can control and regulate the intensity, quantity and frequency of the perfume at any given moment, schedule On and off in advance and more.

A special crystal that vibrates at supersonic speed causes the mixture of high-quality aromatic oils in the capsule to separate into tiny particles and disperse uniformly in space.

Suitable for hanging or placing in spaces up to 120 meters, works by connecting to a power outlet or batteries.

The scent mixtures consist of 100% ecological and friendly natural materials, comes in black, white or gray colors.

The price: NIS 429.

available on the company's website.

Shark - new wireless iz423 vacuum cleaner NIS 2790 (photo: official importer Sharig)

Handsome and strong

Shark presents the newest model of the IZ423 STRATOS brand - a rechargeable wireless vacuum cleaner that is updated with clean sense IQ technology, which includes a smart sensor for detecting invisible dirt and automatically adjusting the suction power.

For the first time in Israel, the vacuum cleaner includes an Anti-Odor cartridge that prevents bad odors inside and outside the vacuum cleaner and spreads a refreshing smell.

This model is the first swallow from the Shark IQ collection that will be launched during 2023.

The vacuum cleaner includes the Zero Maintenance Plus patent, as in the previous models only collects more hair, dirt and dust than ever and prevents the hair from getting tangled on the brush.

Launch price: NIS 2,790.

Available at electrical networks and on the website of the importer Sharig Electric.

Newfan - Tefal vertical steam iron model t-8490eo, price: NIS 1,090 (photo: courtesy of Newfan)

aligning with the rhythm

Newfan offers a way to ease the Sisyphean ironing task and introduces the TEFAL steam iron with a unique vertical support system, which provides optimal support and quick heating in just 45 seconds.

The vertical steam iron of the brand TEFAL model T-8490EO is designed to iron, renew and refresh clothes easily, quickly and in one unit, without the need for a folding ironing board.

The company stated that the iron sterilizes 99.9% of the clothes and that it is suitable for all types of fabrics.

The recommended price for the consumer: NIS 1,090.

It can be obtained from the electrical networks and the various trade websites.

A set of 18 pieces of bon china plates decorated with real gold.

Price NIS 1,750, Mardinger Studio from the goldsmiths' house (photo: Public Relations)

on the table

The high-quality "Bone China" plate set with real gold decoration is part of Merdinger studio's elegant hospitality collection from "The Goldsmiths" which is offered at slightly more accessible prices and includes a wide variety of hospitality tools with an original design and silver and gold plating.

For example, the luxury dining set from the collection, which is designed for 6 diners (18 pieces) with a classic, spectacular and temporary look, with the seal of goldsmiths' quality.

The price: NIS 1,750.

Available at the chain's branches nationwide and online.

Golf & Co, cutlery set at a price of NIS 345 instead of NIS 459 (Photo: Amit Shemesh)

From hand to mouth

In addition to the dining sets, both for festive entertaining and for the appearance of a meticulously designed table in the days of routine, the Golf & Line chain offers to refresh with a classic cutlery set. The

proposed set is designed with a golden finish and a black combination, and it supports the creation of a particularly impressive atmosphere on the dining table. The set is intended for - 6 diners and consists of 24 parts and is made of stainless steel.

Price: NIS 345 (instead of NIS 459). Available at Golf & Co stores and on the chain's website.

A home machine for making ice, the price: NIS 499. (Photo: Yechat Olam Cinema)

Ice Age

Home machine for making ice cubes Peerless model 12-HZB-PRL with a capacity of 2.2 liters compact and designed, easy to operate without the need to connect to a water tap, also suitable for placing on the counter in the kitchen.

Quiet operation, easy to use with control panel.

The machine has the option of producing ice cubes in 2 different sizes according to your choice and the production capacity of 9 ice cubes in each cycle (6-13 minutes) and up to 12 kg of ice cubes every 24 hours. The price: NIS 499. Available on the 'Olam HaKinema' website


Sodastream E-TERRA, the holiday price: NIS 379 (instead of NIS 479) (Photo: Sodastream)

Go to MAZ

On the occasion of Passover, Sodastream launches the TERRA™-E device with a modern design, with an electric gas system that allows you to plan in advance the degree of carbonation desired, from three predefined levels (gentle, medium and strong carbonation) with one click.

The clean look of the new device includes elegant blue ambient lighting when gassing.

The new design combines style, innovation and sustainability (the meaning of the name TERRA is Earth) in order to change the way people consume carbonated drinks and to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles in the world.

The device comes in classic colors of black or white.

Holiday price: NIS 379 (instead of NIS 479) valid until 4/13/23.

Can be reached on the company's website and at the sales center by calling *9880

Cook and Bake chain, moderna dining system from Kutaya Turkey, price per item: NIS 30 (Photo: Foreign Relations)

From Turkey with love

The multi-brand COOK AND BAKE offers a variety of dining systems.

One of them is MODERNA - a set of porcelain plates from the Turkish brand KUTAHYA with a bold ending that will make all the difference at the dining table.

Safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.

KUTAHYA Porselen - The Turkish company is considered one of the largest porcelain manufacturers in the world and it makes sure to innovate with classic designs that will fit any hospitality table and also with bold designs that will attract all the attention of the guests.

The price per item in the collection: NIS 30.

Available in stores and on the COOK AND BAKE website

Ninja's Possible series pan - possible pan for endless cooking options in one pan NIS 749 (Photo: Sharig official importer)

Ninja in a new collection

The Ninja brand has become one of the most recognized and identified with the cooking, kitchen and hospitality culture.

For this year's Passover, the brand unveiled a collection that also includes products from new and surprising categories.

Integrated mixer, manual blender and food chopper system in one device

- the CI107IS model system is the only one in Israel that combines in one powerful motor unit (850W) all manual processing devices for convenient and easy use by connecting the motor unit to the appropriate accessory to obtain the desired operation.

Mixing, chopping, crushing, grinding, food processing, whipping, making purees and doughs, the price: NIS 699.

The new Ninja Foodi StaySharp knife collection

- It is expected to change the habits of using knives and make the preparation phase more accurate, sharper and faster.

The collection includes three sets of knives that allow you to choose the right knife for each task (17 pieces, 7 pieces and 2 pieces) where each set comes with a built-in sharpener that is precisely adapted to the included knives.

StaySharp technology ensures that the knives will always stay sharp, just like on the first day.

The price: NIS 1,790-449.

Ninja cookware collection

- includes multi-purpose pots and pans of various sizes, made with NeverStick technology that produces a particularly strong and long-lasting surface that prevents scratches, abrasion and food sticking and allows the use of metal utensils such as a spoon or a plate without fear of scratches or erosion.

In addition, the coating layer makes the cleaning process easier and allows you to enjoy healthier cooking with less (or no) oil and with equally good results.

The highlight of Ninja's cookware collection is the Possible series that provides endless options in one pot: boiling, deep frying, searing, baking, casserole dishes, steaming and more.

The price of the series of pots and pans ranges from: NIS 239-749.

Ninja products can be obtained from electrical networks and the importer's website, Sharig Electric

ninja foodi staysharp ninja system 7 parts - 6 knives and a built-in sharpener, launch price: NIS 999 (photo: official importer Sharig)

Ninja manual mixer and food chopper rod system, price: NIS 699 (photo: official importer Sharig)

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