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Arnon Bar David: "The Minister of Defense was fired as if we were in a banana republic" - voila! Of money


Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar David on the decision to completely shut down the economy: "The country is falling apart before our eyes" • He claimed: "When the Prime Minister announces the stoppage of the legislation, we will stop the strike"

In the video: the chairman of the Histadrut announces a strike in the economy following the dismissal of the Minister of Defense (Yotam Ronan)

Last night (Sunday) the Histadrut decided to announce a general shutdown of the economy, this as a protest of the government's handling of the reform of the judicial system and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement to fire Defense Minister Yoav Galant. Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar David discussed this with Liat Ron Vayal Elon on 103fm.

"Last night all the red lines were crossed. These are not normal days. Last night was a day that I don't remember for many, many years," he said, adding: "People were in the streets, and this morning old people stopped me and cried that the country had gone to them. Beyond that, Poter Cher Security in the State of Israel, as if we were in a banana republic. He was fired at night, by a decision of two or three people, this is something that is impossible."

He went on to say: "Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, when all the red lines were crossed there was no escape from going on this strike, and this is not an ordinary strike. This is a strike in which the entire business sector participates. For the first time in the Histadrut House, all the leaders of the workers and employers in the Israeli economy sat together, hand in hand, all the CEOs "For the insurance companies, the banks, the hospitals, the hotels in the State of Israel, and the like, and also all those who were in protest, former Shin Bet members and champions, and the like - one hand, we announced a strike and it broke out. What will stop it is the suspension of the legislation This unnecessary thing, because that's not what we went to the elections for. The elections on November 1 were not about legal reform, they were about other things. It was about the cost of living, about Iran of course, about peace with Saudi Arabia."

What are you waiting for?


"I have been waiting since 10:30 for a press conference that the Prime Minister scheduled in advance and which he rejected, in which he announces that he rejects the legislation.

This is what we are currently waiting for, and he is not currently able to produce that either.

As soon as he announces that he is stopping the legislation, we will stop the strike.

this is the situation".

Later, he also referred to the agreement he made with Finance Minister Smotrich regarding the public sector, and emphasized that there is no connection between this and the strike.

"I'm not talking about workers at the moment. There's an event here, I've just left the section of the workers. You know very well that on the issue of workers, I know how to deal very well, I don't need strikes and I've reached agreements, and I know how to work in rooms and bring achievements to the workers, but the state Israel is before everything, before the workers, before the Histadrut, before everything," he said.

According to him, "When I see that the State of Israel is going to the abyss, then I also have my red lines that were crossed yesterday, and in general they were crossed recently, so I pressed the strike button, and I very much hope that this button that I pressed today - which is not an easy button, you know that I I don't want strikes, he is the one who will stop the crazy chaos here in the State of Israel. It is crazy chaos that does not stop. We must stop this thing and bring peace to the citizens of the State of Israel. And if my move causes, and I have no doubt that it will, that this legislation will be stopped and will be It's quiet here, so we succeeded."

He also said: "This crisis is getting worse, I also have my inner maturation. I tried as much as I could in the last 12 weeks to try to bring solutions, as I know how to bring solutions, behind the scenes. Without success. There is also my maturation here."

Smotrich called this morning?

asked what's going on

What about the promises?

"We are currently in a different world of legislation that is illogical, that we are all going crazy over two or three judges. This is why we went to the elections? Is this why we are disintegrating the state? The state is disintegrating before our eyes, and you expect me as the chairman of the Histadrut to sit?

I will not sit still.

I set out, together with all the employers' organizations, together with the Histadrut of Doctors, together with the presidency of the business sector, together with other parties, and we will eventually stop this crazy wave." It is possible that Smotrich will one day stand up and tell you, 'We gave

you A great agreement and you attacked us with this strike?

"It's not related.

There is an agreement, which is a salary agreement, and here is the future of the State of Israel.

Two completely different things, and no one can tell me - when the State of Israel, its future is at stake, as I see it - that I am currently connected to something else.

The Minister of Finance did not contact me, I also hope that he will not contact me on this issue."

"I'm still waiting for the prime minister, I expect him to act logically. I also appealed to him in the morning, I'm appealing now as well, stop this madness."

you spoke to him?

"There is a connection between the bureaus, and beyond that I cannot speak, but right now I expect him to stop it, I know it is already there. I hope that in the next few hours he will announce that he is stopping."

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