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Sergio Massa slows down the pension moratorium


The minister wants to show that he is in a position to ensure some control over legislative life. If Sergio Massa manages to revive Congress , he will be able to advance one more box in his project of demonstrating that he is in a position to ensure some control over legislative life . And in the best of cases, sustaining the objective of being a presidential candidate, to win or lose. It comes from a major smack because his own bench approved, at the worst moment, the moratorium project for

If Sergio Massa manages to revive Congress , he will be able to advance one more box in his project of

demonstrating that he is in a position to ensure some control over legislative life


And in the best of cases, sustaining the objective of being a presidential candidate, to win or lose.

It comes from a major smack because his own bench approved, at the worst moment, the moratorium project for retirees.

Massa has spread the news in the market that

he will seek to work on the regulation of this law to delay its implementation and reduce the impact on public accounts.

It has to respond to the demand for “early and determined measures to sustainably address the fiscal costs of the unexpected approval of the pension moratorium to ensure fiscal objectives for this year and the next ones” (IMF statement).

It came from the Senate at the initiative of the extreme Christianity of Anabel Fernández Sagasti and Mariano Recalde.

In Deputies Massa asked that the approval be frozen to facilitate the latest renegotiation with the IMF.

They approved it anyway with the help of the Federal Compromise bench - schiarettista line, lavagnista - who gave the quorum and the votes for approval.

Maxi Kirchner, in Avellaneda's speech, accused Alberto Fernández of delaying the promulgation of the law.

The vice-presidential scion –

who retains youth with Chavo del Ocho clothing

- summer jean shorts, only missing the suspenders - gave Massa the bear hug, for whom this law is expensive and inopportune at this time of the economic crisis.

So that there were no doubts, a newsletter from "La Cámpora" redoubled the pressure until the promulgation came out last Monday.

The haste in this moratorium is attributed to electoral purposes.

Most of the 800,000 beneficiaries of this register live in the province of Buenos Aires and

can be used as a clientelist tool


Attempt revenge in Congress

The government makes use of the economic agenda to test the revival of Congress, which is in a coma induced by the dissent between the ruling party and the opposition.

The trial balloon is

the project that reforms the regime of control and repression of money laundering


This project toughens penalties and expands the information sweep that business intermediaries must provide.

A plenary of commissions gave him a push last November.

The government included him in that cloud of illusions that was the list of projects for the extraordinary sessions that only existed to trip Massa's pension plan.

He does not have an opinion, but the ruling party has already admitted changes so that it comes out without problems


There were disagreements over the opposition's request that the president of the body that controls money laundering, the FIU, be appointed with the agreement of Congress.

A brake on the jubilee of spies

This Congress is not in a position to negotiate any agreement.

That is why there is no Attorney of the Nation, no Ombudsman or anything.

There were complaints from

lawyers who do not want to be reporting agents for transactions, such as accountants and notaries


The ruling party accepted a clause that protects the confidentiality of financial information.

Article 17 bis of the bill states that “information from a foreign analogous body may be used only for the ends or purposes for which it was provided.

The FIU will not pass on information received from foreign analogue bodies to any third party.

This clause tries to prevent a repeat of the campaign that the ruling party unleashed in 2009 against Francisco de Narváez, making public information that FINCEN (the FIU of the United States) had passed to Argentina about the businessman, who was a candidate that year .

As a result of that event, the government in Washington suspended the delivery of information to Argentina on the grounds that it could be used with party intentions.

The government has opened the Political Judgment commission against the Court.

The accusing bench seems to work online with espionage services, spreads chats, points out anecdotes about birthdays, friendships and clothing that only espionage can access.

That article of the project puts a brake on the Creole fascination of politicians to pry into the lives of others.

Dilemma: having power without being in charge

Mauricio Macri has been sharpening his pencil to

reset the Cambiemos coalition format


The gestures continue to be those of someone who does not want to leave, but who is looking for the best place to continue having the greatest influence with the least wear and tear.

The illusion of taking power without taking over the government, as John Holloway proposes - from the ideological antipodes - in the book "Changing the world without taking power." Perhaps from the opulent FIFA?

Macri's return will uncover the crisis that could fracture the Together for Change Coalition.


alliance of the PRO with the UCR of CABA is the putty that keeps them together at the national level


He explains the tandem photos of Gerardo Morales with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who co-governs the city with the UCR with a promise of electoral fidelity for October: PRO and UCR will go to a STEP for the candidacy for head of government in which they would confront Martín Lousteau and a PRO candidate chosen to the extent of a defeat.

That would mean that the PRO would cede the government of the only district where it governs, the axis of the national party and the sanctuary of Macri's power.


neither the PRO nor Macri want to hand over the government of the city


They have dedicated themselves to building pre-candidates to face Lousteau face to face with no desire to lose.

Macri has Enrique Nosiglia's judgment of his party engraved on his forehead: the day we handed over the candidacy for head of government to Aníbal Ibarra, we lost the district and radicalism entered a two-decade crisis.

a darwinian fight

The fight between PRO and UCR in CABA is a Darwinian fight in which the survival of the species is at stake.

It is

a life or death fight that will end up moderating the electorate, who wants them together


“The Alliance is in the people” Graciela Fernández Meijide taught at the time.

It is aggravated because there is neither a unified leadership nor a direction that develops objectives, vision and strategy over the natural differences of districts and candidates.

The optimism of the surveys, on the contrary, feeds self-employment.

The arrival of Macri, head of the PRO, will clear up many of these unknowns.

One is whether he will go for a new presidential term, or agree with Larreta, who feels he is a co-founder of PRO and a natural successor.


is convinced that he will win the candidacy of the coalition in partnership with the radicals

, such as Morales and Lousteau;

that he is going to win the elections and that when he is in power he is going to be able to repay all the sacrifices they made along the way.

Telling that to the milkmaid of the fable, they respond from the extreme macrismo – Abrojos or Muerte line – that they do not understand where the business is that a team that has governed with efficiency and electoral success in the city for 16 years, hands it over to a debutant like Lousteau, who did not hold executive positions, except for the Christian civil service that everyone knows how it ended.

Cristina, who has never disliked him, titters him in public when she is in a good mood in the Senate sessions: "This almost put the government in my hat," she laughs, something unusual for her.

Preparations for a future that has already arrived

This Monday Macri will reappear in a presentation of the book "For what" at the Fundación Libertad de Rosario.

He comes from

a long journey that has helped him put the definitions on hold


She was expected in Chile on Friday to be at the launch table of the Libertad y Democracia Group.

She could not arrive by air connections, but she participated by zoom.

She took the opportunity to take refuge for the weekend with the family.

This group will be a continental organization of conservative presidents and former presidents with an Ibero-American flavor, to lobby public opinion against the third party of the Puebla group.


believe a lot in the fantasy of the pendulum

, as there is a mysterious physics that moves societies from the right to the left, at the same time, quite the opposite, Saúl Ubaldini would say.

Today there is a third-party continental axis with Lula, López Obrador, the Fernández, Evo, Boric, which could run out of steam very soon.

They want to be ready to go out the canal back when the pendulum hits.

memories of the future

The Libertad y Democracia Group collects the impulse that they tried in 2019 Sebastián Piñera and the Colombian Iván Duque, together with Macri, Jair Bolsonaro and others with the ProSur seal, a club of countries with conservative administrations that wanted to become a UNASUR against the grain .

They fit the old advice of a character from Jorge Asís: "Turn on, there are trips."

There are politicians who caress the passport and experience a swelling of the spongy tissue.

He reconvened Piñera as a milestone in launching him for a third presidential term in 2026.

The example of Lula in Brazil, who recovered from defeat and prison, spreads among the former.

In politics

there is a law written in stone: whoever was, always wants to be again


An inspiration for the decision that the Macris and the Cristinas have to make.

Characters such as Duque, Mariano Rajoy, José María Aznar, Andrés Pastrana, Guillermo Lasso, Jorge "Tuto" Quiroga among others participate in that league.

They animated a colloquium of fine print: "Quo Vadis: Liberty and Democracy in Latin America."

They promise

hot pronouncements

to navigate in the stormy sea of ​​international politics.

They know that the Argentine government is negotiating their reinstatement to UNASUR, the tercerista league from which Macri withdrew Argentina in April 2019.

He accused her of carrying out an agenda of "high ideological content."

Some partners vetoed the appointment of José Bordón as secretary of that seal.

That debatable decision was in solidarity with another previous one, also debatable, which was to freeze Argentina's participation in Parlasur, by canceling the payment of salaries to the representatives of Argentina and suspending the election that the government will surely now reinstate.

Peronism entrenched itself in Parlasur in 2015 to oppose the Macri government


Now that he believes that he will lose the elections, he seeks to armor trenches for the resistance.


look too

On another day of tension, the Central Bank sold US$139 million and the losses for the month now reach US$871 million

Alternative dollars are overheating: cash with liquid jumped to $ 403.5 and set a new record

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