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Gantz and Lapid, you have failed. Let the experts manage the negotiations - voila! Of money


The protest leaders do not need failed politicians to translate their concerns into consensual reform. Gantz and Lapid, you have no mandate. Step aside and let the expert-brains do the work

On video: Huge demonstrations across the country, tens of thousands blocked the Ayalon lanes (Photo: Yotam Ronen, News 13)

The 2023 protest is not the tent protest, which started with some students who couldn't pay rent and took to the streets because they were broke.

The 2023 protest is high-tech, brilliant leaders, alongside managers of huge companies, senior lawyers, economists, pilots, elite unit fighters and world-renowned academics.

Among them are businessmen who manage billions and manage huge operations.

There are also military personnel who moved divisions.

They don't need intermediaries.

They are able to conduct their own negotiations, they are not looking for the next political job, they have the capital, knowledge, power and recognition, and unlike Daphne Leaf for example, they really do not need hitchhiker politicians to talk them out and destroy the protest. They must not let For Gantz and Lapid to manage them in the president's house and turn their righteous struggle into a dead letter in an empty spin.

The first to recognize, while Gantz, Lapid and Michali were still licking the wounds of the damage they caused to all of us.

Hightists protesting in January 2023 (Photo: Yanon Shalom Yathach)

The hi-techists, whom Netanyahu nurtured, were the first to come out openly against the legal reform.

They are the ones who recognized the magnitude of the disaster that is about to fall on the State of Israel, on all levels: democratic, national, economic and global.

recognized and went out to demonstrate.

At first there were only a few thousands, but as the weeks passed, more and more sectors joined the protest that lit up at every intersection and bridge across the country.

All the while, the coalition leaders were busy fighting among themselves and licking their wounds after the defeat in the elections, instead of getting up and going to work in the field.

The streets were flooded of themselves with panic-stricken people, who had no leader to sweep them after him, so they became a conglomerate of might and power, which conducted itself in a masterly manner, in extraordinary order and self-financed.

While failed politicians like Gantz and Lapid, one who allied with Netanyahu and allowed him another short term in power, and another, who reinstated him, do not lead the events but are led by them, the leaders of the protest put their hands in their pockets, the participants of the demonstrations contributed to the effort what they could, in money , in the loss of working days, in arrests, in standing firm in the face of slander, and above all in a huge emotional investment.

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Gantz, Lapid and Michali.

You are the ones who brought us to this situation, you have no mandate to negotiate in the name of the protest (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

Gantz and Lapid, you have no mandate

This protest is authentic out of necessity, not by will (a large part of the minds were now, in the springs of their repair, willingly packing the trolley for the Passover vacation in a more exotic destination than the Peace Interchange).

And since it is not political, and has all shades, right, left, ultra-Orthodox, religious, secular, periphery and center, Gantz and Lapid do not represent it, but only a part of it.

If they really want to, they can be partners in conducting the negotiations at the president's residence, but they do not have the mandate to lead it.

They are not the ones who stopped the legislation. The protesters stopped it after Prime Minister Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

They are the ones who handled the situation and not the politicians.

They took to the streets with the blue and white flags, swept the Histadrut, private businesses and the entire economy behind them into a flash strike that made Netanyahu realize that in a few hours the army would also turn on him, press the emergency brake and stop.

The achievement is all theirs and theirs alone.

It has to be said honestly, that Benny Gantz gave the political backing from the beginning, but Yair Lapid was present-absent and Marev Michaeli, suddenly turned red, when the performance "A Handmaid's Tale" became an article on CNN, the version of feminism for the black Uniqlo jackets of the "Securityists".

Now their representatives are sitting in the president's house, as if they spent 13 Saturdays in the streets, screaming their souls out in pain, fighting Israel's democracy war.

The hi-techists swept away their bankers, these are the heads of the business sector - and the final stamp came from the Histadrut, which stopped the state and above all made it clear to Netanyahu that the next party to turn on him is the IDF (Photo: Photo processing, Flash 90 Yonatan Zindel)

The startup nation did not die, but was reborn

But not only justice and principle command us to push this failed group out of the situation, but mainly practice: Netanyahu is trying to transfer the game to the political field, where he controls and ends his every move with a checkmate.

You must not give him this pleasure.

The reform of the negotiations should be led by the protest leaders.

They know exactly what they want. They will not be smeared with statements of "stopping the legislation", when in the same breath the "Judiciary Law" is placed on the Knesset table, so that it can be voted on between now and now, when the debates explode They do not want a postponement of the reform. They want its implementation and now, and are not willing to compromise on anything less than that. An

hour and a half session at the president's house would not satisfy them. Not even one white night. They will not buy idle talk about the security threats, because they were sitting in a room Also retired generals who are not Gantz.

They will not be smeared with legal formulations, because there will be lawyers of the first class.

And most importantly, the protesters have the real power: Netanyahu knows that if he does not accept their demands, they will not stand on the platform in the plenary and scream well-formulated sentences into the microphone.

It doesn't interest them.

They are interested in the essence.

In a few moments, with a wave of a finger on the WhatsApp or Telegram keyboard, the masses and flags will wash over Ayalon, the economy will stop and the country will stand still.

If the president of the country wants to succeed in bringing hearts together, he must first of all summon the representatives of the protest, among whom are also politicians who have already accumulated many miles in the Mishkan, but have abandoned our sick parliamentary system.

The coalition representatives can sit in the room and mediate their demands for laws, there are those who will cooperate with them logically, but only if it turns out that their desire for reform-by agreement is real and not a smoke grenade designed to ensure rule for one family.

The politicians need to recognize that they have not managed the event for a long time, not even Netanyahu who addresses the public with archaic messages.

The start-up nation did not die, on the contrary - it was just reborn.

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